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  • Cake? :party:

    Happy birthday, D-Mist, but if you don't observe these kind of things, then just ignore the message. XD
    Candy!!! Well, on the contrary, I wouldn't consider getting candy from an old guy in a white van 'fun', but if you insist! :O Don't mind of I do!

    You did! Yay! <3 *hugs*
    My pleasure! Glad to hear you had a nice night! ^^ Hmmm, I got some candy from friends at school, and a box of chocolates from my dad (so embarrassing :embarrassed: hehe). Thanks for asking. <3

    I sent you a Valentine's Day card on the forums. Could you figure out which one it was? (\>w</)
    Hiiii, Michelle! ^.^ I ensure that you and Caleb had a wonderful Valentine's Day, yes? :pikalove:
    I'm not a stalker or anything, I was just curious. ;_;
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