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  • btw Dan and LoZ's Ultimate ZD Supahh Family Tree - Dungeon Gaming Network
    you are in it
    now where's that youtube video of you singing. ;)
    Twilightdeku were you been man !
    I hope all this time you have had off the forum can only mean one thing... you are finally making a video of you singing !
    lol I loved that soooo much:P I channeled an original character from MLP fanfic I'm reading. He got pretty angry at Discord:lol:

    As for my character, I revealed a fair bit about Cyrus' girlfriend, Angel, early on but maybe, with Raindrop's permission, I can put in more. I said back when Takaya was first introduced that she looked familiar. Maybe she could be a sister? I'll ask Raindrop.
    Rin and Kage is from an anime called Blue Excorcist. Chiyoko is a character I made fully. Her backstory, though, is based on Eve from Black Cat, however she has nanomachines in her body that lets her transform. I reccomend both animes, expessialy Black Cat.

    Btw can you join The Random RP? :3
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