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Shadow Wolfo
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  • dude: i have die of LAUGHTS from viewing your funny pirates of the caribbean remixes!!, i owe you one, why? because i was starting to feel bored, you should level up your reputation!!!
    Its a few days before I go so I wont be on cause I'm gettung ready.

    Edit August 5, 2009: Im leaving today.
    Hello Shadow Wolfo. Thank you for the visitor message! I'm doing well, struggling to find a decent priced bookshelf! How about yourself?
    Wasn't quite expecting to be friended this soon (... Or at all, actually). And thanks for the welcome. I hope to see you around often.
    Welcome to ZD! have fun and read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member!
    Hi there, welcome to the Dungeon. You've made quite a few posts, but remember, if you wanna get a high reputation, remember the saying "Quality over quantity", which in this case, means you'll get more rep if you post 2 good posts than you would 20 bad posts. Good luck and have fun.
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