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  • Ooh Hylian X-games for sure. Xtreme-Ironing Snowboarding coming right up. ;D
    Yep, I've actually been wanting to make that soup recently, but there are certain ingredients I need to make a trip to go out and buy, such as the pumpkin. ^^

    Also, about our books/movies conversation in June (aahhh so long ago xD), way for me to reply late, but just wanted to mention, I concurred with you point after point in what you were last saying...and yes I do still feel that your thought-process is similar to mine. xD
    Naah you're fine, =P I was pretty quiet about it actually. And thank you~ =)

    Also, I say we make a trip to our vacation house at Snowpeak Ruins. Sound good? ;D
    You should check out my new thread. It's about The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe. Make a reply, telling me what you think.
    Yeah I agree about trying to get the soundtrack if possible. And you might be right about them prosecuting people if they could, but I think another aspect of it ties right into Japanese culture. Over there, they pretty much let regular folks make fan doujinshi, which are published comic books, without demanding royalties or anything like that. It just happens over there. So somehow I think some of the music issue would we treated similarly. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong.

    For the record, YouTube isn't really any different from downloading it. :bleh: I mean you're still listening to it online.
    Hey SuperSilly, thank you! =) Yeah, sadly I don't like this new SB compared to the old one. Aside from the colors, I miss the thread updates that showed up in the SB...just made things so much easier. -.-

    Oh, and sorry I ended up not answering your last message =/ I meant to, but I guess I ended up waiting too long. >_<
    Right. My outlook on it is that if they don't make it available here, yet make no effort to prosecute people who put it online for download, then they basically don't care and are allowing it. Actually, I know that at least with Japanese Anime, if they haven't been licensed in the US yet, then downloading them online is actually legal. It's only if a US company makes it available over here that it becomes illegal. That likely applies to the soundtracks as well.

    I still do intend to buy the soundtracks SOMETIME, though, if I can.
    Sorry about the late reply~ >.< Meant to answer you early but...yeah :silent:

    Yep, so you know the snowboarding minigame in TP?
    Now it'll be Deluxe Minigame Challenge: X-TREME Ironing Snowboarding xD I can just imagine Link doing it :P

    I probably phrased that weird...I mean to say I like your thought process, even though that's a really weird compliment ^^ Right now for example, you were able to concede to me that you're not always sure you know what you're talking about. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I think it's because within what you're writing to me, I'm picking up a feel for the way you think since it actually feels similar to me to the way I think, and I don't usually get the feeling that other people think similarly to the way I do. Though I could be completely wrong in actuality XD

    I'm glad you've read the Harry Potters, as their worth the read, and the movies miss an enormous amount of the content present in the books. Of course, they do the best they can, but really, the movies just can't stand in for the books. The thing is about the movies, since they're pressed for time, the really informational scenes that explain in detail what's going on happen in an instant, so you really have to be awake and paying attention to what's going on during the movies to understand everything that's happening. Compared to that, in reading the books you are moving at your own pace, so you absorb the information better and more easily. It's actually better to watch the movies after reading the books anyway, since you already have all the background information in your head and don't need to rely on the movies to provide you with that info. A lot of people who just watch the movies end up missing all that crucial info in the movie, and so after watching it leave with just a vague impression of what was going on. I really find that a shame~

    I agree. There are certain factors that can raise the chances of it catching popularity, but chance itself seems to play half the deciding role. Twilight, for example, I'm pretty sure didn't receive any significant advertising, yet it caught on. I remember reading Stephanie Meyer say that she originally wrote the book for her sister and wasn't even going to publish it, and then her sister said something like "hey this is good! you should publish it." ...and then she did, not really expecting it to gain so much popularity. Though I think there are certain factors that contributed, such as the cover. Really, it has a very simplistic, minimalistic, but extremely attractive cover that actually stands out on a store shelf. Furthermore, the short and simple title is catchy enough to grab a person's attention. So with the cover and title together, it's more likely that it would catch the eye of a random person browsing books at the store. I really think this made a big difference. After that, I'd just say that it was the whole "Supernatural Romance" genre that tickled many people's fancies and made it catch on. After that, I think it was the outside variables kicking in.
    Oh, haha. Yeah, I do that sometimes. I usually like a challenge, but sometimes it gets pretty tough and I just take a break. I will let you know, for sure. Lol, glad you're not upset.

    Ah. Well I download video game soundtrack stuff sometimes, but most of that can't be acquired outside of Japan very easily, so I don't consider that as bad. But for the most part I'm the same as you on that.
    I don't Go that often, but i still love archery. Theres an Archery club at your college? im only 12 so i wouldn't know if that was common, but nice. you should join, it is alot of fun. unless there are like 7 awesomer clubs there.
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