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  • I hadn't heard of it until you mentioned it, but apparently Ken Lawrence is a bassist himself, and founded a company that makes guitars and basses. Here's the Wikipedia article:


    Now as far as ordering one, that might be a bit difficult. I've never seen these particular basses online where you can order them, or in Guitar Center. They seem to be one of those rare, but great, and expensive, brands of bass. Here is the only site that I found that actually carries and sells the basses:


    That is a link to what they have in stock, but the also have an overview of some other Ken Lawrence basses here:


    So I suppose they carry all his stuff, but right now it looks like they only have the Chamber Bass in stock. The bass in that video you were talking about looked like the Associate Unity bass in the above link. So what I would do, is look around on that site, give them a call, and see if they are getting them in stock. If you have a wallet deep enough to afford something like that, anyway. I sure don't; Wish I did though. They look really nice, sound nice as well. Hope this helps.
    Wow, for a second I didn't know who you were sg, Its been how many months? Like nine or ten holy cow! nice talking to ya.
    Its actually an S101, so its neither Fender or Squire. More of a knockoff, but honestly out of the four basses that I have, its been the cheapest one I've bought and I love it. I've played some Fender Jazz basses before that I didn't like as well. I also have a Jay Turser, 5 String w/ Jazz and Precision pickups. That one was my first bass. Then I got another Jay Turser thats got active pickups in it, but I'm gonna sell it cause I never play it. Then I bought a cheap fretless bass, just cause I wanted one, which I'm gonna varnish a dark wood color and put gold hardware on.
    No I didn't :(

    I wish I did but its actually by the band Black Sabbath ^^

    I had to change it from c o c kerels to Roosters because vBulletin thinks its a curse word >>
    hey Mr. Twili. I haven't talked to you in a while, so I was wondering how you are doing :)
    OH NO! TWILI OUTGROWING GAMES?! Sheesh, that's not good. You need to play some FE, it's supposed to be really good =D. Or, you should get Age of Mythology for PC. It's extremely awesome, and doesn't get old fast.

    Oh, and what in the world is my fault? What'd I tell Lenny D to do?
    Hahaha... :dry:
    No, I don't. I have only changed it twice this week!
    I won't change it anytime soon... or will I?
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