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  • call me mainstream but i like scar tissue, give it away, californiacation, my friends and under the bridge
    Yeah, this chatbox is different. It's not constantly viewable. I believe it stays viewable for 24 hours after your last post, or something like that.
    The chatbox is up. Try posting in a thread and see if that pops it back up. If that doesn't work, then someone is probably trying to silence you.
    just different colours, the text box is just green, it's bizarre, :lol: and true that
    hey there! I can't see what I'm actually typing cos of your background, but I can get and idea by highlighting it, just thought you better know :p. and to answer your question, I'm not a huge fan, but they're definitely a good band :p
    Hi there look in your thread where you asked for a signature, ive got you two to choose from use them if you like them Twili123prince. ;)
    Oh, so I guess you searched the Metallica videos with the Ken Lawrence bass then if you know what I'm talking about, don't those basses have such clean punchy sound? its just what I'm looking for in a bass, but not what I'm looking for in my wallet xD yeah I don't really like their other basses , but I really like the associate unity bass though, I think I'll look more into them when I have the money, thanks for helping me out.
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