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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

[7:06:23 PM] Jesse McCarty: I put two more speakers in my room
[7:06:46 PM] Jesse McCarty: and rearranged some that were here.
[7:07:07 PM] Jesse McCarty: I now have 24 speakers plugged into my surround sound
[7:07:31 PM] Jesse McCarty: plus the speakers in the tv "that i barely use"
[7:09:00 PM] Jesse McCarty: technically 4 are subwoofers
[7:09:08 PM] Jesse McCarty: so 20 speakers
[7:12:17 PM] Jesse McCarty: 2 0n the left wall, 2 on the right wall, 2 subwoofers under the tv, 2 normal speaker on both sides of the tv stacked on top of each other, 2 stereo speakers in the floor in the back with a subwoofer, speaker, and tweeter in each. 2 speakers on the back wall, 2 small car speakers on the wall beside them, and 2 "moveable" speakers that go anywhere really
[7:13:01 PM] Jesse McCarty: I'm a huge fan of music and I wasn't surrounded by the normal 5.1 surround sound set up I had. I wanted to be surrounded by music and "experience" it instead of just listening.
[7:13:50 PM] Jesse McCarty: It only costed me 70. for 2 surround sound sets plus extra speakers from old stereos and 2 car speakers I had from years ago

Jesse felt the need for a long soliloquy regarding speakers. :bleh:
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
[15:41:27] <Sage> dabenabe shabet thabe habell abep
[15:41:30] <Sage> please
[15:41:36] <&Kybyrian> Please what?
[15:41:38] <&Kybyrian> Open the door?
[15:41:38] <Dinosaur> EVERYBODY DO THE DINOSAUR
[15:41:44] <PK_Flash> Get on the floor?
[15:41:44] <Dinosaur> EVERYBODY DO THE DINOSAUR
[15:41:47] <Sage> oh my gosh
[15:41:48] <&Kybyrian> lolyes
Some more intense discussion about Zora Butt Water. Apparently, it's all the rage. [read from bottom to top]
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> that thread makes me laugh so hard
03/09/2012 22:51 <mandym287> Lol, I have the original version of that thread
03/09/2012 22:51 <SixPortsofVain> SnooPING AS usual I see.
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> SLOBBERS HER DINGIS
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> he
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> then
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> mandy
03/09/2012 22:51 <SixPortsofVain> Meh
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> which is why Hyrule isn't clean
03/09/2012 22:51 <mandym287> I'm afraid how Link spies on people bathing in Knight Academy
03/09/2012 22:51 <SixPortsofVain> We don't
03/09/2012 22:51 <Ganondork> they bathe in *** water, Josie
03/09/2012 22:51 <Josie> eww
03/09/2012 22:50 <mandym287> And everyone drinks Tape Worms
03/09/2012 22:50 <Josie> I afraid how people bathe in Hyrule
03/09/2012 22:50 <Ganondork> TAPE WORMS
03/09/2012 22:50 <Ganondork> KING ZORA HAS WORMS
03/09/2012 22:50 <SixPortsofVain> Oh, yeah, ok.....makes perfect sense now.
03/09/2012 22:50 <mandym287> Morpha was a parasite in King Zora's bowels
03/09/2012 22:49 <SixPortsofVain> Ack
03/09/2012 22:49 <Ganondork> get the hell out of the *** water temple, mandy
03/09/2012 22:49 <Ganondork> first symptom of consumption of *** water
03/09/2012 22:49 <SixPortsofVain> Oh noes.....
03/09/2012 22:49 <mandym287> I can feel the fever taking over...
03/09/2012 22:47 <mandym287> YES
03/09/2012 22:47 <Ganondork> he breathes *** water
03/09/2012 22:47 <Ganondork> Link breathes in that water
03/09/2012 22:46 <mandym287> The Water Temple is just filled with a bunch of Zora Butt Water
03/09/2012 22:46 <mandym287> Like, what the helvetica
03/09/2012 22:46 <Josie> because water is evil
03/09/2012 22:46 <mandym287> Link could pick up five green rupees, and they magically transform into a blue rupee
03/09/2012 22:45 <mandym287> I don't understand rupees at all
03/09/2012 22:45 <mandym287> :yes:
03/09/2012 22:45 <Ganondork> the end
03/09/2012 22:45 <Ganondork> it sucks
03/09/2012 22:45 <mandym287> Dorkinson, write a book about Hyrule's Economy
03/09/2012 22:44 <Ganondork> d'awwwww :>
03/09/2012 22:44 <Josie> yes
03/09/2012 22:44 <Ganondork> if I wrote a book, would you buy it?


Nov 12, 2010
Just a lulzy conversation in the chatbox.

2:00 PM <Ganondork> :rolleyes:
2:00 PM <Ganondork> I spread herpes
1:59 PM <mandym287> I spread darkness
1:59 PM <SixPortsofVain> We're crazy powerful viral ninjas that for whatever reason enjoy spreading sunshine.....
2:18 AM <Axle the Beast> What.
2:18 AM <Axle the Beast> Um.
2:18 AM <Wolf Sage> Race is a social construct and has no real biological basis...
2:17 AM <Axle the Beast> And I think for simplicity's sake, that's fine.
2:17 AM <Wolf Sage> By the way, the race known as Australoid is the theoretical fourth...
2:17 AM <Axle the Beast> Most people still refer to ethnicities as races.
2:17 AM <Wolf Sage> Those are split into the various ethnicities that make up the world...
2:16 AM <Axle the Beast> Arguing with a dictionary... not typically productive.
2:16 AM <Axle the Beast> Or are you just being difficult.
2:16 AM <Wolf Sage> Negroid, Caucasoid, Australoid, and Mongoloid, though the names are kind of outdated, but they still apply
2:16 AM <Axle the Beast> I.E., do you have any actual reason to say I am wrong?
2:16 AM <Axle the Beast> Every statement of fact is, by definition, an opinion. But that doesn't mean the fact is incorrect.
2:15 AM <Axle the Beast> It's kind of funny he was so butthurt about me saying that, considering he never even understood what I was saying.
2:15 AM <Wolf Sage> There are only three races...
2:15 AM <Wolf Sage> Also, Japanese is not a race; it's an ethnicity...
2:15 AM <Axle the Beast> Erebea's quote is completely and wholly out of context.
2:15 AM <Axle the Beast> That's not what I said.
2:15 AM <Axle the Beast> Quick definitions from WordNet (racism) ▸ noun: discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race ▸ noun: the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior
2:15 AM <Wolf Sage> Gosh
2:15 AM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Every fact is an opinion. You said so yourself.
2:14 AM <Wolf Sage> i was only kidding about the race thing...
2:14 AM <Axle the Beast> It's not, that's fact.
2:13 AM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Axle, that's your opinion.
2:12 AM <Axle the Beast> Um, a font isn't a race.
2:12 AM <Axle the Beast> It's like that person thinking they were racist for hating a font that was the national font of some other country.
2:11 AM <Axle the Beast> Racism = race.
2:11 AM <Axle the Beast> Japanese is both a race but also a country/culture, Wolf.
2:11 AM <Axle the Beast> I asked you a question.
2:11 AM <Wolf Sage> Ladies and gentlemen, we have a racist...
2:10 AM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Axle, that Summer Wars things is crazy. Japanese people are loco. XD


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
So the most amazing thing ever happened last night. I was texting Kybyrian as I do every day, and...

Wyatt: Lol so my sister just had me call 3 random friends of hers and say odd things to them in Japanese. The last one said I'm her new best friend yay [noparse]:P[/noparse]
Nicole: Give me her number so I can teach her a lesson in knowing her place [noparse]D:<[/noparse]
Wyatt: Lolomg you should totally do it [insert girl's number here]

Which led to...

Nicole: Stop trying to steal my best friend! [noparse]D:<[/noparse]
Girl: Somebody's overreacting x)
Nicole: I aint even mad. Imma just tell you one time he's mine and only mine. He only sings in Japanese to me!
Girl: Well isn't he talented? lol
Nicole: Yea but he's mine! He's my love bug and I'm his sugar snap! Stop trying to destroy our love!
Girl: I would never do such a thing to one's "sugar snap"
Nicole: I know he's irresistible so I'll forgive you
Girl: Oh why thank you. My most unsincere and sarcastic appreciation goes out to you (:
Nicole: By the way I made out with your boyfriend
Girl: Is that so? I hope you had plenty of fun with that (:
Nicole: Inb4 you're single
Girl: Inb4? Not exactly in my dictionary, ma'am.
Nicole: Inb4 as in... in before. You should really get on the internet more.
Girl: Don't you mean "and before"? You should really pay attention in English class more.
Nicole: I'll have you know my average in English is a 100. Also no I mean in before. Urban Dictionary it.
Girl: I prefer Websters (:
Nicole: I'm sorry, this whole thing was a joke. I'm actually a sixty-five year old woman from Pakistan.

Then me and this girl were talking about books based on Pakistan and the Taliban. Skip to the middle.

Nicole: This is so funny I literally have no idea who you are omg
Girl: I just know you're actually Canadian lol, nothing more
Nicole: LMAO where did you get Canada from. This is an NJ number lololo
[she confused me with Destiny btw]
Girl: hahah... not to be rude or stereotypical, but do you go in tanning beds casually?
Nicole: LOL you made my night

So then I asked her for her name.

Nicole: What is your first name
Girl: My name is herpes jk it's [name]

And then I got tired and said...

Nicole: So listen, herpes, it's getting late and all and I'm going to sleep now. Imma catch you later (get it? You're herpes and I'm going to catch you lololo)
Girl: hahah that just made my night xD

So the moral of this story: Sometimes when you play pranks on your best friend's sister's friends, you end up with a really cool new buddy.


Nov 12, 2010
Me, Nicole and Hero of Time were singing "Niggas in Paris" by Kanye West and Jay-Z, and me and Nicole were skipping around to mess with HoT. Somehow HoT ninja'd her and the song came out right. It was beautiful.

6:29 PM <Ganondork> what's gucci, my nigga?
6:29 PM <Hero of Time> what's louie, my killa?
6:29 PM <Nicole> what's drugs, my dealer?


DGN's Metaphysicist
Oct 9, 2009
Ponyville, Equestria ('murica irl)
8:26 PM <SixPortsofVain> I'm just half-crazy >::>
8:26 PM <mandym287> He sounds like LucarioMaster blaming it on autism, though
8:25 PM <i-am-link> So my Logic (and stubornness) is different than yours.
8:25 PM <mandym287> Me too!
8:25 PM <i-am-link> Also, I'm Autistic.

That's from today...
Feb 23, 2011
I just thought I'd post this here = ...meh. :dry:

[2:32:24 PM] Thareous: Desticole died.
[2:33:57 PM] Nicole: ;-;
[3:08:03 PM] Wolf: ...
[3:10:50 PM] Wolf: The portmanteau "desticole" reminds me of the word "testicle"...
[3:10:54 PM] Wolf: Desticle
[3:11:08 PM] Nicole: that's the point
[3:11:46 PM] Wolf: Ah...
[3:11:48 PM] Wolf: Neat.
[3:13:11 PM] Thareous: Sounds delicious.
[3:27:36 PM] Wolf: You heard it here, folks.


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
This was a pretty funny AutoCorrect fail my friend Kevin had in a text conversation. (note, I censored the first part there, lol)

"S*** you has can opener
-Sent from Textfree

Ah crap
-Sent from Textfree

Stupid auto correct
-Sent from Textfree

Auto corrected shut to sh't
-Sent from Textfree"
Feb 23, 2011
[10:05:24 PM] Wolf Blitzer: Gardevoir's voice is so smelly in Smash Bros Brawl...
[10:05:33 PM] Evangeline: ...
[10:05:35 PM] Madotsuki: wtf
[10:05:36 PM] Evangeline: what.
[10:05:36 PM] Madotsuki: smelly?

In order of appearance:
Wolf Sage, Erebea, Austin...etc.

Since no one else has posted, and I wish to refrain from double-posting (this is a shout box conversation, so it reads from bottom to top[noparse]):[/noparse]

11:28 PM <Ganondork> bye ghosts of the SB
11:28 PM <Ganondork> me gusta
11:28 PM <Ganondork> chocolate milk with my honey nut cheerios
11:28 PM <Ganondork> good plan, amirite?
11:27 PM <Ganondork> and drink the chocolate milk before them
11:27 PM <Ganondork> well I'll beat them at their own game
11:27 PM <Ganondork> roaches like chocolate milk
11:27 PM <Ganondork> so anyway
11:27 PM <Ganondork> I'm disappointed in you
11:27 PM <Ganondork> gdi wolf, I don't do that stuff
11:27 PM <Ganondork> no
11:27 PM <Ganondork> apparently roaches like it too
11:26 PM <Wolf Sage> Keef, are you high right now?
11:26 PM <Ganondork> yum\
11:26 PM <Ganondork> and I got chocolate milk
11:26 PM <Ganondork> but this beef jerky is just soooo good
11:26 PM <Ganondork> I can do better
11:25 PM <Ganondork> MY HOTEL
11:25 PM <Wolf Sage> I'm just saying you can do better.
11:25 PM <Ganondork> I'm quite sober
11:25 PM <Ganondork> no
11:25 PM <Wolf Sage> Keef, are you drunk right now?
11:25 PM <Ganondork> bye ghosts of the SB
11:25 PM <Ganondork> ooh, at my hotel
11:25 PM <Ganondork> that **** cray
11:25 PM <Ganondork> ball so hard
11:25 PM <Ganondork> damn, I took up the whole page
11:24 PM <Ganondork> **** YOU KEYBOARD
11:24 PM <Ganondork> MYSELF
11:24 PM <Ganondork> mysel
11:24 PM <Ganondork> and I think I'm talking to myselfd
11:24 PM <Ganondork> I'm quite the mature dood
11:24 PM <Ganondork> but know what
11:24 PM <Ganondork> immature
11:24 PM <Ganondork> you people must think I'm really immaturw
11:23 PM <Ganondork> you know
11:22 PM <Ganondork> and that was a coincidence lol
11:22 PM <Ganondork> because I'm a baller

He was apparently talking to himself... [noparse]>.>[/noparse]
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[10:36:55 PM] Big Octo: Matsuo Bashō
[10:37:55 PM] Big Octo: Anyone up for a naked party?
[11:11:02 PM] Wolf's pingas: nou
[11:11:24 PM] ALIT-san: pingas...mmm
[11:11:35 PM] Wolf's pingas: Ew.
[11:12:32 PM] ALIT-san: How adowable. <3
[11:12:39 PM] ALIT-san: Get naked with Big Octo.
[11:12:41 PM] ALIT-san: NOW.
[11:13:10 PM] Wolf's pingas: I am not able to remove all this fur, so no nudity for me...
[11:13:22 PM] ALIT-san: Furgalicious.
[11:14:34 PM] Wolf's pingas: Fergalicious definition
[11:14:34 PM] Wolf's pingas: make the boys go loco
[11:14:55 PM] Wolf's pingas: ...but I ain't promiscuous.
[11:15:07 PM] Wolf's pingas: ...and if you were suspicious.
[11:15:12 PM] Wolf's pingas: ...something like that...
[11:15:17 PM] ALIT-san: Awww. GTFO.
[11:15:26 PM] Wolf's pingas: lolwut
[11:15:27 PM] Wolf's pingas: XD
[11:16:01 PM] ALIT-san: I rape children.
[11:16:05 PM] ALIT-san: Wolf children.
[11:16:53 PM] Wolf's pingas: Biased Final Boss Area?
[11:17:01 PM] Wolf's pingas: :facepalm:
[11:17:20 PM] ALIT-san: lol
[11:17:21 PM] ALIT-san: yeah
[11:17:24 PM] ALIT-san: XD
[11:17:35 PM] ALIT-san: Biased against your mother.
[11:17:44 PM] Wolf's pingas: Oh, damn. lol
[11:18:00 PM] Wolf's pingas: Link's grandmother = Impa
[11:18:09 PM] Wolf's pingas: [NO EXCEPTIONS!]
[11:23:55 PM] ALIT-san: Sheikah shrink with age.
[11:24:24 PM] Wolf's pingas: lol i saw that one...

11:44 PM <jbkarate9> Yeah cause im a chicken sh#t
11:43 PM <Djinn> is it?
11:43 PM <Locke> you said earlier that it was scary
11:43 PM <Djinn> conversate about the change in conversation
11:43 PM <Locke> wait
11:43 PM <Kazumi> this is a conversation
11:43 PM <Djinn> it always has
11:40 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> I love it how the conversation topic changes in the blink of an eye here.

Sigh Children...
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A few recent conversations [or parts of conversations] that I think that are worthy of a mention here... As always, read from bottom to top.
12:13 PM <Ganondork> lol
12:13 PM <Josie> V
12:13 PM <mandym287> The food chain of ZD, my dear Cuju
12:12 PM <Ganondork> incest
12:12 PM <Cuju> o_0 What is happening here!?!
12:12 PM * Ganondork noms on mandy
12:11 PM * mandym287 noms on Josie
12:10 PM * Josie noms on ramen
12:46 PM <Locke> jabu-jabu is a whale.
12:46 PM <Locke> right... "All whales are Levias. Therefore the Wind Fish and Jabun are whales."
12:45 PM <Djinn> didn't jabujabu have a blowhole?
12:45 PM <Wolf Sage> And all dragons are Eldin.
12:45 PM <mandym287> Jabu Jabu has a lot of uvulas...
12:45 PM <Wolf Sage> No, all whales are Levias.
12:45 PM <Locke> though many of Zelda's whales are actually fish
12:45 PM <mandym287> yay
12:45 PM <Wolf Sage> That means that all whales are Levias.
12:44 PM <Locke> well, a whale is probably commonly associated with "guardian"
12:44 PM <Wolf Sage> They are just fanciful names...
12:43 PM <Djinn> there are enough whales to call them a separate tribe/species
12:43 PM <mandym287> nerm
12:42 PM <Djinn> that one mostly flies by wearing some strange winged carpet on its head
12:41 PM <Locke> was that one to the effect of "It's called a Wind Fish, though it is actually neither."
12:41 PM <Djinn> I guess nintendo likes for good dragons to look like muppets
12:41 PM <Locke> I think my favorite line in Link's Awakening
12:41 PM <Djinn> The three dragons did look very un dragonlike
12:41 PM <Ganondork> brb
12:40 PM <Cuju> LOOOOOL!
12:40 PM <Locke> rather, vice-versa
12:40 PM <Locke> http://global.hidden-street.net/sites/global.hidden-street.net/files/monsters/monsters326.gif
12:40 PM <mandym287> Lanayru sounded like he was drowning in a vat of goo
12:40 PM <Ganondork> and Levias is totes Waillord from Pokemon
12:40 PM <Djinn> And I keep wondering what is with Nintendo's fascination with talking and flying whales
12:40 PM <Locke> valoo reminds me of...
12:40 PM <mandym287> But not as funny of noises that Lanayru did
12:40 PM <Ganondork> but I'm not fooled; he's totes Levias
12:40 PM <Ganondork> Valoo looks like a fat dragon
12:40 PM <mandym287> Valoo made funny noises
12:39 PM <Djinn> Valoo should have .......not looked so stupid.....
12:39 PM <Ganondork> and Valoo being able to fly
12:39 PM <Ganondork> the fish is like Levias being a whale
12:39 PM <Ganondork> are the severed parts of Levias
12:38 PM <Djinn> gerudosheikah
12:38 PM <Ganondork> that fat fish and Valoo
12:38 PM <Wolf Sage> Kotake and Koume are Gerudo
12:38 PM <Ganondork> and, and
12:38 PM <Locke> voon!
12:38 PM <Ganondork> guys, I'm a ****ing theorist
12:38 PM <mandym287> DID SEE GANON
12:37 PM <Locke> yep, totes
12:37 PM <mandym287> oh the commutative property
12:37 PM <Ganondork> WHAT IF
12:37 PM <Djinn> Are kotake and koume sheikah?
12:37 PM <Locke> 4. Someone posts a thread about how Grandma is a Sheikah.
12:37 PM <Djinn> we have only seen three sheikah
12:37 PM <mandym287> Dorkinson... xD
12:37 PM <Locke> 3. ???
12:37 PM <Locke> 2. In my reply, I mention that Grandma is short.
12:37 PM <Ganondork> because she's tan
12:37 PM <Locke> 1. Someone posts a thread about how all old Sheikah are short.
12:37 PM <mandym287> because they're both sky spirits
12:37 PM <Ganondork> and Tetra is a Gerudo
12:37 PM <Locke> I was like
12:36 PM <Djinn> people jump to some weird conclusions
12:36 PM <Locke> yeah I saw that
12:36 PM <mandym287> and Valoo is Levias
12:36 PM <Ganondork> Link is totally a Zora in WW
12:36 PM <mandym287> Yes
12:36 PM <Ganondork> I think Aryll might be a Goron
12:36 PM <Djinn> because she is short?
12:36 PM <mandym287> Locke, did you see that thread about how Link's grandma is a sheikah?
3:47 PM <PK Flash> xD
3:47 PM <mandym287> You're way too young to be a player at age 92, PK
3:47 PM <PK Flash> YES.
3:46 PM <mandym287> 92
3:46 PM <PK Flash> Maybe...
3:46 PM <Kazumi> 14
3:46 PM <PK Flash> Older.
3:45 PM <Kazumi> 12?
3:45 PM <mandym287> Maybe I'm also a stalka
3:45 PM <PK Flash> You don't know my age.
3:42 PM <mandym287> Aren't you a tad young to be a playa?
3:42 PM <mandym287> wait.... ONE of your girlfriends?
3:41 PM <mandym287> Lol
3:41 PM <PK Flash> It's probably one of my girlfriends.
3:41 PM <PK Flash> Stalka.
3:41 PM <mandym287> Eww, a guest is viewing the Picture Thread. That's really creepy.
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Feb 23, 2011
Chatbox, so bottom to top...

12:20 AM <Wolf Sage> ...dunno why.
12:20 AM <Wolf Sage> I imagined a sea salt smell about you, Octo...
12:20 AM <Wolf Sage> lol
12:20 AM <Big Octo> I am Body Odor man
12:20 AM <Wolf Sage> Big Octo smells like hot tomatoes...
12:20 AM <Big Octo> Exactly
12:20 AM <Wolf Sage> BO = body odor
12:19 AM <Locke> lol
12:19 AM <Big Octo> I thought I smelled good
12:17 AM <Wolf Sage> It smells like BO.
12:17 AM <Wolf Sage> The N sound.
12:17 AM <Wolf Sage> Mine's the letter N.
12:16 AM <Locke> blue
12:16 AM <Wolf Sage> What is the worst sound you've ever smelled?
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
1:07 PM <PK Flash> Magic.
1:07 PM <David> it was in the spam folder
1:06 PM <PK Flash> Email will get a ton of people, but that might go into the spam folder of some.
1:05 PM <Mases> I think the email blast will probably bring in the most... but that is spaced over time.

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