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Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
5:07 PM <Vanessa28> Even moderating at school
5:07 PM <Big Octo> Lol
5:07 PM <mandym287> from my phone
5:06 PM <Vanessa28> Hahaahhahahahahahahahahah!!!
5:06 PM <mandym287> i had to give someone an infraction in the middle of math class ._.

Hylian-Knight Answered in thread : What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?
5:21 PM <Vanessa28> Hahahahahhahahahahahahhahaaha
5:21 PM <Big Octo> they turned the Forums into a Hell
5:21 PM <Big Octo> In December, there were two prize giveaways
5:21 PM <Random Person> Making my comment seem like a liar!
5:21 PM <Vanessa28> The april giveaway contest
5:21 PM <arkvoodle> Should I or should I not be terrified?
5:21 PM <Random Person> Freaking ZeldaFan11! Posting before me
5:21 PM <PhantomTriforce> oh, thanks
5:21 PM <arkvoodle> It was of someone coughing, screaming and a fire alarm in the background
Salt Dog Answered in thread : The First Gerudo?
5:21 PM <Random Person> NO!
5:21 PM <arkvoodle> One thing though. I got a message my phone's answering machine a while ago
5:21 PM <Vanessa28> The thread you just saw popping by
5:21 PM <Random Person> Click that thread PT
ZeldaFan11 Answered in thread : Least Favorite Zelda Game
5:21 PM <Thareous> This cone: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f10/ap...tml#post451099[/font
5:21 PM <Vanessa28> Look at April giveaways
5:21 PM <Big Octo> Lol, I mean, about Chrome
5:20 PM <PhantomTriforce> I've enver heard of it
mcineri Answered in thread : April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games
5:20 PM <PhantomTriforce> what is the contest?
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Feb 23, 2011
[Skype] Um...

[4/3/2012 10:37:09 PM] Athena: LOL.
[4/3/2012 10:37:18 PM] Athena: Animal Crossing's world is such a zoo.
[4/3/2012 10:37:27 PM] kogamosjs33: Yep.
[4/3/2012 10:43:15 PM] kogamosjs33: There are 234 songs on the original Animal Crossing. I'm reading this correctly, too. It's not 234 as in "Disc 2, song 34". There are actually 234 songs. 48 of those are just songs for the hours (24 normal, 24 at Christmas). WHY?!
[2:24:25 PM] Wolf: Cool story bro.
[2:37:34 PM] Athena: Excellent tale, sibling.
[2:37:35 PM] Athena: xD
[2:39:47 PM] Thare: Riveting tale, chap!
[2:41:25 PM] Athena: LOL.
[2:42:38 PM] Athena: Great legend, Uncle.
[2:43:02 PM] Jesse: Great Scott!
[2:43:11 PM] Athena: Great Dane!
[2:43:20 PM] Wolf: Interesting allegory, old chum.
[2:44:09 PM] Jesse: wise yawn Gandolf
[2:44:29 PM] Wolf: lolololo...
[2:44:32 PM] Wolf: VE
[2:46:30 PM] Turk: oO
[2:46:55 PM] Wolf: ( b o_________________0) b
[2:47:04 PM] Wolf: Cool story, broski.
[2:48:48 PM] Nicole: This fecal matter is of the utmost insanity, bretheren.
[2:49:41 PM] Athena: LOL.
[2:49:45 PM] Athena: I think you won.
[2:50:32 PM] Wolf: ^


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
Not particularly appropriate so I'll stick it in a Spoiler. Funny as anything though.

Beef = Ganondork

[10:17:13 PM] Nicole: also
[10:17:14 PM] Nicole: keith
[10:17:19 PM] Nicole: do you have down syndrome
[10:17:31 PM] Beef: no
[10:17:36 PM] Nicole: Health concerns for individuals with Down syndrome include a higher risk for congenital heart defects, gastroesophageal reflux disease, recurrent ear infections that may lead to hearing loss, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid dysfunctions, and obesity.
[10:17:40 PM] Nicole: [10:17 PM] Nicole:

<<< obesity
[10:17:41 PM] Nicole: are you sure
[10:17:54 PM] Beef: **** you
[10:17:57 PM] Nicole: lmao
[10:17:59 PM] Axle the Beast/Wyatt's Deoderant: Keef is obese?
[10:17:59 PM] Beef: I'm not even obese
[10:18:04 PM] Nicole: morbidly so, Axle
[10:18:05 PM] Beef: those BMI's lie
[10:18:11 PM] Beef: I weigh 195
[10:18:14 PM] Beef: but I'm 6'4"
[10:18:16 PM] Axle the Beast/Wyatt's Deoderant: Oh BMI
[10:18:16 PM] Nicole: so do those IQ tests don't they
[10:18:17 PM] Axle the Beast/Wyatt's Deoderant: lol
[10:18:20 PM] Beef: BMI says I'm morbidly obese
[10:18:23 PM] Nicole: they lie too
[10:18:25 PM] Nicole: but trust me
[10:18:33 PM] Nicole: a 69 IQ is no achievement
[10:18:35 PM] Destiny: Body Mass Index isn't always right, it says I'm 16 on a BMI scale
[10:18:40 PM] Axle the Beast/Wyatt's Deoderant: lol Nicole
[10:18:43 PM] Destiny: which is like anorexic lol
[10:18:50 PM] Beef: oh Destiny
[10:18:53 PM] Beef: you are anorexic
[10:20:04 PM] Nicole: Individuals with DS are also at increased risk for obesity as they age and tend to be "round in shape"
[10:20:10 PM] Nicole: Keith is round in shape !!!
[10:20:12 PM] Nicole: must have DS
[10:20:18 PM] Beef: I hate you
[10:20:24 PM] Beef: I can run faster than you, ****er
[10:20:31 PM] Athenian200: If my DS is going to make me fat.
[10:20:35 PM] Nicole: don't trip over your malformed feet
[10:20:45 PM] Nicole: http://puu.sh/oipY
[10:20:46 PM] Beef: 6 minute mile
[10:20:47 PM] Beef: loser
[10:20:58 PM] Nicole: girls don't find this **** attractive bro
[10:20:59 PM] Nicole: http://puu.sh/oipY
[10:21:16 PM] Beef: my feet
[10:21:18 PM] Beef: are god like
[10:21:21 PM] Beef: so get out
[10:21:32 PM] Djinn: why are we looking at derpfeet?
[10:21:53 PM] Nicole: it also says a symptom of DS
[10:21:57 PM] Nicole: is smaller genitalia
[10:22:01 PM] Nicole: I think I understand now
[10:22:08 PM] Djinn: like they would need it anyway
[10:22:11 PM] Beef: I hope you burn in the deepest pit of hell
[10:22:13 PM] Athenian200: Oh, you mean Keith?
[10:22:14 PM] Nicole: true, Djinn, true
[10:22:17 PM] Nicole: yes, athe
[10:22:18 PM] Djinn: how often do they get laid anyway?
[10:22:44 PM] Beef: 69 times
[10:22:50 PM] Nicole: poor Keith
[10:22:53 PM] Djinn: a couple more times that I thought
[10:22:55 PM] Nicole: he doesn't even know how to count
[10:23:16 PM] Djinn: he never learned to read
[10:23:16 PM] Nicole: apparently numbers go -2, -1, 69 to boys with DS
[10:23:48 PM] Beef: I hope you never have sex
[10:23:58 PM] Axle the Beast/Wyatt's Deoderant: Not sure if fighting or really good friends.
[10:23:58 PM] Athenian200: Six of what?
[10:24:05 PM] Beef: really good friends
[10:24:06 PM] Beef: lol
[10:24:10 PM] Nicole: lol

ilu Keith


Zoldyck family assassin
Aug 22, 2011
Your Imagination... Is life real?! Am I real?!
Hawkfur: Try and guess what TP stands for.
Tatsuya: Timmy pocket?
Hawkfur: No.
Tatsuya: Tiny pincers?
Hawkfur: NO
Tatsuya: Toilet paper?
Hawkfur: NOOO!
-Hawkfur has changed her display name to HawkRage-
Tatsuya: I am not familiar to Zelda.
HawkRage: How about THIS?!
-Tatsuya has changed his name to Turdy-
Turdy: Wtf?

Read from top to bottom. I am Hawkfur.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
This may be inappropro. It's really funny though.

[10:10:03 PM] Nikoru: I FIGURED I'D TELL YOU ALL
[10:10:12 PM] Nikoru: BUT THEY'RE NOT
[10:10:15 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: lolwat
[10:10:17 PM] Nikoru: yay nicole
[10:10:21 PM] Axle: I still think my **** is oddly shaped.
[10:10:22 PM] Nelson: ...
[10:10:23 PM] Nelson: okay
[10:10:24 PM] Thareous: Nice to know.
[10:10:26 PM] Djinn: all nipples are a bit bumpy in some areas
[10:10:30 PM] Nikoru: my mom's are like really pointy
[10:10:34 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: what
[10:10:36 PM] Nelson: WTF
[10:10:36 PM] Axle: .........................
[10:10:37 PM] Nelson: no
[10:10:39 PM] Nikoru: so I thought nipples were supposed to be really pointy
[10:10:40 PM] Djinn: it was cold that night
[10:10:41 PM] Nelson: stop
[10:10:42 PM] Nikoru: but then I realized
[10:10:45 PM] Nikoru: she's a mother
[10:10:46 PM] Axle: lol
[10:10:46 PM] Nikoru: and breatfed
[10:10:48 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: oh that would be awk
[10:10:50 PM] Nikoru: so naturally
[10:10:51 PM] Nikoru: pointy
[10:10:58 PM] George: there is so much talking, why is this not a call
[10:11:01 PM] Nikoru: that's why mine aren't ridiculously pointy
[10:11:01 PM] Thareous: breatfed
[10:11:03 PM] Nelson: lol
[10:11:06 PM] Mandy: what did I miss?
[10:11:08 PM] Nelson: Why isn't it a call?
[10:11:08 PM] Nikoru: whatever
[10:11:09 PM] Nikoru: stfu
[10:11:11 PM] Mandy: I left for a second
[10:11:12 PM] Mandy: and...
[10:11:13 PM] Nikoru: I have to go anyway
[10:11:15 PM] Nikoru: so I'll leave
[10:11:16 PM] Axle: Because we don't call here.
[10:11:18 PM] Beeker: I have no idea
[10:11:19 PM] Mandy: now we're talking about boobs
[10:11:22 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: byeeeeeee baby
[10:11:25 PM] Thareous: Night Sulker.
[10:11:30 PM] Nikoru: we were talking about /my/ boobs
[10:11:32 PM] Axle: Man tomorrow morning is going to be weird.
[10:11:35 PM] Nikoru: it's a difference
[10:11:35 PM] Nelson: why?
[10:11:39 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: I like Nicole's boobs
[10:11:42 PM] Nelson: obviously
[10:11:44 PM] Djinn: we could call here
[10:11:44 PM] Nikoru: because they're not real boobs
[10:11:50 PM] Nelson: Fake?
[10:11:50 PM] Nelson: No
[10:11:52 PM] Nelson: you wouldn't
[10:11:56 PM] Axle: Pokemon + Thundercats + Green Lantern + Young Justice + Legend of ****ing Korra
[10:11:57 PM] Axle: Just
[10:11:57 PM] Nelson: I have lost all respect for you
[10:11:59 PM] Nikoru: they're fake
[10:11:59 PM] Nelson: Nelson cries
[10:12:01 PM] Axle: Tons of ****ing shows
[10:12:04 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: lol
[10:12:08 PM] Nikoru: one day I took a tangerine and put it in my shirt
[10:12:10 PM] Nikoru: I mean
[10:12:12 PM] Nikoru: two tangerines
[10:12:15 PM] Nelson: lol
[10:12:16 PM] Wyatt Is Fat: lol
[10:12:19 PM] Nelson: One tangerin
[10:12:19 PM] Mandy: bahaha
[10:12:23 PM] Nelson: tangerin
[10:12:25 PM] Nelson: ertnaoinga
[10:12:27 PM] Nelson: tangerobu
[10:12:28 PM] Nelson: badsildgbj saDb
[10:12:31 PM] Nelson: Dammit
[10:12:33 PM] Nikoru: TANGEROBU
[10:12:33 PM] Mandy: post this in the memorable im convo thread
[10:12:35 PM] Mandy: and wait
Slightly... perverted-ish, but not really. Just about pizza. :rolleyes:

11:02:13 Thareous: Who wouldn't want pizza?
11:02:14 Nicole: I have legs
11:02:17 Athenian200: LOL.
11:02:20 Nicole: pizza ****
11:02:21 Nicole: PIZZA ****
11:02:29 me: Link + Pizza = Money
11:02:36 Nicole: WAIGT
11:02:39 Nicole: WAIT
11:02:45 Nicole: IF PIZZA = ****...
11:02:53 me: x
11:02:55 me: xD
11:02:59 Nicole: THEN Link + Pizza = Money = Link + ****
11:03:06 Nicole: So Link + **** = Money
11:03:11 Nicole: LINK IS A PROSTITUTE
11:03:12 Beeker: (y)
11:03:26 me: I'd actually believe that
11:03:26 Thareous: Apparently never Adventure of Link.
Oh, Sulfur... xD
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6:17 PM <TwilightDeku> If i spam alot will you ban me? Please? I'm good at spamming
6:17 PM * Darknut_Hunter whacks Vanessa
6:17 PM <Locke> what is this, the Castle Anthrax?
6:16 PM <Vanessa28> I mean it, I am really evil
6:16 PM * TwilightDeku whacks Darknut_Hunter
6:16 PM <Trio the Punch> No, some of them were just biological. Mewtwo is more of a clone than antything.
6:16 PM <Vanessa28> Ban me!!
Tadpole Created thread : Favorite Girl
6:16 PM <Pokemon> OW!
6:16 PM * Darknut_Hunter Whacks everyone!
6:16 PM <Vanessa28> No Twilight stay here
6:16 PM <Trio the Punch> Cuz that's apparently how ZD politics work.
6:16 PM <Vanessa28> No I will ruin your fanclub
6:16 PM <Locke> why would you get a fan club?
6:16 PM <TwilightDeku> NO ME FIRST
6:16 PM <Wolf Sage> lol
6:16 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> :lol:
6:16 PM <Trio the Punch> Ooh! Ban me! That way I can have a fanclub.
6:16 PM <Vanessa28> BAN ME!!
6:16 PM * Vanessa28 whacks ALIT
6:16 PM <Locke> I'm bored. I think I'll ban someone
6:15 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Oh. The two look the same.
6:15 PM <Darknut_Hunter> Can I just have spam?
6:15 PM <Trio the Punch> A_LINK_IN_TIME that was the theory page.
6:15 PM <Darknut_Hunter> Ooohh ALIT you tricky dog you
6:15 PM <Locke> We're out of baked beans.
6:15 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Time to spam forum games: Zelda Theory

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Too funny to not post.

[9:06:04 PM] Nikoru: WHY WON'T YOU REMEMBER ME
[9:06:06 PM] Nikoru: /WRIST
[9:06:08 PM] Nelson: yes
[9:06:08 PM | Edited 9:06:39 PM] Kailyn Lansford: Wyatt and nicole do know me
[9:06:11 PM] Nelson: HURT YOUR MORE
[9:06:15 PM] Nelson: WHAT
[9:06:16 PM] Nikoru: hurt your more
[9:06:17 PM] Nelson: HURT YOUR MORE
[9:06:18 PM] Nikoru: LAWL
[9:06:19 PM] Nelson: DAMMIT
[9:06:25 PM] Nelson: BUT ANYWAY
[9:06:30 PM] Nelson: CUT YOURSELF MORE
[9:06:31 PM] Nelson: MOAR]
[9:06:35 PM] Nelson: moar]?
[9:06:38 PM] Nelson: idsufgbsdlfiugbdsfligbudsfg
[9:06:40 PM | Edited 9:06:45 PM] Wolf: Lawn Moar
[9:07:06 PM] Kailyn Lansford: I feel loved
[9:07:09 PM] Nikoru: there's a fire
[9:07:12 PM] Nikoru: starting in my heart
[9:07:13 PM] Nikoru: aasodasjasfgas
[9:07:20 PM] Nikoru: the scars of your love
[9:07:21 PM] Wolf: Accept my contact request, Y-it!
[9:07:22 PM] Nikoru: remind me of us
[9:07:25 PM] Wolf: Or die!
[9:07:26 PM] Nikoru: they ekep me think ing
[9:07:30 PM] Nikoru: the y leave me breathless
[9:07:35 PM] Nikoru: i can;'t help thinknif
[9:07:36 PM] Nelson: they ekep me think ing
[9:07:40 PM] Nelson: Nicole
[9:07:43 PM] Nelson: you're ****ing falling apart
[9:07:43 PM] Nelson: lol
[9:07:49 PM] Nikoru: lmfao
[9:07:50 PM] Wolf: You guys are scaring me ****less.
[9:07:54 PM] Wyatt Kieffner: what is happening
[9:07:54 PM] Nikoru: tat's what this song does to me
[9:07:54 PM] Wolf: Thanks.
[9:07:56 PM] Kailyn Lansford: i want to see what DM is typing
[9:08:05 PM] Nikoru: lol I am literaslly dying righ tnow
[9:08:07 PM] Nelson: does you IQ just drop when you hear it
[9:08:12 PM] Nelson: does you IQ
[9:08:15 PM] Nelson: Damimt Nelson
[9:08:16 PM] Nikoru: LMFAO
[9:08:16 PM] Nelson: damimt
[9:08:17 PM] Nikoru: I can't
[9:08:18 PM] Wyatt Kieffner: oh god what's happening
[9:08:18 PM] Nelson: ****
[9:08:19 PM] Wolf: Ecks dee
[9:08:19 PM] Nelson: just
[9:08:21 PM] Nelson: ****
[9:08:23 PM] Wyatt Kieffner: I am
[9:08:25 PM] Nikoru: there are tears in my eyes right now
[9:08:25 PM] Wyatt Kieffner: oh god now I'm dying
[9:08:34 PM] Nikoru: that was great
[9:08:36 PM] Nelson: wtf is happening to everyone today
[9:08:43 PM] Nikoru: lol idk I've been pretty bad today
[9:08:44 PM] Nikoru: I think
[9:08:51 PM] Nikoru: it's because we all missed Wyatt so much today
[9:08:52 PM] Nikoru: that we just
[9:08:54 PM] Nikoru: lost control
Feb 23, 2011
[4/15/2012 6:17:20 PM] Thare: Die it red.
[4/15/2012 6:18:13 PM] Wolf: You're so considerate.
[4/15/2012 6:20:42 PM] Thare: Are you an explosive?
[4/15/2012 6:26:27 PM] Wolf: You're such a nice person and I like having you around.
[4/15/2012 6:35:06 PM] Thare: I'm glad to be around.
[4/15/2012 6:36:08 PM] Wolf: You are the nicest person I have ever met, and you make me smile.
[4/15/2012 6:36:39 PM] Thare: Then there will be no more fighting. :>
[4/15/2012 6:37:12 PM] Wolf: You have nice shoulders, as well as a nice personality.
[4/15/2012 6:37:39 PM] Thare: What are the shoulders?
[4/15/2012 6:38:24 PM] Wolf: You have a pleasant, calm voice, and it relaxes me to hear you speak.
[4/15/2012 7:47:01 PM] Thare: hi
[4/15/2012 7:47:08 PM] Thare: i lk 2 txt
[4/15/2012 7:47:29 PM] Thare: do u
[4/15/2012 7:48:00 PM] Wolf: You have a strong will, and that's what I admire most about you.
[4/15/2012 7:48:39 PM] Thare: u r 2 cl 4 schl
[4/15/2012 7:50:14 PM] Wolf: You are a very intelligent person, and a role model to all.

Awko taco...


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
[10:50:01] Kenji:I think everyone is gullible.
[10:50:12] Kenji: They'll follow something that'll interest them.
[10:50:18] Thareous: Gullible isn't in the dictionary, you know.
[10:50:25] Kenji: Sorry
[10:50:30] Majora's Cat: it's bandwagoning
[10:50:30] Kenji: Not a good speller
[10:50:36] Majora's Cat: lol
[10:50:45] Majora's Cat: he got you gooooood
[10:51:02] Kenji: My Japanese dictionary has mispellings
[10:51:03] Thareous: What Kenji?
[10:51:08] Kenji: that I think it's the real spelling
[10:51:11] Kenji: For instance:
[10:51:13] Thareous: You didn't spell anything wrong.
[10:51:14] Majora's Cat: Kenji
[10:51:15] Majora's Cat: it's a joke
[10:51:23] Kenji: And I'm being serious.
[10:51:24] Majora's Cat: but
[10:51:28] Majora's Cat: you didn't get the joke
[10:51:34] Kenji: What joke?
[10:51:38] Thareous: He doesn't understand American humor. >.>
[10:51:53] Thareous: Gullible isn't in the dictionary, you know.
[10:52:16] Thareous: If you believed that, then it makes you gullible.
[10:52:30] Thareous: Because gullible is in the dictionary.
[10:52:42] Kenji: I still don't follow.
[10:52:50] Kenji: I don't see how that is funny.
[10:52:51] Kenji: :/
[10:52:53] Kenji: At all.
[10:53:00] Kenji: Proves MC ain't asian.
[10:53:01] Djinn: just laugh
[10:53:05] Majora's Cat: No
[10:53:08] Kenji: right, I think I rather barf
[10:53:08] Majora's Cat: proves I understand engrish
[10:53:25] Majora's Cat: Kenji
[10:53:28] Kenji: Yeah
[10:53:30] Majora's Cat: remember from Nichijou
[10:53:31] Kenji: Crappy Engrish.
[10:53:44] Majora's Cat: That little bit with the ghost'looking guy
[10:54:07] Majora's Cat: Helvetica Standard
[10:54:10] Majora's Cat: that
[10:54:26] Majora's Cat: no wait, bad example
[10:54:31] Kenji: Kuki yomenai
[10:54:35] Athenian200: MC isn't Asian, he acts nothing like one. I think he was just adopted by Asian parents.
[10:54:37] Kenji: Cna't read the situation
[10:54:40] Kenji: Yeah I know the joe
[10:54:46] Kenji: That, makes sense
[10:54:52] Kenji: American humour, Does not.
[10:54:53] Thareous: How many threads like this do there need to be?
[10:54:54] Majora's Cat: gullible (ˈɡʌləb ə l)

— adj
easily taken in or tricked
[10:54:59] Majora's Cat: Easy tricked
[10:55:01] Majora's Cat: which means
[10:55:08] Majora's Cat: if you believe that "gullible" isn't in the dictionary
[10:55:12] Majora's Cat: you are easily tricked
[10:55:16] Majora's Cat: or gullible
[10:55:24] Kenji: And...?
[10:55:39] Athenian200: That would be ironic.
[10:55:43] Thareous: Everyone but you laughs?
[10:56:00] Athenian200: Not sure if it's funny, but it's at least somewhat ironic.
[10:56:34] Majora's Cat: kenji, think about nichijou's Helvetica standard KY bit
[10:56:38] Majora's Cat: it works in the same way
[10:56:48] Majora's Cat: The ghost was unaware that he was scaring people, but asking them what KY meant
[10:56:52] Kenji: That I do't get the situation
[10:56:57] Kenji: Because I really don't get it
[10:57:48] Athenian200: It's funny because you don't get it? You show yourself to be gullible, by believing that gullible isn't in the dictionary.
[10:57:56] Athenian200: That's what I'm guessing.
[10:58:03] Kenji: And your making it worse athe
[10:58:09] Kenji: By only confusing me more
[10:58:29] Athenian200: Does everything I say confuse you more?
[10:58:38] Majora's Cat: It's a pretty simple concept
[10:58:53] Djinn: well if we cannot make you laugh we can at least confuse you
[10:59:03] Kenji: Let's move on cause this is dragging on too long
[10:59:04] Athenian200: Athenian200 uses Confuse Ray.
[10:59:04] Majora's Cat: hehehe... evil plan
[10:59:08] Kenji: Cause you are all too gullible.
[10:59:35] Thareous: I think he pulled a reverse on us.
[10:59:40] Kenji: Gee
[10:59:42] Kenji: Ya think?
[10:59:43] Athenian200: Oh my. He really DID get it, but we were all gullible because we thought he believed it.
[10:59:58] Kenji: Never pull ajoke
[11:00:02] Kenji: On The King
Situatiion: tried to make me believe gullible ain't a word. Pulled a reverse
11:44 PM <Djinn> I think he does..
11:44 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Djinn and Destiny aborted Yoshi. :>
11:44 PM <Wolf Sage> Thareous and I are clones.
11:44 PM <Kitsu> ALIT do you regularly do cost-benefit analysis on Yoshis?
11:44 PM <Djinn> and names, clearly
11:44 PM <Wolf Sage> Neat.
11:43 PM <Destiny> we both do the exact same jobs
11:43 PM <Thareous> ALIT, get out.
11:43 PM <Destiny> Well Djinn and I are clones obviously
11:43 PM <Locke> Link is a tree.
11:43 PM <Wolf Sage> Anyway, Yoshi's a plant, so yeah...
11:43 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Yoshi is a waste of time and resources.
11:39 PM <Djinn> Yoshi's reproduce by budding like sponges
11:38 PM <Kitsu> What does asexual have to do with it Destiny
11:38 PM <Locke> Djinn is asexual?
11:38 PM <Wolf Sage> ...I mean the guy is a plumber who gets high off of mushrooms all day.
11:38 PM <Djinn> I am
11:38 PM <Destiny> What if he's asexual
11:38 PM <Locke> You aren't eating embryos when you eat eggs...
11:38 PM <Djinn> well some people do....but not society at large
11:38 PM <Wolf Sage> Anything is possible in the world of Mario...
11:38 PM <Locke> no, they're unfertilized.
11:37 PM <Turo602> I do
11:37 PM <Djinn> But we as a society do not toss fetuses at shyguys.
11:37 PM <Wolf Sage> Or other various items.
11:37 PM <Wolf Sage> So apparently Yoshi babies are 1ups.
11:37 PM <Kitsu> Well obviously, the whole point of Yoshi is to subliminaly make people support abortion.
11:36 PM <Thareous> From what we can see, anyways.
11:36 PM <Djinn> but they do sometimes have 1up muchrooms
11:36 PM <Wolf Sage> ...unless Yoshi supports abortion.
11:36 PM <Wolf Sage> They don't have a yolk or anything to support an embryo...
11:35 PM <Djinn> He flings poo at enemies
11:35 PM <Djinn> Eggs are really just yoshi crap?
11:35 PM <Thareous> Yoshi and Birdo make eggs by slurping/sucking things up.
11:35 PM <Locke> v
11:35 PM <Djinn> thought you published the IliaxEpona already
11:35 PM <Wolf Sage> Can they really be called eggs? :/
11:35 PM <Locke> I finished it o.o
11:35 PM <Thareous> >: That's no proof at all.
11:34 PM <Destiny> LOCKE gdi work on IliaxEpona
11:34 PM <Djinn> they all lay eggs
11:34 PM <Djinn> we don't know what they really are at all
11:34 PM <Wolf Sage> / shift
11:34 PM <Locke> nty
11:34 PM <Djinn> Yoshi x Birdo is just...........confusing...............
11:34 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Locke x Epona x Birdo

Yoshi factory <3
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
5:10 PM <PK Flash> I'm a rainbow on the inside.
5:10 PM <PK Flash> Well, yeah, it's not that big of deal
5:10 PM <VanitasXII> Your usercolor truly means nothing at all, it's what's inside. Sarianae taught me that.


Jul 26, 2010
[6:33:37 PM] Destiny: I need to relocate
[6:33:42 PM] Destiny: if we do
[6:34:07 PM] Nero_Link: ur face needs to relocate
[6:34:07 PM] Nelson: hrrrm?
[6:34:26 PM] Destiny: poophead
[6:34:46 PM] Nero_Link: yes
[6:34:51 PM] Nero_Link: my head smell like escrement
[6:34:55 PM] Nero_Link: *excrement
[6:34:57 PM] Nero_Link: definately
[6:35:10 PM] Nelson: someone needs to invent poo-scented shampoo
[6:35:18 PM] Nero_Link: yes
[6:35:21 PM] Nero_Link: for destiny to use
[6:35:29 PM] Nero_Link: so she can smell like me, her idol
[6:35:31 PM] Nelson: so she can walk around all day smelling of feces
[6:36:02 PM] Nero_Link: cos thats desireable

Laughing so hard

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
She forgot this:

[9:37:59 PM] Nero_Link: destiny doesnt need that shampoo
[9:38:03 PM] Nelson: because
[9:38:05 PM] Nelson: she already stanky
[9:38:07 PM] Nero_Link: she already smells like feces
[9:38:14 PM] Nelson: Nelson high-fives Nero
[9:38:34 PM] Nero_Link: haha lol yeah :D

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