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Spoiler Most Hated Boss

Which Boss?

  • Ghirahim

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  • Scaldara

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  • Moladrach

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  • The Imprisoned

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  • Koloktos

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  • Tentalus

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  • Bilocyte

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  • Demise

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Jan 23, 2012
I just hated every part of the Tentalus fight. Boring and easy. Its a shame because the whole thing leading up to the fight was so cool!
Apr 4, 2012
Raleigh, NC
My most hated boss is definitely the Imprisoned. He was so weird and annoying at the same time. He was also really creepy too. The last two forms always annoyed me to death until I figured out a better way to destroy him. The Imprisoned just never really did a lot for me in the end.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
I never really hated The Imprisoned. I was always able to get in under his feet, deal some damage, and get out before I got hit too much. I *really* hated Tentalus. I mean, that second phase, I can't swing my sword fast enough without it needing recalibration to shoot his eye with the bow, and it keeps knocking me off the stage. Does NOT help during Boss Run at all.
Dec 22, 2011
I really hated The Impisoned because I would always get hit by the electricity that came out of his feat


The Inquirer
Apr 4, 2012
Ugh, DEFINITELY the imprisoned. I didn't think he was a terrible boss, he was just a jerk in a half. Man I hated his feet! (He would make a good tap dancer anyway...or stomp dancer)

You won't BELIEVE what happened when I discovered he could fly...ooh, messy
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He gave me LOADED DICE!
Aug 17, 2012
The Imprisoned around the 2nd to 3rd time. I was ready to throw my Wii out the window around the 3rd time.
I hated most of the bosses in SS so its hard to choose just one.

I hate the Imprisoned and he just gets more frustrating with each fight. Especially if you down him then can't run passed him and need to drop down to another level find a geyser then fly back up, run over to him and pray you aren't too late. Also the one chance and if you fail you're screwed part of the final battle when you have to launch link onto its head... i hated that too.

I hated Koloktus too because he was such a chore, he moved so slowly and took so long to start and finish attacks that it just made me feel so bored. The worst part for me in that battle is when he finally stands up and you have to wait for him to stop swinging his swords around, he isn't a threat if you keep your distance and it really isn't hard to do that so its just a bore-fest until he stops. The constant pulling himself together was annoying too, the battle seemed to the half preparation cutscene and half a battle...

I don't like Tentalus either because not only does it look pathetic, its screws around like Koloktus too much, i hate having to deal with its tentacles that pop up through the ship's floor, it doesn't even make that much of a difference if you hit them or not. I also hated hitting him in his eye with the bow, though i hate him less then the other two because i do like rofl-waggling the wiimote to cut down the tentacles it sends flying at you in the second half of the battle its perhaps the least boring phase of a boss in the entire game.


Jul 13, 2008
The Imprisoned ran me through a wall. I believe it was the second one? Where he grows a pair of arms and walks really quickly?.. Somebody clarify if I'm wrong but yeah.. I just found it very hard to maneuver around his footing on that battle. Although the first fight with him was a piece of cake. OH and a really bad memory was when I was going through the boss challenge about to claim my Hylian Shield and he just so happened to be the last boss to fight.. Well long story short he killed me and I got very upset :P He's annoying. Period.


Why did the humans attack
Apr 5, 2012
Well, I must be somewhere!
I said Koloktos but there were a lot of bosses I found troubling. Here:

Scaldera (I had a hard time with him, but he WAS only the 2nd boss and I was getting used to the fighting style still haha)
The Imprisoned (the 2nd and 3rd time :p 2nd time was the hardest)
Koloktos (yea)
Scervo 2nd time (Sky Keep >.< to death, bro)
Tentalus (ugh)
Levias/Bilocyte (probably most hated XD)
Ghirahim 3rd time (ahhhh...bokoblin army was bad enough, then HIM? *sigh*)

Other then that, I enjoyed the bosses! Even these guys were enjoyable after I beat them once. ;)

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