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Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
[00:17:10] <Random_Person> ellipsis
[00:17:22] <Turo602> No!
[00:17:30] <Random_Person> ...
[00:17:34] <+Ganondork> hi turo
[00:17:34] <Turo602> Enjoy the Silence
[00:17:41] <DekuTurk> exclamation point
[00:17:42] <Turo602> What's up man?
[00:17:45] <DekuTurk> Turo <3
[00:17:46] <+Ganondork> not much
[00:17:59] <+Ganondork> we should go on xbox live and talk next week
[00:18:11] <Turo602> lol next week?
[00:18:16] <+Ganondork> well
[00:18:18] <+Ganondork> like
[00:18:21] <Turo602> Why next week?
[00:18:26] <+Ganondork> not the weekend
[00:18:29] <+Ganondork> the weekdays
[00:18:33] <+Ganondork> technically next week
[00:18:35] <+Ganondork> :P
[00:19:14] <Turo602> haha, if I'm not busy playing something with my bro, sure.
[00:19:32] <Turo602> I just don't seem to have much alone time these days...
[00:19:53] <+Ganondork> lol
[00:20:00] <Turo602> Hey GD, how's L.A. Noire?
[00:20:07] <+Ganondork> my dad's the one playing it
[00:20:13] <+Ganondork> I'm just having him play it on me
[00:20:15] <Turo602> Oh, lol
[00:20:18] <+Ganondork> so I get the achievement
[00:20:19] <+Ganondork> lol
[00:20:25] <Turo602> I haven't opened mine yet.
[00:20:54] <+Ganondork> Skyrim's the good one
[00:21:17] <Turo602> Lol, I figured you were the one playing that.
[00:21:31] <Turo602> I don't know, not really my thing.
[00:21:57] <+Ganondork> I find it fun
[00:22:30] <Turo602> I just passed Resident Evil 5 on the PS3 a few hours ago.
[00:22:39] <+Ganondork> I need to buy RE
[00:22:51] <Turo602> This weekend is going to be another Borderlands overkill again.
[00:22:51] <+Ganondork> which one should I start with?
[00:23:24] <Turo602> Code Veronica
[00:23:33] <+Ganondork> what system
[00:23:44] <Turo602> 360
[00:23:50] <Turo602> Arcade game.
[00:24:10] <+Ganondork> how much it cost
[00:24:18] <Turo602> That way you can enjoy what made the series so great and go into 4 and 5 later.
[00:24:23] <Turo602> 20 bucks
[00:24:32] <+Ganondork> I owe my mom 50
[00:24:36] <+Ganondork> I'll get it in a few months
[00:24:50] <+Ganondork> I'm going to some convention with my cousin dressed as Altair :>
[00:24:58] <Turo602> They're the most accessible
[00:25:04] <Turo602> lol
[00:25:07] <Turo602> Nice
[00:25:22] <+Ganondork> I'll get a bunch of pics of me
[00:25:23] <+Ganondork> and videos
[00:25:28] <+Ganondork> and spam the pic thread lol
[00:25:44] <Turo602> Haha, I'll be sure to check that out.
[00:26:07] <+Ganondork> I wanted Ezio
[00:26:07] <+Ganondork> but
[00:26:16] <+Ganondork> it's too small for me
[00:26:22] <Turo602> LOL!
[00:26:29] <Turo602> Dude!
[00:26:38] <Turo602> Have you seen the trailer for RE6?
[00:26:42] <+Ganondork> no, not yet
[00:26:45] <Turo602> So damn epic.
[00:26:56] <+Ganondork> better than ACR?
[00:27:07] <Turo602> Um...
[00:27:12] <Turo602> That's tough.
[00:27:15] <Turo602> I guess.
[00:27:17] <+Ganondork> LOL
[00:27:31] <Turo602> It just lacks the awesome music ACR had.
[00:27:37] <+Ganondork> yeah
[00:27:44] <+Ganondork> ACR had great music
[00:27:50] <+Ganondork> :>
[00:27:55] <Turo602> The trailer at least.
[00:28:14] <+Ganondork> I liked the game's music too
[00:28:32] <Turo602> Brotherhood and Revelations are just sitting on my shelf...Collecting dust...:(
[00:28:44] <+Ganondork> play them
[00:28:57] <Turo602> I need to start Brotherhood soon!
[00:29:02] <+Ganondork> START IT NOW.,
[00:29:18] <Turo602> Still on Dead Space so NO!
[00:29:30] <+Ganondork> lol I stop playing games randomly
[00:29:32] <+Ganondork> and play another
[00:29:51] <Turo602> I have to dedicate time to my games.
[00:30:00] <Turo602> I can't just cheat on them.
[00:30:29] <+Ganondork> lol
[00:30:32] <Turo602> I notice when my game does something to it's hair.
[00:31:10] <+Ganondork> :<
[00:31:12] <+Ganondork> I don't
[00:31:20] <Turo602> I treat my game like it's the only game in the world.
[00:31:23] <Turo602> LOL!
[00:32:22] <Turo602> I only go multiple when I'm playing a single player game, a handheld game, and a co-op game at the same time.
[00:32:31] <Turo602> Which I'm currently doing.
[00:32:46] <+Ganondork> usuchaplayer
[00:33:07] <Turo602> lol
[00:33:26] <Turo602> Gotta spread the love.
[00:33:43] <+Ganondork> hehe
[00:34:19] <Turo602> Smack one game on the a**, make out with another game, and make love to the other.
[00:34:24] <Turo602> HAHAHA!
[00:34:41] <+Ganondork> LOLOLOLOLOL
[00:35:20] <+Ganondork> there's a reason why the disk has a hole
[00:35:25] <+Ganondork> (chuckle)
[00:35:30] <Turo602> That's what I'm saying!
[00:35:33] <Turo602> lol
[00:36:27] <+Ganondork> that would be awful
[00:37:01] <Turo602> I can picture a nerd going American Pie with a game disc.
[00:37:20] <Turo602> Specifically Skyrim.
[00:37:29] <+Ganondork> LOL
[00:37:33] <+Ganondork> EVEN BETTER
[00:37:40] <+Ganondork> WORLD OF WARCRAFT
[00:37:56] <Turo602> LOL!

[00:39:06] <+Ganondork> lol American Dad
[00:39:23] <Turo602> Ha
[00:40:52] <+Ganondork> what time is it where you live
[00:41:13] <Turo602> 12:41 AM
[00:41:20] <Turo602> You?
[00:41:42] <+Ganondork> 1:42
[00:42:21] <+Ganondork> I'm staying up for family guy
[00:42:29] <Turo602> Damn, I'm talking with someone one hour and one minute into the future!
[00:42:39] <+Ganondork> yeah
[00:42:42] <+Ganondork> you might die
[00:42:50] <Turo602> I had a feeling...
[00:43:13] <Turo602> I shouldn't had let that guy with knife in.
[00:43:22] <+Ganondork> actually
[00:43:26] <+Ganondork> he might save you
[00:43:32] <Turo602> Oh that's nice.
[00:43:40] <+Ganondork> it's the guy with the teddy bear and the pillow filled with babies
[00:43:58] <Turo602> Oh...THAT guy huh?
[00:44:02] <+Ganondork> yeah
[00:44:03] <+Ganondork> me
[00:44:05] Ganondork grins
[00:44:26] <Turo602> Hmm...
[00:44:30] <Turo602> What should I do?
[00:44:39] <+Ganondork> kill the guy with the knife
[00:44:47] <Turo602> ON IT!
[00:45:28] <Turo602> Now what?
[00:45:42] <+Ganondork> close your eyes
[00:45:51] <Turo602> Those puppies look like they want a piece of the action...
[00:45:59] <Turo602> Kill them next?
[00:46:26] <Turo602> I can use some new slippers...
[00:46:52] <Turo602> You know, what the heads on the front.
[00:47:00] <+Ganondork> :<
[00:50:40] <+Ganondork> poor doggies
[00:50:50] <Turo602> Why
[00:51:06] <Turo602> They look happy to become slippers.
[00:51:11] Ganondork stabs turo
[00:51:24] Turo602 unstabs
[00:51:28] <+Ganondork> ooh
[00:51:30] <+Ganondork> you're good
[00:52:15] <Turo602> Bringing a knife to a pickle fight? Fool.
[00:52:41] Ganondork cries
[00:53:25] Turo602 places pickle between Ganondork's buttcheeks
[00:53:28] <Turo602> Now run!
[00:53:38] <Turo602> And if it falls you're a dead man.
[00:54:10] Ganondork sits there
[00:54:41] <Turo602> RUN!
[00:54:48] Ganondork can't run
[00:54:52] <Turo602> Why?
[00:55:19] Ganondork has leukemia
[00:55:36] <Turo602> What a girl excuse...
[00:55:50] <Turo602> Wuss
[00:56:28] Ganondork drops pickel
[00:56:31] <+Ganondork> *pickle
[00:56:44] <Turo602> You asked for it!
[00:57:01] Turo602 pulls out belt
[00:57:05] <+Ganondork> :(
[00:57:15] <Turo602> Get ova here boy!
[00:57:36] <+Ganondork> okay.jpg
[00:57:52] <Turo602> lol....pickled fart...
[00:58:07] <Turo602> Has a nice ring to it.
[00:58:23] <Turo602> Wouldn't you agree?
[00:58:54] <+Ganondork> no
[00:59:16] <Turo602> You don't know what you're talking about.


[01:03:47] <+Ganondork> I have no interest in the Vita
[01:04:07] <Turo602> I do, but not ready to rush in on day 1.
[01:04:13] <Turo602> I can wait.
[01:04:57] <Turo602> Hey GD, if we're lucky
[01:05:10] <Turo602> Maybe he'll only stick around for 22 hours.
[01:05:24] <+Ganondork> looool
[01:06:20] <Turo602> Really?
[01:06:24] <+Ganondork> what
[01:06:29] <Turo602> "My thoughts on the WiiU"
[01:06:34] <+Ganondork> oh, lol
[01:06:39] <+Ganondork> I have nothing to say to that
[01:06:40] <Turo602> Hasn't come out yet bro...
[01:07:35] <+Ganondork> that is rather awkward
[01:08:13] <Turo602> How do you have opinions on a system you don't know much about and haven't even played?
[01:08:44] <+Ganondork> by staring at a picture long enough and understanding the software like that
[01:08:51] <Turo602> Well I think the Wii U is going to a system from Nintendo that is going to be HD.
[01:09:40] <+Ganondork> I think that's the aim
[01:10:00] <Turo602> lol
[01:10:23] <Turo602> I heard it has a touch screen controller.
[01:10:26] <+Ganondork> yeah
[01:10:31] <+Ganondork> that annoys me
[01:10:36] <Turo602> I don't like the way it feels on my hands.
[01:10:38] <+Ganondork> I'm sick of motion controls
[01:11:06] <Turo602> Same here.
[01:11:26] <Turo602> I don't mind them
[01:11:34] <+Ganondork> it's excessive
[01:11:41] <+Ganondork> I liked the kinect/xbox concept
[01:11:45] <+Ganondork> where you can do either/or
[01:11:49] <Turo602> It depends on how it's used
[01:11:52] <+Ganondork> but the Wii /forces/ you
[01:12:18] <+Ganondork> honestly
[01:12:23] <+Ganondork> the Wii remote isn't that nice
[01:12:26] <+Ganondork> I like the xbox
[01:12:40] <Turo602> I personally dislike the Kinect
[01:12:47] <Turo602> It's so lame.
[01:12:51] <+Ganondork> it's alright
[01:12:55] <+Ganondork> I've played one game
[01:13:02] <Turo602> They should of thought it out a bit more.
[01:13:16] <+Ganondork> yeah
[01:13:21] <+Ganondork> I doubt they really were like
[01:13:21] <Turo602> Pure motion just isn't right
[01:13:32] <+Ganondork> yeah
[01:13:36] <+Ganondork> that's definitely true
[01:14:27] <+Ganondork> I think that they should just stop motion controls
[01:15:10] <Turo602> I wouldn't go that far.
[01:15:18] <Turo602> They just need to work it out better.
[01:15:31] <+Ganondork> well
[01:15:38] <+Ganondork> all three systems
[01:15:43] <+Ganondork> have it
[01:15:45] <Turo602> I like the Wii because a motion acts like another button.
[01:15:47] <+Ganondork> just let Nintendo have one
[01:16:38] <Turo602> I appreciate what Kinect did because they did something new and tried taking motion to the next level but the Move was just a rip off.
[01:17:04] <+Ganondork> basically
[01:17:21] <Kalinka> I don't have a Wii but I do have two Wiimotes I use on a semi-regular basis.
[01:17:43] <Kalinka> I'm sorta dissapointed in the Wiimote's accuracy.
[01:17:51] <+Ganondork> motion plus fixed it
[01:18:04] <Turo602> I'm sensing something sexual...
[01:18:11] <+Ganondork> what
[01:18:29] <Kalinka> I don't have the motion plus attachment.
[01:18:35] <+Ganondork> only two games use it
[01:18:35] <Turo602> No Wii, but you use the controllers?
[01:18:40] <Kalinka> Yes.
[01:18:42] <+Ganondork> so it doesn't matter
[01:19:08] <Turo602> That almost sounds like a joke.
[01:19:14] <Kalinka> It's not.
[01:19:16] <Turo602> Sorry, my mind goes there.
[01:19:28] <Turo602> Back on topic...
[01:19:37] <Kalinka> I only have a couple of games that support the Wiimote/
[01:19:50] <+Ganondork> what
[01:19:59] <+Ganondork> how do games support it
[01:20:03] <+Ganondork> if you have no wii
[01:20:08] <Turo602> I'm lost
[01:20:14] <Kalinka> but those that do, are easier to play with other controllers.
[01:20:32] <Kalinka> Think real hard. I have two Wiimotes.
[01:20:36] <Kalinka> no Wii
[01:20:48] <+Ganondork> is she really saying what I think she's saying
[01:20:48] <Kalinka> What else could I be connecting the Wiimotes too?
[01:20:52] <Turo602> Sexual pleasure.....?
[01:20:57] <+Ganondork> well then
[01:21:01] <Kalinka> No.
[01:21:02] <+Ganondork> you pulled the blunt card
[01:21:06] <Turo602> OH!
[01:21:07] <Kalinka> Nothing (censored)ual.
[01:21:26] <Turo602> Yeah, that's what I was referring too earlier.
[01:21:37] <Kalinka> Try again.
[01:21:41] <+Ganondork> I'm still confused
[01:21:50] <Kalinka> what do I keep talking about over and over.
[01:21:58] <+Ganondork> your fan fics
[01:22:02] <Turo602> I remember a simpler time when it was just me and GD
[01:22:09] <Kalinka> Besides that
[01:22:10] <+Ganondork> we were amish
[01:22:14] <Turo602> ^
[01:22:19] <+Ganondork> I dunno, asking athe to spank you?
[01:22:21] <Kalinka> The Mame Cabinet.
[01:22:56] <Kalinka> The Mame Cabinet talks to Wiimotes.
[01:23:09] <+Ganondork> oh
[01:23:22] <Turo602> And remember kids
[01:23:28] <Turo602> Don't do drugs!

[01:23:40] <+Ganondork> too late
[01:23:42] <+Ganondork> I'm stoned
[01:23:59] <Kalinka> Only a couple of games, like Lethal Enforcers and Terminator 2 Judgement Day support it.
[01:24:52] <Turo602> T2JD? How old is that exactly?
[01:25:20] <+Ganondork> so turo
[01:25:24] <+Ganondork> I closed my first thread :>
[01:25:37] <Turo602> How?
[01:25:49] <+Ganondork> I'm a mod in the article center
[01:25:53] <Turo602> Oh
[01:25:58] <+Ganondork> that one thread
[01:26:03] <+Ganondork> I answered the question
[01:26:09] <+Ganondork> so no reason for it to stay open
[01:26:33] <Turo602> Isn't it nice? Having authority.
[01:26:43] <+Ganondork> was cool
[01:26:47] <Turo602> lol
[01:26:48] <+Ganondork> I'm scared axle might be like
[01:26:50] <+Ganondork> KEITH
[01:26:54] <+Ganondork> WHY DID YOU DO THAT
[01:26:57] <+Ganondork> JESUS
[01:27:12] <@Sarianae> !down
[01:27:19] <+Ganondork> oh, sari's here
[01:27:24] <Turo602> Axle looks like a muppet sometimes.
[01:27:30] <Turo602> Hi!
[01:27:31] <+Ganondork> http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?28835-Where-Do-I-Find-an-Application
[01:27:36] <+Ganondork> sari, did I do the right thing?
[01:28:26] <+Ganondork> sariii
[01:28:53] <Sarianae> one sec
[01:31:32] <Sarianae> ugh IRC is freezing
[01:31:38] <+Ganondork> :<
[01:31:52] <Turo602> Freezing or melting?
[01:31:56] <Turo602> Think about it

Longest I've been on the IRC for a while.
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luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
[5:44:28 PM] ALIT: You're all pretty stupid.
[5:44:34 PM] τøχïс ๓υғғιи: This is why we cant have nice things
[5:44:41 PM] Nicole: You're stupid
[5:44:51 PM] Andrew V. Katoch: I'm smart
[5:44:54 PM] Nicole: I am as well
[5:44:55 PM] Nicole: And pretty
[5:44:55 PM] Andrew V. Katoch: I live in canada
[5:44:57 PM] Andrew V. Katoch: [noparse]>:D[/noparse]
[5:45:02 PM] Nicole: I live in America
[5:45:09 PM] Andrew V. Katoch: I live in the Ukraine
[5:45:16 PM] Nicole: I live in Pakistan
[5:45:51 PM] Andrew V. Katoch: I live in Finland
[5:46:12 PM] Nicole: I live in Ecuador
[5:46:30 PM] Andrew V. Katoch: I live in... SKYRIM
[5:46:47 PM] Nicole: I used to live in Skyrim
[5:46:51 PM] Nicole: then
[5:47:00 PM] Nicole: I took an arrow to the knee
[5:47:05 PM] Nicole: Now I just sit on my couch
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[2/6/2012 1:07:35 AM] ALIT: Woman! I was climbing Snowpeak and then rotating motor blades started to encircle me and I was sure I was dead. Luckily, I took out my maganium pastel and quickly disposed of the villains! But wait! Fire started to rain down from the heavens and a great flood was caused! Oh, my folly! The hand of the almighty had come upon me! An apocalypse of sorts one might say. A place where hopes and dreams are destroyed !The horrors, the horrors, the horrors! What will provide the counterfriction against the machine!

I hope I managed to entertain you.
[2/6/2012 1:08:50 AM] Kate-Chan: no
[2/6/2012 1:09:03 AM] Kate-Chan: you just made me bored
[2/6/2012 1:10:38 AM] ALIT: Darn. Go eat a watermelon.
[2/6/2012 1:10:48 AM] Kate-Chan: lol
[2/6/2012 1:10:59 AM] Kate-Chan: I did a few hours ago
[2/6/2012 1:11:02 AM] Kate-Chan: it was yummy
[2/6/2012 1:11:43 AM] ALIT: But now I'll switch to a more uncomfrotable topic for you.
[2/6/2012 1:11:53 AM] ALIT: I remember you saying you're parents were divorced.
[2/6/2012 1:11:57 AM] ALIT: Which do you live with?
[2/6/2012 1:11:59 AM] ALIT: Or am I getting you mixed up with someone else?
[2/6/2012 1:12:41 AM | Edited 1:12:47 AM] Kate-Chan: I live with my mom and my step-dad
[2/6/2012 1:12:55 AM] ALIT: Right.
[2/6/2012 1:13:27 AM] ALIT: In that case you should remove your shirt and confront your step father on the basis that he invaded your litter box earlier today.
[2/6/2012 1:14:13 AM] Kate-Chan: ...
[2/6/2012 1:14:20 AM] Kate-Chan: you're such a dork
[2/6/2012 1:15:01 AM] ALIT: Define "stork".
[2/6/2012 1:15:07 AM] Kate-Chan: a bird
[2/6/2012 1:15:40 AM | Edited 1:15:47 AM] ALIT: There's someone on ZD with the username "****y4". I'm 100% serious.
[2/6/2012 1:16:31 AM] Kate-Chan: LOL
[2/6/2012 1:19:11 AM] ALIT: Go give him a hug: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/member.php?17284-****y4
[2/6/2012 1:20:32 AM] Kate-Chan: i'm not hugging a ****
[2/6/2012 1:20:54 AM] ALIT: Well, you're certainly a prick.
[2/6/2012 1:21:52 AM] Kate-Chan: no, i'm not a **** either
[2/6/2012 1:22:22 AM] ALIT: Reminds me of a story I heard at this one forum I attended back in July about a woman who had a doll stuck in her ******.
[2/6/2012 1:23:32 AM] Kate-Chan: O____O
[2/6/2012 1:24:36 AM] ALIT: You know. People are crazy nowadays. Apparently her male lover stuffed it there when they last had sex. That explained why not only she but he experienced pain during intercourse.
[2/6/2012 1:26:55 AM] ALIT: Also, how is it almost 1:30 where you are? Thought you were in California.
[2/6/2012 1:27:30 AM] Kate-Chan: my computer changes it's time zones periodicly
[2/6/2012 1:27:45 AM] ALIT: Alright. :P
[2/6/2012 1:35:10 AM] ALIT: Later.
[2/6/2012 1:35:18 AM] Kate-Chan: screw you
[2/6/2012 1:35:57 AM] ALIT: Bite me.
[2/6/2012 1:38:27 AM] Kate-Chan: Kate-Chan bites you on the arm
[2/6/2012 1:40:44 AM] ALIT: (hug)
[2/6/2012 1:42:52 AM] ALIT: How round are your breasts?
[2/6/2012 1:43:07 AM] Kate-Chan: WHAT
[2/6/2012 1:43:12 AM] Kate-Chan: THE
[2/6/2012 1:43:13 AM] Kate-Chan: ****
[2/6/2012 1:43:23 AM] ALIT: Say it loud and proud.
[2/6/2012 1:44:19 AM] Kate-Chan: screw that
[2/6/2012 1:46:10 AM] ALIT: I'm in need of a screw right now for this piece of wood. Mind handing it to me?
[2/6/2012 1:48:23 AM] ALIT: I'm going to post this conversation on ZD so everyone can bask in the glory.
[2/6/2012 1:49:19 AM] Kate-Chan: ...
[2/6/2012 1:49:23 AM] Kate-Chan: yeah
[2/6/2012 1:49:28 AM] Kate-Chan: goodluck
[2/6/2012 1:49:34 AM] ALIT: You better be scared.
[2/6/2012 1:49:40 AM] Kate-Chan: ooo
[2/6/2012 1:49:45 AM] Kate-Chan: i'm terrified
[2/6/2012 1:50:05 AM] ALIT: Any ***** cats talking to you, lately?
[2/6/2012 1:50:27 AM] Kate-Chan: wut
[2/6/2012 1:50:41 AM] ALIT: lesbians...
[2/6/2012 1:50:51 AM] Kate-Chan: i'm actually bi


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
[01:16:34] Turo602 is better than you
[01:16:39] <Turo602> ^Fact
[01:16:56] <Turo602> I agree with you Turo602
[01:17:02] <+Ganondork> darn
[01:17:10] <Turo602> Huh?
[01:17:29] <Turo602> Moving on...
[01:17:38] <+Ganondork> you said you're better than me
[01:17:49] <+Ganondork> and Embers is an ACR movie
[01:18:24] <Turo602> Then no, I haven't seen it.
[01:18:42] <Turo602> Now tell me about these lies.
[01:18:57] <+Ganondork> you are not the God I was talking about
[01:19:03] <+Ganondork> you're the (censored) God
[01:19:06] <+Ganondork> I meant the music God
[01:19:14] Ganondork chuckles
[01:19:24] <Turo602> There's only one God.
[01:19:27] <Turo602> And that's me.
[01:19:32] <+Ganondork> tell a Buddhist that
[01:19:53] <Turo602> They're going to hell.
[01:20:11] <Turo602> I am the only God.
[01:20:38] <Turo602> I am the reason for all eternity.
[01:20:43] <+Ganondork> well then
[01:21:22] <Turo602> One day, I had to take a sh*t and splat, there you guys are.
[01:21:35] <+Ganondork> I am honored to be a part of your fecal matter
[01:22:23] <Turo602> You should be.
[01:22:57] <Turo602> I stepped on it once and all the beings on it died.
[01:23:27] <Turo602> So I started over and made weaker but more intellegent beings.
[01:23:38] <+Ganondork> so you made AC relevant
[01:23:59] <Turo602> Yep.
[01:24:45] <+Ganondork> I don't always smoke weed
[01:24:55] <+Ganondork> but when I do, I think my sh*t is all of you people
[01:25:08] <Turo602> Good for you.
[01:25:15] <+Ganondork> thank you
[01:25:23] <+Ganondork> now go home and troll your cat
[01:25:28] <Turo602> That's the beauty of being God.
[01:25:45] <+Ganondork> trolling your cat?
[01:25:47] <Turo602> People leave you alone because they don't believe you.
[01:25:59] <Turo602> Simple minded fools...
[01:26:11] <Turo602> I hate cats.
[01:26:33] <Turo602> My other personality created those lame creatures.
[01:26:39] <+Ganondork> that's why you troll them
[01:27:48] <Turo602> I stay away from them because if I get too close I'll just end up killing them and then I spark a Civil War that last centuries with my other personality.
[01:28:03] <+Ganondork> oh no
[01:28:11] <Turo602> He gets mad when I destroy his creations.
[01:28:34] <Turo602> Thank him for Call of Duty and Jersey Shore.
[01:28:47] <+Ganondork> but I like Jersey Shore
[01:29:07] <+Ganondork> I'd imagine it would be hilarious if you're drunk/high
[01:29:14] Turo602 nods head in disappointment
[01:29:36] <+Ganondork> :(
[01:30:48] <Kalinka> I wish I could find a half decent Zelda RP.
[01:31:11] Turo602 is the best Zelda RPer in the world
[01:31:21] Ganondork is the worst Zelda RPer in the world
[01:32:39] <Kalinka> I did a Zelda RP onece on DA but it turned into a Mary Sueish disaster
[01:32:44] <+Ganondork> ewwww
[01:32:48] <+Ganondork> Mary Sues
[01:33:54] <Kalinka> I had some good Zelda RP ideas about Hacey and Jacey at one time.
[01:34:03] <Turo602> Me too
[01:34:06] <+Ganondork> do you like use them in every story
[01:34:12] <Kalinka> No.
[01:34:35] <Turo602> I do
[01:34:48] <+Ganondork> I only use them on Wednesdays
[01:35:06] <Kalinka> I did one story where Haey and Jacey use Majora's Mask to discover Link's true identity.
[01:35:14] <+Ganondork> wat
[01:35:23] <+Ganondork> pretty sure Link's true identity is Link
[01:35:36] <Kalinka> I mean....
[01:35:48] <Turo602> I did one story when Haey and Jacey use Majora's Mask to see Link naked.
[01:36:05] <Kalinka> it's more a question of what Link is rather than who Link is.
[01:36:08] <+Ganondork> I saw him naked without the mask
[01:36:15] <+Ganondork> a Hylian?
[01:36:27] <Kalinka> He's not an ordinary Hylian.
[01:36:44] <+Ganondork> he's a...chosen Hylian?
[01:36:54] <Turo602> He
[01:36:58] <+Ganondork> are there races of Hylians?
[01:37:02] <+Ganondork> a race inside of a race?
[01:37:02] <Turo602> Screw you typo!
[01:37:05] <+Ganondork> INCEPTION
[01:37:11] <Turo602> Batman
[01:37:12] <Kalinka> He's what Hacey and Jacey called a Seraph
[01:37:22] <+Ganondork> pretty sure Seraphs are real things
[01:37:47] <Kalinka> They basically mean "Arch-Angel"
[01:37:56] <+Ganondork> Link isn't dead though
[01:38:00] <Turo602> Yeah
[01:38:00] <+Ganondork> so he can't be an angel
[01:38:04] <+Ganondork> did you kill him?
[01:38:07] <+Ganondork> I SWEAR TO GOD
[01:38:08] <Kalinka> Thats not what an Arch Angel is.
[01:38:09] <+Ganondork> IF LINK DIED
[01:38:14] <Turo602> Yes it is!
[01:38:17] <Kalinka> Arch Angels are not Humans.
[01:38:21] <+Ganondork> Angels = dead
[01:38:24] <Kalinka> No.
[01:38:25] <Turo602> Angles are dead people
[01:38:29] <+Ganondork> ANGLES
[01:38:31] <+Ganondork> ARE DEAD PEOPLE
[01:38:31] <Kalinka> No they aren't.
[01:38:34] <+Ganondork> RIGHT ANGLES
[01:38:34] <Turo602> YES!
[01:38:35] <+Ganondork> ARE DEAD
[01:38:40] <+Ganondork> OBTUSE ANGLES
[01:38:41] <+Ganondork> ARE DEAD
[01:38:43] <+Ganondork> ACUTE ANGLES
[01:38:45] <+Ganondork> ARE DEAD
[01:38:48] <Turo602> ^
[01:39:12] <Kalinka> In Christianity, Angels are a species Yahweh created to enforce his will. Humans to not become Angels when they die.
[01:39:32] <+Ganondork> but why did Yahweh make Link
[01:39:39] <+Ganondork> I thought Din Farore and Nayru did
[01:39:46] <Kalinka> In this case, Link is a deliberate invention of Din, Nayru, and Farore
[01:39:54] <+Ganondork> so they're Yahweh now?
[01:39:57] <Turo602> But the Christain comic book is based off Marvel comics.
[01:40:01] <+Ganondork> I wanted them to be Allah :(
[01:40:12] <Kalinka> Link is their Executioner and Purger.
[01:40:25] <+Ganondork> is this a mob now
[01:40:32] <+Ganondork> pretty sure those are mob ranks
[01:40:49] <Turo602> Link is a wise guy
[01:40:56] <+Ganondork> he owes me money
[01:40:58] <+Ganondork> ay turo
[01:41:02] <+Ganondork> let's loan shark him
[01:41:18] <Turo602> Hey Kalinka, let me introduce you to a friend of OURS.
[01:41:27] <Turo602> There, Link is now a made man.
[01:41:45] <+Ganondork> I think we should make him a Don
[01:41:51] <+Ganondork> I'd call him boss while I smoke a cigar
[01:42:10] <Turo602> Nah, he hasn't earned his stripes yet.
[01:42:23] <Turo602> You know, like Tony the Tiger.
[01:42:31] <+Ganondork> I forgot
[01:42:40] <+Ganondork> the Seraph mob endorses frosted flakes
[01:42:46] <Turo602> It's on the back of the box. How to earn your stripes.
[01:42:57] Kalinka ignores the trolling,
[01:42:59] <+Ganondork> if you find Tony on the back of the box
[01:43:04] <+Ganondork> that's one stripe
[01:43:40] <+Ganondork> but don't smoke weed
[01:43:44] <+Ganondork> or you'll lose a stripe
[01:43:56] <+Ganondork> Tony's above the influence
[01:43:59] <+Ganondork> and you should too!
[01:44:20] <Turo602> I bet Tony has Life Alert
[01:44:31] <+Ganondork> He doesn't fall silly
[01:44:35] <+Ganondork> he's cat
[01:44:47] <+Ganondork> that's right
[01:44:51] <+Ganondork> (censored) you "a"
[01:44:58] <+Ganondork> we don't need you
[01:45:05] <+Ganondork> we got y as a substitute vowel
[01:45:14] <Turo602> YEAH!
[01:45:19] <Turo602> well...
[01:45:22] <Turo602> Sometimes
[01:45:27] <Turo602> But yeah!
[01:45:30] <+Ganondork> like a substitute teacher
[01:45:33] <Turo602> TAKE THAT "a"!
[01:45:34] <+Ganondork> we all just make fun of it
[01:45:45] <+Ganondork> but we still need it
[01:46:04] <Turo602> This is a learning experience for me.
[01:46:16] <+Ganondork> just learn from the master
[01:46:19] <+Ganondork> Tony the Hitman
[01:46:23] <+Ganondork> I mean Tiger
[01:46:41] <Turo602> I heard Tony use to pimp
[01:46:50] <+Ganondork> we all use to pimp
[01:46:53] <+Ganondork> you use to pimp
[01:46:56] <+Ganondork> I use to pimp
[01:47:14] <+Ganondork> hell, Link use to pimp
[01:47:18] <+Ganondork> so did Hacey in my RP
[01:47:25] <Turo602> He does actually
[01:47:34] <+Ganondork> Link is such a pimp
[01:47:40] <+Ganondork> he pulls in all the hoes
[01:47:42] <Turo602> Ruto, Saria, Malon, Zelda...all in one game.
[01:47:50] <+Ganondork> all in one day*
[01:48:01] <Turo602> oops
[01:48:05] <Turo602> I messed up
[01:48:27] <Turo602> Did Kalinka leave?
[01:48:31] <+Ganondork> prolly
[01:48:40] <Turo602> I'm gonna miss her.
[01:48:49] <+Ganondork> I will too
[01:48:51] <+Ganondork> Kalinka
[01:48:54] <+Ganondork> ???-2012
[01:51:00] <Kalinka> What?
[01:51:10] <Turo602> She's back!
[01:51:11] <+Ganondork> no
[01:51:13] <Turo602> RUUUUUUUN!
[01:51:14] <+Ganondork> it's too late
[01:51:17] <+Ganondork> I buried you
[01:51:22] <+Ganondork> and cried for an hour
[01:51:35] <@Locke> yeah
[01:51:36] <Turo602> Hey
[01:51:43] <+Ganondork> Locke
[01:51:45] <@Locke> he buried you and cried for an hour three minutes ago.
[01:51:48] <+Ganondork> are you still pimping?
[01:51:55] <Turo602> I never knew Kalinka rhymed with Malinka.
[01:52:00] <@Locke> never have, never will
[01:52:06] <+Ganondork> I didn't know Locke rhymed with Malaria
[01:52:21] <Turo602> The more you know
[01:52:41] <+Ganondork> the more prone you are to suicide
[01:53:36] <@Locke> tell that to Prack
[01:53:43] <+Ganondork> what
[01:54:06] <@Locke> sorry, Prak*
[01:54:18] <+Ganondork> that doesn't help
[01:54:20] <Turo602> Oh, a** crack.
[01:55:23] <Kalinka> I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of responding to your Trolling. I've looked at Hyrule Historia; it sucks.
[01:55:32] <@Locke> http://hitchhikers.wikia.com/wiki/Prak
[01:56:14] <+Ganondork> well then
[01:56:23] <+Ganondork> what's trolling
[01:56:24] <+Ganondork> Locke
[01:56:28] <@Locke> what's this about trolling?
[01:56:29] <+Ganondork> is there a wiki for trolling?
[01:57:00] <@Locke> sorry, I'm trying to skim the backlog but I'm not picking up on it.
[01:57:17] <@Locke> don't troll, people.
[01:57:23] <+Ganondork> trolling is wrong
[01:57:24] <@Locke> I gotta sleep. -.-
[01:57:28] <+Ganondork> good night Lockey
[01:57:33] <@Locke> ganondork, make sure no one trolls
[01:57:38] <+Ganondork> on it sir
[01:57:40] <+Ganondork> :>
[01:57:42] Turo602 trolls
[01:57:47] <+Ganondork> HEY YOU
[01:57:49] <+Ganondork> OUT OF MY HOUSE
[01:57:58] <Turo602> Could not would not on a boat
[01:58:08] <+Ganondork> that isn't even english
[01:58:12] <Turo602> Could not would not with a goat
[01:58:37] <%Ganondork> okay.jpg
[01:58:41] <%Ganondork> awesome, I'm a half op
[01:59:07] <%Ganondork> oh god
[01:59:12] <%Ganondork> I cracked my neck
[01:59:12] <Turo602> Yes
[01:59:14] <%Ganondork> and it hurts
[01:59:15] <%Ganondork> now
[01:59:16] <Turo602> I'm God
[01:59:23] <%Ganondork> heal my neck, God
[01:59:26] <Turo602> Nah
[01:59:37] <Turo602> you deserve the pain
[01:59:56] Ganondork endures the pain and comes out with a neck of steel
[02:00:00] <%Ganondork> thank you God
[02:00:45] <Turo602> Sh*t! I feel asleep and my other personality healed you.
[02:00:58] <%Ganondork> :>

Good times. But not like the show...


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
[3:13:32 PM] Destiny: carnations smell good
[3:13:40 PM] Arkvoodle: You know what else smells good?
[3:13:44 PM] Nicole: me
[3:13:48 PM] Alphonse: lol
[3:13:48 PM] Nicole: seriously
[3:13:52 PM] Alphonse: I saw that coming
[3:13:53 PM] Nicole: everyone says I smell good
[3:14:01 PM] Alphonse: I was half tempted to say that myself
[3:14:04 PM] Nicole: lol
[3:14:13 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle passes Nicole a bucket of manure
[3:14:16 PM] Arkvoodle: They're lying
[3:14:19 PM] Arkvoodle: Cover yourself in this
[3:14:19 PM] Nicole: stop it =(
[3:14:25 PM] Arkvoodle: it'll make you smell truly good
[3:14:26 PM] Nicole: you meanie head
[3:14:31 PM] Nicole: Nicole vomits on arkvoodle
[3:14:34 PM] Nicole: beautiful
[3:14:40 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle vomits back
[3:14:54 PM] Nicole: Nicole uses bubble shield
[3:15:00 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle flees
[3:15:00 PM] Nicole: Nicole it's super effective!
[3:15:16 PM] Alphonse: Alphonse uses run away like a sissy
[3:15:22 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle returns with guinea pig
[3:15:28 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle throws guinea pig at nicole
[3:15:28 PM] Nicole: Nicole makes bacon
[3:15:42 PM] Nicole: lololo
Feb 23, 2011
Skype yet again befuddles my wolf brain.
[12:10:28 AM] Destiny: Fish sticks seconds Big Octo without the privileged closet. A prejudiced sentient multiplies next to the counsel. Big Octo clogs fish sticks next to a battery. Fish sticks cooperates underneath Big Octo. Fish sticks rests upon Big Octo after the scientist. In a descriptive waste pumps fish sticks.
[12:10:47 AM] Big Octo: Neat
[12:10:59 AM] †he Wolf Sage: Toenail casserole
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[12:11:40 AM] ALIT: Huh?
[12:11:45 AM] Big Octo: Yeah
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[12:12:53 AM] Big Octo: Great.
[12:13:15 AM] †he Wolf Sage: Big Octo flows next to the. It is the associate who gives Dave to the Ganondorf, but the gift is none other than the precious. My toenail estimates zero probability of apple, but Big Octo lunch gives several fun to the desrt that is.
[12:13:38 AM] Big Octo: Estimaaaaaaaaaaaaates
[12:13:48 AM] Destiny: Why can't alpaca cry on top of a downhill? ALIT parades alpaca. A feminist dries a grandfather. A crossing approval beans the advisable liquor. Why does a shortest jet blanket ALIT? Does the few leisure render a handled curriculum?
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[12:15:17 AM] Big Octo: Where is the Maw
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[12:18:13 AM] Big Octo: Kite me a sign
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[12:18:59 AM] Big Octo: I'm coming through the hay to your homr
[12:19:40 AM] †he Wolf Sage: Thou art to thine apple are there to believe in annual beans. My associate tells me that there are five of them who have all pushed beneath the toe of Big Octo. ALIT gives me the impression. Djinn kicks five dumple in place of there are two.
[12:19:41 AM] Djinn: yay poetry time
[12:19:41 AM] Destiny:
Does an ocean malfunction beneath the worthless blast? His misuse proceeds next to Big Octo's butt. ALIT worships Big Octo's butt below the kiss. Inside the reversed poet sneaks Big Octo's butt.
[12:19:58 AM] ALIT: What the hell is this?!
[12:20:07 AM] Djinn: it's poetry corner
[12:20:08 AM] Big Octo: It's love
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[12:24:46 AM] ALIT: This is approaching borderline insane. :/
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[12:25:00 AM] Athenian200: Borderline?
[12:25:12 AM] Athenian200: I'd say they passed that a while ago.
[12:25:16 AM] Athenian200: LOL.
[12:25:18 AM] Djinn: about an hour ago
[12:25:26 AM] †he Wolf Sage: There are several of which the is not given in unison, but my dossiers reveal the night. Underneath the determined Destiny lies a pterodactyl egg of which the key to existence exists. Will the internal grasp of my toe be established intwain/ Only time will tell no lies to the Athenian.
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[12:28:55 AM] Big Octo: 1227.com
[12:29:27 AM] Destiny:
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[12:29:50 AM] Destiny:
ALIT misuses Big Octo's fart smell. When can ALIT speculate across a chamber? ALIT absents Big Octo's fart smell. A transformation inflicts the lowered advance. Beside Big Octo's fart smell decides ALIT.
[12:31:11 AM] †he Wolf Sage: ALIT haves several fun. He is often awakened by the large toe that gives him a knife to which the fart is extingushed by ALIT's strong mist. Katelynn's toe odor possesses the king and cause it to kill ALIT's hopes to become king of the Applebury Donut scholar of appendages.
[12:32:49 AM] Destiny: ALIT boils the moved engineer. ALIT receives a man. Why can't hamster butt argue opposite the hidden rear? The asleep password predicts hamster butt outside the image. Hamster butt understands the terminology next to a prominent eagle. When will hamster butt comfort ALIT?
[12:35:06 AM] †he Wolf Sage: My thumb would say otherwise if the pillow hangs from the gallows. Big Octo's mist pervades the apple in various manners. Where are the medulla oblongata when you need their assistant manager of the New Orlean Saints. Hamster butt is indeed the answer to life, liberty, and the pursuit of sappiness.

All our base float gently through the winds of the family like hot burrito mist on a supple summer.
Dec 29, 2011
I have never really had any convos. on here but the only one I found funny that involved me was in a game called Transformice:
Searabbits: I love it when I live and everyone else dies
Suiradify: You are one messed up person
Searabbits: I meant in the game in like survivor or something
Suiradify: Oh lol!


Sep 20, 2008
<arkvoodle> Gurl whut.
* PK Flash opened a new tab
<arkvoodle> <PK Flash> Those are my favorite sites.
<arkvoodle> Wait whut
<mandym287> ...
<arkvoodle> I've got my eye on you boy.
<PK Flash> Those are my favorite sites.
* arkvoodle looks at Dorkly
<Ganondork> LMFAO YES
* PK Flash watches
<mandym287> I remember when we accidentally linked to a porn site and someone had to prune the chat

Bottom to top. Cue awkward stares moment. o-o
^ A portion of the conversation I am about to post. Since we once again have a Shoutbox, read from bottom to top. ;P *is very lengthy*

03/01/2012 18:38 <Turo602> You're awkward.
03/01/2012 18:38 <PK Flash> It's ewwy.
03/01/2012 18:38 <PK Flash> Very...
03/01/2012 18:38 <zeldahuman> this convo is... awkward...
03/01/2012 18:38 <Turo602> I demand to see it!
03/01/2012 18:38 <Turo602> Mandy!
03/01/2012 18:38 <Ganondork> I just remember we had lulzy convos in here
03/01/2012 18:38 <Ganondork> mandy has it
03/01/2012 18:38 <zeldahuman> same here Turo...
03/01/2012 18:38 <Turo602> No
03/01/2012 18:38 <Ganondork> lolidk
03/01/2012 18:38 <PK Flash> Good idea.
03/01/2012 18:38 <Turo602> Where is it!
03/01/2012 18:38 <K4KING> Oi let's keep the chat clean
03/01/2012 18:37 <Turo602> I need to see this convo again.
03/01/2012 18:37 <PK Flash> That's so... gross man. Diarrhea drinker!
03/01/2012 18:37 <Ganondork> and turo thought I meant I held the water in his butt
03/01/2012 18:37 <K4KING> Bad joke
03/01/2012 18:37 <arkvoodle> Oh gosh. It just got worse
03/01/2012 18:37 <arkvoodle> ...
03/01/2012 18:37 <Ganondork> I used his butt like a water fountain
03/01/2012 18:37 <Locke> when one considers all the other zora swimming in it
03/01/2012 18:37 <zeldahuman> ... after messing with it some more, I realized that it's cool and I can't wait for the final version...
03/01/2012 18:37 <arkvoodle> "I do it all the time"
03/01/2012 18:37 <Ganondork> lol and then when I said
03/01/2012 18:36 <Locke> I actually don't see a problem with King Zora sitting in the water
03/01/2012 18:36 <arkvoodle> Alrighty :3
03/01/2012 18:36 <PK Flash> You love to drink that water, huh?
03/01/2012 18:36 <Turo602> I chugged that water.
03/01/2012 18:36 <K4KING> =w=
03/01/2012 18:36 <mandym287> It should be in the memorable im convo thread somewhere, too
03/01/2012 18:36 <K4KING> Call me K4 here
03/01/2012 18:36 <arkvoodle> Keef lavs that water ;)
03/01/2012 18:36 <K4KING> Ark
03/01/2012 18:36 <Locke> well uh
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> sit down
03/01/2012 18:36 <arkvoodle> Hey kenji
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> I drank that water
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> PK Flash
03/01/2012 18:36 <K4KING> Derp
03/01/2012 18:36 <mandym287> ;)
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> I'm still loling
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> oh, thank god mandy
03/01/2012 18:36 <PK Flash> And people swim in that.
03/01/2012 18:36 <PK Flash> Eww...
03/01/2012 18:36 <mandym287> I saved that one, Dorky
03/01/2012 18:36 <zeldahuman> My opinion on Windows 8 has changed...
03/01/2012 18:36 <Turo602> King Zora butt water.
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> yes
03/01/2012 18:36 <Locke> was it in this sb?
03/01/2012 18:36 <Turo602> Butt water
03/01/2012 18:36 <Ganondork> AND KING ZORA'S BUTT CONTAMINATING IT
03/01/2012 18:35 <Ganondork> THAT CONVO ABOUT HYRULE'S WATER
03/01/2012 18:35 <Ganondork> THAT WE NEEDED TO SAVE
03/01/2012 18:35 <PK Flash> But weed and my websites are my favorite.
03/01/2012 18:35 <Ganondork> I JUST REALIZED
03/01/2012 18:35 <Locke> haha mandy, you have access to archives now too
03/01/2012 18:35 <Turo602> I think Ganondork wants to die.
03/01/2012 18:35 <Ganondork> LOL MANDY
03/01/2012 18:35 <mandym287> Haven't archived a shoutbox chat in a long time
03/01/2012 18:35 <PK Flash> I agree with Turo.
03/01/2012 18:35 <Ganondork> I throw my weed up in the air sometimes
03/01/2012 18:35 <Turo602> Hell no
03/01/2012 18:35 <mandym287> I'm saving this chat.
03/01/2012 18:35 <Ganondork> farts loljk love
03/01/2012 18:34 <Turo602> Butt skin
03/01/2012 18:34 * PK Flash loves chicken alfredo.
03/01/2012 18:34 <PK Flash> I want some///
03/01/2012 18:34 <Ganondork> :rolleyes:
03/01/2012 18:34 <Locke> <3
03/01/2012 18:34 <zeldahuman> I'm back! I have Chicken Alfredo...
03/01/2012 18:34 <Ganondork> especially the JJ part
03/01/2012 18:34 <mandym287> Of course it is
03/01/2012 18:34 <Ganondork> though
03/01/2012 18:34 <Ganondork> that is so true
03/01/2012 18:34 <Ganondork> lmao mandy
03/01/2012 18:34 <PK Flash> Oh, I thought that was a link to.... something else.
03/01/2012 18:33 * Ganondork never gets nervous
03/01/2012 18:33 <mandym287> pssst: http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hpho...89329790_100000661725158_770404_6285212_n.jpg
03/01/2012 18:33 * PK Flash blushed.
03/01/2012 18:33 <arkvoodle> This is going in the convo thread.
03/01/2012 18:33 <arkvoodle> Gurl whut.
03/01/2012 18:33 * PK Flash opened a new tab
03/01/2012 18:33 <arkvoodle> <PK Flash> Those are my favorite sites.
03/01/2012 18:32 <arkvoodle> Wait whut
03/01/2012 18:32 <mandym287> ...
03/01/2012 18:32 <arkvoodle> I've got my eye on you boy.
03/01/2012 18:32 <PK Flash> Those are my favorite sites.
03/01/2012 18:32 * arkvoodle looks at Dorkly
03/01/2012 18:32 <Ganondork> LMFAO YES
03/01/2012 18:32 * PK Flash watches
03/01/2012 18:32 <mandym287> I remember when we accidentally linked to a porn site and someone had to prune the chat
03/01/2012 18:32 <PK Flash> Weird.
03/01/2012 18:32 * Ganondork sucks an egg
03/01/2012 18:32 <mandym287> Me too, Dorkinson. xD
03/01/2012 18:32 <arkvoodle> And he literally got an egg and ate it.
03/01/2012 18:32 * Locke still doesn't remember that
03/01/2012 18:32 <Ganondork> AND LOCKE HAD TO PRUNE THE CHAT
03/01/2012 18:32 <PK Flash> Her only is Ganondorf.
03/01/2012 18:31 <mandym287> c wat i did thar?
03/01/2012 18:31 <mandym287> Haha, my heart has been stolen by the King of Thieves.
03/01/2012 18:31 <Ganondork> LOL
03/01/2012 18:31 <Ganondork> MANDY
03/01/2012 18:31 <mandym287> I don't ship with ZDers.
03/01/2012 18:31 <arkvoodle> Wanna marry English Literature?
03/01/2012 18:31 <PK Flash> On others, sure.
03/01/2012 18:31 <mandym287> Have a lovely dinner, Germanium
03/01/2012 18:31 <PK Flash> I've never proposed on this site. I'm single and ready to mingle. :)
03/01/2012 18:31 <Ganondork> she said yes like 5 times
03/01/2012 18:31 <arkvoodle> Back off Keef. She's married. To math.
03/01/2012 18:31 * zeldahuman is leaving to have dinner *
03/01/2012 18:31 <Ganondork> nah
03/01/2012 18:31 <arkvoodle> And been denied
03/01/2012 18:31 <Ganondork> I've proposed to her like 20 times
03/01/2012 18:31 <PK Flash> You were there?
03/01/2012 18:30 <Locke> in the two places I knew of
03/01/2012 18:30 <mandym287> nerm
03/01/2012 18:30 <Kybyrian> k cool
03/01/2012 18:30 <Ganondork> all of us do that
03/01/2012 18:30 <Ganondork> PK Flash
03/01/2012 18:30 <Locke> yeah I changed it
03/01/2012 18:30 <Ganondork> uh
03/01/2012 18:30 <Kybyrian> So you got it to work then?
03/01/2012 18:30 <JuicieJ> Forever Alone
03/01/2012 18:30 <JuicieJ> All 10 seasons
03/01/2012 18:30 <JuicieJ> I have friends
03/01/2012 18:30 <Kybyrian> nvm I just noticed that's what yours is now
03/01/2012 18:30 <PK Flash> Yo Wyatt, remember when Sage was proclaiming his love for Nicole?
03/01/2012 18:30 <Locke> what about it?
03/01/2012 18:30 <JuicieJ> Inform me how to Douglas
03/01/2012 18:30 <zeldahuman> I got Seasons 1-4 of Big Bang Theory on my laptop. I've gotten most of Season 5, but not all of the episodes... gotta love Pirate Bay...
03/01/2012 18:30 <mandym287> Aluminum... you just nudged our shouts over
03/01/2012 18:30 <Locke> lookatmeimacomeinherewithmyuberlongnameandwreckthe sb
03/01/2012 18:30 <arkvoodle> Bye Zelly
03/01/2012 18:29 <PK Flash> Oh, and hi. :3
03/01/2012 18:29 <Ganondork> bye
03/01/2012 18:29 <PK Flash> Cya
03/01/2012 18:29 <mandym287> Chair, Zelllinkda.
03/01/2012 18:29 <Locke> D=
03/01/2012 18:29 <A_LINK_IN_TIME> bye
03/01/2012 18:29 <zellinkda> well..........bye!
03/01/2012 18:29 <Ganondork> seems legit
03/01/2012 18:29 <arkvoodle> Fernando "Sexio" Odnanref
03/01/2012 18:28 <JuicieJ> Kill 'em All
03/01/2012 18:28 <arkvoodle> And her 4th cousin fernando
03/01/2012 18:28 <Ganondork> yummy*
03/01/2012 18:28 <Ganondork> her clones are yummt
03/01/2012 18:28 <arkvoodle> And her clones...
03/01/2012 18:28 <Ganondork> eff em el
03/01/2012 18:28 <arkvoodle> And communism...
03/01/2012 18:28 <arkvoodle> Back off boys. She's married. TO SCIENCE.
03/01/2012 18:28 <Ganondork> NAWF <3
03/01/2012 18:28 <mandym287> SCIENCE <3
03/01/2012 18:28 <zellinkda> okay
03/01/2012 18:28 <Ganondork> Communawf?
03/01/2012 18:28 <arkvoodle> She's busy with science.
03/01/2012 18:28 <Ganondork> Miss Stalin?
03/01/2012 18:28 <mandym287> Nerm is not for you to use, Zellinkda.
03/01/2012 18:27 <arkvoodle> Miss Apple is pre-occupied
03/01/2012 18:27 <Ganondork> me and turo competing for Nawf's love <3
03/01/2012 18:27 <mandym287> Nawf needs to get in here again.
03/01/2012 18:27 <zellinkda> what's a nerm
03/01/2012 18:27 <Ganondork> that was a good summer in the shoutbox though :>
03/01/2012 18:27 <Ganondork> lmfao
03/01/2012 18:27 <Ganondork> that's been a word for a while
03/01/2012 18:27 <mandym287> Yusss
03/01/2012 18:26 <mandym287> Actually, it's almost been a year since I made up the word nerm.
03/01/2012 18:26 <Ganondork> that is so lulzy, mandy
03/01/2012 18:26 <zeldahuman> I never got to experience the old shoutbox... so this is weird for me... haha...
03/01/2012 18:26 <JuicieJ> nerm cat
03/01/2012 18:26 <Ganondork> XD
03/01/2012 18:26 <JuicieJ> mren
03/01/2012 18:26 <mandym287> Because between classes, all I would do is "nerm"
03/01/2012 18:26 <mandym287> It was hilarious when people tried to greet me, though.
03/01/2012 18:26 <Ganondork> I love your random nerming
03/01/2012 18:26 <Ganondork> lmao
03/01/2012 18:26 <mandym287> I couldn't do that with the IRC.
03/01/2012 18:25 <mandym287> I love dropping 'nerm' between classes from my phone.
03/01/2012 18:25 <Ganondork> I agree mandy
03/01/2012 18:25 <Ganondork> the like system, I mean
03/01/2012 18:25 <mandym287> I'm just glad there is an actual shoutbox, though.

And to those of you who want to know what the Zora butt water conversation is, read the first conversation listed in this post.
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[2/27/2012 11:28:24 PM] DARK MASTER: Axle, I'm not upset.
[2/27/2012 11:28:51 PM] Axle the Beast: Dude I didn't even say you were upset
[2/27/2012 11:29:17 PM] Destiny: lol
[2/27/2012 11:29:41 PM] DARK MASTER: [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

<<< DM, chill.This implied I was.
[2/27/2012 11:29:48 PM] Axle the Beast: That was not me.
[2/27/2012 11:29:51 PM] Axle the Beast: You might notice that.
[2/27/2012 11:29:55 PM] ALIT-san: Normal speak, DM?
[2/27/2012 11:30:01 PM] Axle the Beast: [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

<<< DM, chill.
[2/27/2012 11:30:03 PM] Axle the Beast: [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

[2/27/2012 11:30:04 PM] Axle the Beast: [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

[2/27/2012 11:30:05 PM] Axle the Beast: [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

[2/27/2012 11:30:06 PM] DARK MASTER: Oh ****!
[2/27/2012 11:30:07 PM] Axle the Beast: [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

<<< [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

<<< [Monday, February 27, 2012 11:27 PM] ALIT-san:

[2/27/2012 11:30:07 PM] Destiny: LOLOL
[2/27/2012 11:30:12 PM] DARK MASTER: Sorry Axle.
[2/27/2012 11:30:23 PM] Axle the Beast: :/
[2/27/2012 11:30:26 PM | Edited 11:30:35 PM] Thareous: We must now ban Axle for spamming.
[2/27/2012 11:30:31 PM] ALIT-san: Yes.
[2/27/2012 11:30:32 PM] ALIT-san: :)
[2/27/2012 11:31:06 PM | Edited 11:31:45 PM] ALIT-san: What the heck is that creature in the conversation picture?
[2/27/2012 11:31:18 PM] DARK MASTER: A Link in Time, remove Axle. I'm just kidding.
[2/27/2012 11:31:27 PM] ALIT-san: Oh, DM.
[2/27/2012 11:31:31 PM] ALIT-san: I would gladly do so.

This one was rather hilarious from Skype awhile back. :)


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
Text convo between me and Ganondork:

Nicole: So I'm going to the movies next weekend with the pretty gurls, ujelly
Ganondork: What movie
Nicole: The Lorax
Ganondork: You guys are such hipsters
Nicole: Lol we so are. The other day I called my bff a "silly duck" and this other girl overheard and was all, "Isn't it silly goose?" and I was like, "Nah, I'm a total hipster." I do things before they're cool, *****es.
Ganondork: Hipsters are sorta lame. Sorry. Most hipsters are fat and unattractive.
>not fat
>is an 8.9
I'm a hipster of a hipster
Ganondork: I said usually
Nicole: Iamthe1%
Ganondork: Of the 1%
Nicole: I am the 0.0001
Ganondork: Good job
Nicole: Thnx dude. Now I have my BM too :>
Ganondork: Your bowel movement?
Nicole: Bachelor for mathematics!
Ganondork: Oh
Nicole: Ihateonewordresponsesyoupoophead
Ganondork: Isorry. I kill myself now?
Nicole: No no, you said you're sorry, now be my slave.
Ganondork: Okay.jpg. I can haz sugar cubes tho?
Nicole: Okay, Sarah Jessica Parker
Ganondork: Was aiming for Harriet Tubman, but kay
Nicole: LOL, aimed for Harriet Tubman and got Sarah Jessica Parker. Closeenough.jpg


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
12:18 AM * Thareous turns and runs
12:18 AM <Thareous> Bye!
12:18 AM <Axle the Beast> There's this thing called godmodding, you might have heard of it.
12:18 AM <Axle the Beast> :/
12:18 AM <Ninten*> one question though, who is axle?
12:18 AM <Thareous> Blame Axelle. He started it.
12:17 AM * Ninten* destroys Axle
12:17 AM <Axle the Beast> You guys are sucky at roleplaying. :<
12:17 AM <Ninten*> BRING IT!
12:16 AM <Thareous> Come at me, Bro.
12:16 AM * Thareous unsheathes Theldaneru in a single radiant motion.
12:16 AM * Ninten* also deflects ZA WARUDO
12:16 AM * Ninten* moves
12:15 AM <Erebea> No one can move except me after I cast ZA WARUDO
12:15 AM <Destiny> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yjGk1sOquO...ctyl_pluck.jpg
12:15 AM <Ninten*> who said anything abot escaping?
12:15 AM * Ninten* ends the war by destroying all purples
12:15 AM * Erebea inverts all teh colors
12:14 AM <Ninten*> AND DON'T LOOK BACK!
12:14 AM <Thareous> Just to let you guys, and gal, know, Axle started it.
12:14 AM * Destiny morphs into a majestic rainbow pterodactyl and gracefully swoops down and eats Thareous and Ninny
12:14 AM <Ninten*> just keep destroying them.
12:14 AM <Thareous> ...Did I mention doomed?
12:14 AM * Ninten* destroys all purples again
12:13 AM <Thareous> And outnumbered!
12:13 AM <Ninten*> no. hold your ground!
12:13 AM <Thareous> And doomed!
12:13 AM <Thareous> We're outnumbered!
12:13 AM * Ninten* kills all purples
12:13 AM * Erebea runs Thareous over with a bulldozer
12:13 AM * Erebea casts ZA WARUDO
12:13 AM <Ninten*> ???
12:13 AM <Thareous> Ohshoot, they're on to us!
12:12 AM <Thareous> Ninten*, I'll take Djinn and you harass Destiny.
12:12 AM <Ninten*> ??
12:12 AM <Erebea> You cannot take us down.
12:12 AM <Djinn> I once used a stick with a nail in it
12:12 AM <Ninten*> but how do we take them down?
12:12 AM <Destiny> o_O
12:11 AM <Ninten*> right. we have to take down all of them at once
12:11 AM <Djinn> besides that changes all the time
12:11 AM <Ninten*> oh yeah, that's right
12:11 AM <Djinn> when did he become the leader?
12:10 AM <Thareous> And move forth with a full mutiny.

This is the beginning to bring down the purps! Unfortunately, we still need recruits. If you want to sign yourself up, just hit the Like button. I'll be sure to sneak back here often to look for new names to list.
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