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Shadow Wolfo
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  • Sorry for being late. I'm really busy with exams and stuff. Got about 15 to do over the next few weeks, so i'll probably vanish from ZD until they're all finished. :O They're such a pain in the neck. Especially physics. I hate that subject with a passion. -.-
    Happy birthday, I bet it's cool to finally be a teen. I have to wait til January xD
    so dude you got now 13? thats great!!! enjoy your birthday dude, celebrate 'till the day ends!!!
    Its not that I don't trust you but you would have to do HTML to post it... And one wrong click would mess it up, but I will get it done tonight sometime! :)
    Sure did, I am just waiting to post it... Got a job today, and just got home from training so I am a bit busy at the moment, but I will be able to post it very soon!
    Hey Wolfo, you have a amazing forum set. I love the Wolfos from OOT and MM. ^^
    The red eyes makes him even more scarier. xD
    hey there dude!, having nice forums day?, good i hope, did you have a nice vacations?, i have once at a camp, haha!, see ya around dude! (oh not again!!!, when that awfull and horrible pain is going to dissapear?)
    Thank you, Shadow Wolfo. If I am a nice person or not, that is up for you to decide with the way you view my actions. Thanks, I'll be visiting your profile and leaving comments. ^^
    yeah nice day at the forums im having today, (im slow to make friends haha!) and what about you?
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