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  • here's you cookie!
    Okay! So, are you enjoying it here? Have any questions so far?

    (P.S. you're the 9th person to actually reply to my welcome! Azure Sage and I welcome people every day, and only some reply. You're one of 'em.)

    You know what, i'm giving you a cookie, just for being so damn aweosme! :yes:
    Hello! Welcome to ZeldaDungeon! I'm zeldahuman, pleased to meet you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me, another member, or read the FAQ. If you have any personal problems at hand or just have alot of bad things on your mind, visit my Advice Column and tell me all about it! Read Da Rules and have a great time here! Oh, and don’t forget to introduce yourself over in the Community Forum.

    See you around!
    ~Zeldahuman (ZH for short)
    Oh good, I'm having fun already, just jumped straight in the deep end starting a topic, the best way to see how things are run around here :D
    It's okay, I didn't think you were being rude. Truthfully, only about 7-8 people have replied to my welcomes! And I've welcomed at least a hundred people here, no joke. :silent: And we're glad to have you here! There's a lot to get involved in; theory, fanfiction, fanart, and many other topics! I hope you have a blast! ^^
    Hi and welcome to Zelda Dungeon! :) I'm Azure, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy yourself here and make many great posts! Just remember to read and obey the rules, and you'll be fine! ;) If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other members. If you wish to reply to this message, simply click "View Conversation".
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