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  • (Sorry about your cold~ >_< Hope you feel better! You should make the soup for that, I'm sure it's a great cold-curer ;))

    You might try it before me. :bleh: I'm not sure when I'm going to try it.

    Hwahahhaaa!! That Extreme Ironing video cracked me up. :lol: How great is that? Yes! We'll have everyone Xtreme Ironing while they skii down Snowpeak. Somehow. :P
    And a big YES to Hylian X Games!

    I really like how you think SuperSilly, you know what you are talking about. Sadly, a lot of people do not. :silent:

    I read the Twilight series before the hype started up. Back then, it was just some random book that my friend recommended to me. Stripped of it's hype and the million layers of makeup slammed thick ontop, it's a pretty good book actually. But I think it's gotten way overhyped. It's a fine book, but there are many better ones that slip passed the limelight when they deserve better.
    While I have read the entire series, I've never seen the movies actually. I did hear from my friend (who actually did like the book) that she thought the acting in the movie was so bad that it was hilarious, so I can definitely believe what you're talking about with the acting in the movie.

    That is a matter of personal taste, so I completely respect that ^^ I enjoyed the His Dark Materials series primarily because I felt a strong attachment to many of the characters, and I was very compelled by the plot. I should tell you though, the third book is very much worth reading. Though I have a complaint in something I find to be a flaw in the ending, I felt that a large part of the defining events in the series happened in the last book, so I'd recommend finishing it at some point if you could. As to how popular it is, it's no more well known than any other obscure magical/sorcery series you may find sitting on the shelf in that section of the bookstore. I'm surprised that you've read part of it actually, I wasn't expecting to hear that. ^^

    A book at the right time in the right place to gain popularity? Absolutely, I think you hit the nail on the head. It's a combination of factors that contribute to popularity, and sometimes it's not always controllable.
    Oh, no, actually, not yet. I have a file up to Twinmold in my minimalist run, but I gave up several months before making that Help thread. I will get back to it shortly, but I've been preoccupied with my minimalist run of Spirit Tracks. And also I just got Maximo: Ghosts to Glory on the PS2, so... I'm a little distracted. :P I'll let you know when I do beat him, though.

    Also, I'm really sorry for not responding to your previous VM. I know how you feel about not reading stuff online. I do read some manga online, but there's other stuff I refuse to get online so... idk... I'm selective. xP I do intend to buy them later though.
    Ehhhh, nothing much. I go to an archery guild thing, so basically i just came home from it.
    I shall try it as well. ^^ Yeah, I hope it's as yummy as in the game! :3

    Yep, all the daredevils will go there to skii, it'll be an X-TREME skii resort infamous for its danderous thrill rides :P

    True, certainly some quality anime are also popular. If only quality was directly related to popularity though, then the titles that deserve more attention wouldn't go unnoticed. And I agree with you, perhaps with more popularity it would have been given a greater budget, and they could have gone further with it. In fact, this same problem exists with a lot of other anime that have come out based off their manga counterpart; they end up discontinuing the anime extremely prematurely, far before the actual end. Meanwhile other popular anime that don't need to be any longer are dragged out in extra seasons simply because they have the leeway to do that and want to rake in more rash. As it stands for the others, you'll have to just read the manga to finish them!

    And it's definitely true that it's a trend among media in general. I'm not a Twilight hater for example, (I think blindly hating it is as much a fad to be faulted as blindly following it) but I do think it receives more attention than it deserves. There are many masterpiece book series out there that hardly receive as much attention. I think the His Dark Materials series is excellent for example, but it hardly receives a fraction of the attention.

    On the other hand, I think a series like Harry Potter has enough substance testifying to its quality to stand on a more justified grounds for its popularity. So there certainly are series that have enough quality to deserve the attention they get. Still, it's sad that there are far more series that may deserve it to an equal extent, that are yet overlooked.
    Did you know that there is an actual recipe for the soup? I believe I saw it on Zelda Universe....hold on I will dig it up! :P
    Found it here...Check it out:
    I would love to try cooking it sometime~ :)

    Hmmm...Snowpeak Ruins as a ski resort? Well, Link has already proven you can snowboard across it, so why not! :P (Errr....despite the apparent hazards XD)

    A customizable CCS version of Go Fish. That does sound fun! ^^

    Exactly. Even with the whole quality aspect down, there's no hooker for it to catch onto the mainstream if it's not marketed properly. Frankly, what's in the mainstream is not actually always what's the best in quality, which is a shame. Many high quality titles simply aren't popular because they weren't advertised as well as some other popular series were, so they get overlooked by a lot of people. Unfortunately, Spiral falls into this category.

    Though, I'm trying to remember what made me read Spiral in the first place...oh yes! I was on an anime/manga forum, and I had been hearing about it for quite a while from some of my friends around the forum. It got me interested enough to check it out, and lo and behold I was hooked from the first volume, as the quality of the series had been apparent to me immediately. It's just too bad more people didn't hear about it that way or another.
    The Yetis can be extended family :3 We can eat soup with them and help them find ingredients around the house, since Yeta has such a terrible memory :P

    Ahhh, I have the replica card deck too!! ^__^ And woah I never thought to play go fish with them! That's such a good idea! I think I might start doing it too ^^

    Indeed, I'd be interested to know what you think ^^ It's quite crazy and mind-boggling, but very good.

    Yeah, it's actually a shame. I think Spiral is an absolute masterpiece, and deserves to be more well-known, so I find it a little sad that it's such an obscure title. Among the friends of mine that are anime fans, I'm pretty sure none of them have even heard of it =\ The thing is, the fans know it's spectacular, but no one else does.
    Ok, lets officially declare Snowpeak Ruins as our vacation home then :bleh:

    Ahhh really so it was that catcher anime for you? :) I think mine after Sailor Moon and Pokemon was Cardcaptor Sakura...then what? Ahh I can't remember right now :sweat:

    Indeed, I have read the manga ^^ I actually read the manga before I watched the anime, and I must tell you, the manga is quite different from it. Actually, I highly recommend you to read the entire manga because the anime ending is not actually the correct ending (they changed it...) In the manga, it goes much further than the ending of the anime, and all your questions about the Blade Children are answered and everything. There are also important characters in the manga left out of the anime...and also it qets quite complicated ^^

    Anyway, it was very very good. I always thought Spiral was one of those amazing titles that slips under the radar for a lot of people. I mean, it never ceased to blow my mind :nod:
    Hi SuperSilly! To be honest, I think that like you, I'd also be up for living at Snowpeak Ruins every once in a while, despite the abysses in the floor every few rooms ^^ Maybe a nice place to spend the winter?

    Oh, and I noticed Ryoko in your avatar. Are you a Spiral fan? I was a huuuge one for years. Hiyono was my favorite character, and Ayumu who was a downright genius ^^
    :D I had faith that you guys could do it, only got a little worried with with Bay going after Toboe, then Green after you. But things turned out all right. Live and learn, I can see all the mistakes I made to. But in the it did make the game interesting :P
    Hey it was great playing mafia with you, I think we all made a great team! You your sister and THP won the game, good job!
    Your Far LoZ game(s) and Fav BGM(s) in those games?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace) TP(Hidden Skill and Field)
    Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money. World Peace(like no wars peace.)

    I'll be logging off close to the next hour just to let you know.
    No it's my brother put a Parental Controls and Safe Eyes is the name of it and the whole Youtube site is blocked which I really hate but he doesn't want to change that.
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