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Hardest Temples and Bosses in Majora's Mask


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Jun 2, 2009
For me, the hardest temple in MM would be the Great Bay Temple. Ugh, that temple was the first 3D water dungeon in the Zelda series that I came in contact with and I find it to be even more difficult than the OoT's water temple (I know shocking, isn't it? :O). What really got me in that dungeon was that you had to change the flow of the water in order to get into some of the rooms.

The hardest boss for me in MM? Well, I believe that would be Majora's Wrath. The first few incarnations of that boss wasn't as hard as it's last incarnation. Gah! I remember dying at that part of the battle at least once, maybe even two times. It wasn't until I finally realized that I could use my shield to get close enough to him to hit him (I had run out of arrows at this point... -.-). Needless to say, now that I know how to beat him, I don't find him that difficult now. :)
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The hardest dungeon for me would be Stone Tower Temple mainly because of all the backtracking you have to do and not to mention flipping the temple over and over and over especially if you felt like getting all the stray fairies for the temple in one go while working on beating the temple. The hardest boss in my opinion has to be Gyorg. Great Bay Temple wasn't really hard itself, but Gyorg was hard as hell for me even though I had twelve hearts. I didn't bother getting the defense upgrade until after I beat the dungeon,because getting the defense upgrade before beating Gyorg in my opinion takes some the fun out of it.:)

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Jul 14, 2009
Stone Tower tower is pretty hard cuz it has two features to it.
But The water temples boss has to be the hardest in my opinion.


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Jul 20, 2009
Lost Woods
Great Bay Temple: Okay, yeah, water, always one of my biggest enemies in Zelda, it complicates everything almost outta hand. I couldn't find the way and dammit, the whole turning the keys to turn the water did get me at first.

But the bosses, neh, I don't think any of them gave me that much trouble. =)


Stone Tower Temple was really really really hard for me.Alot of people keep saying Great Bay Temple was hard but I didnt really find it hard.Anywho Stone Tower Temple was hard cause of the switch when the temple turns up side down always got me confused.Took me about the whole day to beat it (was really focused on beating that time because i didnt wanna start from day 1).

Hardest boss would have to be Great Bay Temple boss.Gotta say Majora's Mask and bosses are easier then others (not really easier then Twilight Princess but).Infact Majora's Mask forms were easy even without Fierce Deity.But Fierce Deity made them easy enough to beat in 5 minutes.


Yes, also for me Gyorg and the Great Bay Temple was the hardest. I've spent a lot of time to beat him. :S


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Aug 3, 2009
I always found Gyorg to be the most difficult boss in a normal playthrough. Every time I get in the water to hurt him, I can hardly ever get back on the platform without getting eaten at least once. On my first playthrough I would say this boss gave me the most trouble out of all the 3D Zelda bosses i've fought.

Hardest Temple? I would definately say Snowhead Temple. Great Bay and Stone Tower were more fun for me, and less tedious. Though I still enjoyed Snowhead a ton anyway. Oddly enough, I still remember the day of the week I beat it. It was a Saturday. :P The rising platform was very very confusing. I had lots of trouble with the rising platform. From having to figure out that I had to punch the ice disks, to messing up punching them, it was just plain puzzling. It had seemed like I was wondering around forever inside untill I figured it out. :S I also can't forget the fairy collecting in Snowhead. That also took me forever. :xd:


Aug 25, 2008
If you consider the Moon a temple, I'd have to say the Goron area, that place was a beast to finish. As for the hardest boss, I'd have to say Gyorg, who wasn't extremely difficult for me, but definitely the most difficult to defeat.


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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Well, I haven't entirely beaten the game yet, but I can give my opinions earlier. I'll change them once I beat this game, though. For hardest boss, I'm going with Gyrog. I would have 2 fairies with me, and I would keep dying! That boss was plain evil. I knew how to kill him, and I would get close to killing him, but I would die 20 seconds after the "second phase" began (Those skullfish were no problem).

As for hardest temple, I would say Snowpeak. The puzzles in it required a bit of thinking, but the miniboss was defeated quickly. The boss of the temple was kinda fun to fight. That's actually interesting for a Zelda boss fight, in which the entire fight is a hot pursuit. I didn't think Great Bay was hard.

I mean, it was very straight-forward. The only hard thing about were the boss/mini-bosses. I died from all except Gecko at least once. Great Bay was actually very linear, and the dungeon's main puzzle was simple.


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I really enjoyed the Great Bay Temple, but this one was not a problem against the Water Temple from OoT. The only problem was i had to figure out to shoot a Ice arrow to enemies and water. This was a really new strategy but i love the Great Bay Temple. I like Zora Link too and swimming trough the waters.
But the question is the hardest Temple... i have to say the Stone Tower. In the first case i had a hard time climbing to the temple and playing the Elegy Of Emptiness all the time. You have to push the buttons in a specific order i didn't know. Overall the Temple had some challenging place like the first key. I had to place a bomb to bring light inside the Lava Room. Many mini Bosses inside, the biggest trouble was the boss in front of the Boss Key. Don't know his name but he has many bats around him.
The biggest trouble was the last key door. Were you have to hook the treasure chest. I remember i looked around every were, going back to the normal side to find out how to get there. But i only have to hook a simple treasure chest... I spend the most time in this Temple, but i really love the Stone Tower Temple, really wanted to see something as the Stone Tower return.

For the hardest boss i say Gyorg. I really enjoy the Great Bay Temple, only it's final boss was too annoying. I remember it killed me even with 3 fairies in my bottle. I think it's just the battling under water. Things are really hard to do under water for me. So i stayed on the Platform and shoot at it with Arrows, after doing that i transform into Zora Link and hit him with the electricity attack, all over again. It was a easier option to beat him.
Anyway i never fought Majora without the Fierce Deity's Mask, i can't say she/he is a bigger challenge than Gyorg. I need to fight him/her without the Fierce Deity's mask soon.


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Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
Hardest temple: Stone Tower
Hardest Boss: Gyorg
And I don't think that Ikana Castle counts as a Temple but Igos De Ikana does count as a boss.


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Aug 18, 2009
Hardest temple: Stone Tower Temple was definitely the hardest one. Ennemies were hard, finding out where to go next was not easy and the boss is somewhat tough first time, when you don't know what to do.

Hardest Boss: hmmmmm....:thinking: Twinmold was pretty hard first time, but I have to say Gyorg. I still have some difficulties now when I fight him, but not so much really... :)


I say that Twinmold was the hardest because they took so long to kill.

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