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  • Thanks! I think they're some of my best, personally. ^^

    Ah, yeah I did. I didn't realize last night, but just a few minutes ago I figured it out. It was Kybyrian, here on the forums. He was taking advantage of the fact that I didn't remember that "Kenpari" was his other username, and took the opportunity to mess with me head. >.<

    You were on last night? Were you a guest, or did you just have a different name on the Ustream chat?
    Yep, a blue Lynel. It's an acrylic on paper I did some time ago. You can find the full version at North Castle or my Deviant Art account.
    Thanks, that's Orthopox, from the Destroy all Humans series.
    I found it quite funny too, I even put it in my locker at school! :P
    Yeah, the Game and Watch could sometimes have suprisingly good graphics, characterwise I mean.
    Yeah, it looks nice. Sometimes it takes just that little bit longer to find the Perfect avatar.
    Hah hah, Thanks! I used to have an Animated Vaati avatar, but I thought it was time for a change. I'm glad you like it!
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