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  • Yeah Cracked is hilarious. Always a good time going there. :) Yeah, writing a story consistently is pretty hard, and I'll admit that to be my only major problem as of right now. Need to motivate myself more, I guess.
    Primarily fiction books, but I've been interested in writing articles, particularly about video games and pop culture. Been considering writing for Cracked.com, and may look for similar sites. Otherwise I just like writing stories. :)
    Brilliant idea :D I'd buy them! Also, I need to go play SS. I've been so busy this week that i've barely had the chance to play.
    Yes and no.

    Yes being I had a drama rehearsal, and it was really fun. The no being I lost the toenail on my little toe because I whacked it on the corner of a stone fireplace by accident...BLOOD EVERYWHERE D;

    How about you?
    Didn't Willy Russel write blood brothers? :eek: Or do you mean Arthur Miller wrote band of brothers?

    Anyway, that's interesting indeed. Almost as interesting as hilary clinton's pose in your avy :P
    I'm not sure, to be honest. I didn't know there was a TV show called Blood Brothers. I looked it up and didn't find anything. Is it on TV currently, or was it in the past? :eek:
    hm....It's not exactly cheating. But by snaking, do you mean drifting, or drifting with the boost? I'd say skill because they help you get a better time, and if you use it a lot and get a good time and everything, then it shows that you're capable of getting that good time and being able to control your vehicle.
    Well she loved them and actually still has them. So now you what a Ring Pop is should I get her one when I read the poem since it's about if we get married in the future and if we don't that we learn from our relationship so when we do meet our future lover.
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