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Cucco Lady Anju
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  • Hi Cucco Lady Anju! Just wanted to tell you I joined your we love link group! Though it looks like we are the only two members right now ^^
    Hey, do you play pokémon at all? I'm looking for peope to trade and
    battle with.
    hi^^ nice to meet you^^ you can call me either sin,shioi, or alpha^^ should i call you anju?
    Hmm... Idk, I don't really have a favorite character, but I find that some of them are incredibly amazing. :)

    And... your signature is awesome. :cool:
    Whaaa。。。? Oh well, I have a long way to go still. Have never played MM yet.
    hahhaa. I understand. I see your also playing OoT right now, and actually we're both in Kakariko Village ;) I'm trying to figure out the masks right now, and the windmill stuff...but I think I need to wait for later to get the song from the Windmill. What are you doing there?
    Oh! well, that's def. a good reason to love Anju then. I don't think it is possible to apologize too much lol...or am I wrong?
    Hey, just wondering, why do you like Anju so much? It is not because you too are allergic to chickens is it!? :P
    Anju is your favorite minor character, right? Why do you like this character so much? :?
    Oh, I forgot to mention, every member starts with 10 rep points, so you only need 1 little point. Good Luck!
    That is a VERY common misconception of the series.
    Many people think the main character is actually Zelda, and that Link is a girl...:dry:
    Hah! You got into the series pretty early then.
    That story seems worth a look, I hope you post it soon!
    Hah hah hah! I would write it anyways, if you think it would be good to write, i'd go with your instinct! I see you're a big Link fan! :P
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