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    Thanks! Glad to see you're still a member here! I know I never get on, I log in occasionally so I don't lose my account. So much has changed on the website and with me as a person. Sorry for rambling, I've got a lot of memories here (joined when I was 12, now I'm 18) and stuff.
    A Link In Time
    A Link In Time
    Still holding strong in 2023/2024.
    So this question is might seem sort of rude... How long does it usually take you to do a siggy? I'm starting to worry that we misunderstood each other and you were unaware I was having you do it...:(
    Not bad, but I do like the other song a bit better. With this one, the vocals didn't jump out as much, but the instruments were still just as impressive. Still want to check out the full album when I get the chance, but I'll try one at a time. If I overdo it, well...f*ck.

    And the Cure made some phenomenal work. Pieces of art. Disintegration is one of the greatest albums ever conceived, if you don't mind slower paced stuff with more drawn out intros. Its music you can lose yourself to.

    Alrighty, I don't know how familiar you are with indie psychedelic folk, but its worth a shot. This band revolutionized music. This isn't the best album, but I'll prolly show you more.

    That was pretty good, actually. I do like some Coheed, and their voice doesn't bother me most of the time (I listen to Mars Volta, for God's sake). I like the song In Keeping Secrets, and the album Year of the Black Rainbow, while it may not be their best works, is still very enjoyable.
    Overall, I did like it when the guitar got a few seconds to shine, when it calmed down and was brought back up. I like the stop-start dynamic in music, it works really well if executed correctly, and Coheed did just that in this song. The only part that bothered me was near the end, when he starts to whisper. That's really the only part where his voice bugged me. Other than that, I intend on checking this out when I go to the library next chance I get, but I'm still cautious about their stuff, and wouldn't invest any money in it quite yet.

    NOTE: Try to just put in the hyperlinks instead of imbedding a video. It can bog down the visitors page after just a few posts.

    Next is another band I enjoy quite a bit:


    I don't know if you'll like his voice, but at least give it a chance. :)
    Perfect! This'll be good.

    Alright, so since I've been going on and on with Sonic Youth, might as well start with them. Here's one of my favorites by them off of their best album:

    Its really simple. Its something a friend of mine and I used to do when I still cared about facebook. You send a person a song, the recipient listens to it. Several times if need be. The recepient then tells the sender his honest opinion of the song, the best that he can, whether good or bad, and the best/worst part of said song. After doing so, the recpient sends the snder a song back, and then asks him to do the same. All very simple really. Allows for musical expansion and allows both users to discover bands they may not have heard before. What do you say? You up for it?
    I too am just looking for bands that I like, and bands that feel GENUINE, which is why I don't like most pop...because it doesn't feel genuine...
    Nah, never heard of them. I'll look them up. I'm hoping also to get into Tool later after our conversation earlier, but not yet.
    I've been good. I have Pablo Honey, though I'm not sure why, the only three songs I like on that album are You, Creep, and Blow Out. :P I now have listened to most of Pink Floyd, and I'm currently really into Animals.
    The other user actually thought it was best if the first person I asked first (you) did it. So I went with that idea and am going to be using the one you make.
    Hey man, its cool. School used to do that to me too. Its kinda why I went on my hiatus. Stuff just kept on piling up. Don't even worry about it.
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