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  • Haha cool :)
    Well technically the list can only be as long as the number of franchises owned by Nintendo...
    So, it would still be an incredibly long list :D
    Sure do! I'm guessing you want to trade friend codes?
    Mines 2492-4460-6984 and my name's Rachel
    I only have 3 games: MK7, SM3DL and OoT3D (Heaps of DS games though)
    I see your code on your page so I'll add you soon :)
    I have a new blog series going on now called Game Blog so if you guys coulld check it out that would be nice!
    Hello Everybody who seems to be lurking onto my page for some reason, i love all things zelda and about everything Nintendo so if you want to talk everything nintendo than im your guy ~Demise
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