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  • Hey since you java xbox gametag do you think you could go on your xbox right now and send me a friend request my gametag is ShaneOMac713
    Happy Birthday Steve

    We made Zelda Cake for you
    Like my Profile says I live in G-Ville so when you say "college down here soon" if you men UF then we might see each other but yeah no way we go to the same school.
    You also live in Florida so do I.(Got your User Name from the last 20 Visitor of my profile and your Name was the only 1 that I hadn't seen before) also I'm a year younger than you so we're also close to the same grade.

    Who knows because we live in the same State we might even go to the same school but there is high % that we don't but still ya never know.
    Hey you now how next to your avatar you have zeldawiki on it? how do you connect your zelda wiki to your zeldadungeon?
    it's a good thing you changed your avatar
    the girls in ZD would be pretty mad if they saw it...
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