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  • Most of the poetry I write is for/ to another person. Yes I agree with your statement about criticism on a personal level.
    Yeah but I write poetry on a personal level and to other people oh and you should defiantly post your story while I couldn't give advice I know there are plenty of other ZD members who could.
    The first day back from exams and it was nice so was weekend.

    I took drawing last year and did terrible I was never good at making my drawings look 3-D but I do know how I'm just not good at the shading to make it look 3-D which is why I took ceramics.
    Sorry for the long response I've been busy had a lot of test last week and Mid-terms exams are going on this week although tomorrow and they're through.

    I've started coiling a Chu-Chu from wind waker in ceramics and I just got my decorative sphere of Valoo flying in the sky today.
    Sarah loved the headband I made for her although I'm curious if wears any other accessories on a frequent basis since I've really noticed her wearing headbands.

    Started Hero Mode a few days ago.
    Sorry for the long response I've spent of my freetime playing SwS.

    Around the second week of November makes it year since I've known her but I really don't officially know when we started calling each other Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

    I got a Laptop for Christmas and a Link from my sister, everything was either giftcards to Wal-Mart or Gamestop.
    Oh, yeah, they do. I didn't notice that until just now. Yeah this is a pretty entertaining site. Already learned some odd things on here. xP
    I shall. I looked at it a little earlier, glancing over some Walt Disney stuff. Is there any way to look up their facts or anything, out of curiosity?
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