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  • Nothing. I came across this music video Gangnam Style. Have you watched it? It's over 900 million views.
    Well I got assigned this project in ASL about a disorder or disability and even though it's not directly a disorder or disability I chose to do mine on brain hemorrhage because my girlfriend had one and again that's what took so long for the response. I'll have present sometime next week I just hope I'm not called on Monday because I defiantly need at least one more day.

    Well I got Kirby Return to Dreamland and Resident Evil.
    I've had college stuff to do apart from school homework and haven't much freetime if you're wondering what's took so long for a response.

    So anything happen over the month?
    Actually over the weekend I went to the Art Institute at Jacksonville to further pursue my interest in photography I've yet to graduate but it's a place I'm considering if a local college doesn't ofer better.
    I'm planning on registering for the ACT a standardized test required to get into certain colleges.

    Even if the college I go to says that it's not required It'll still look good when I do register for the college I want to go to.

    Do they have anything like that where you live?
    I'm considering posting an album on my User Profile of the pictures and posting a Thread with link to the album so people can view them and a moderator gave me this idea.
    That's funny I just got done listening BGMS from Okami and am now listening to SwS BGMs.

    I went to an Art Institute this morning and it was great a place I'm considering if a local college doesn't have better programs and services than the the Art Institute.
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