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Favorite Ways to Unwind in a Zelda Game

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You know how it goes: you're out playing a Zelda game, most of the time you're out exploring, finding secrets, fighting random enemies, and working through dungeons and hard bosses, but sometimes you just wanna chill out for a while. No worries about combat, just go do something that relaxes you and takes your mind off the struggles of being the chosen hero.

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind in a Zelda game?

For me, my four favorite ways to unwind are:
1) Ocarina of Time: fishing hole. Still the best way to unwind for me. I can spend hours here trying to catch that legendary Hylian Roach, though I've yet to do it.
2) Skyward Sword. The Lumpy Pumpkin. Whether it's helping the lovely farmhand with the pumpkin harvesting, shredding the Harp at night, or just taking it easy & chatting it up with crazy old men, I always made time to head to this restaurant every now and then.
3) Twilight Princess: the sled game. This was always so much fun. Yeta's just so fast, it was always fun to try and outrace her.
4) Majora's Mask: letting the moon fall. Because apparently I'm messed up in the head.o_O


Jul 1, 2012

In Twilight Princess I like just riding round on Epona in Hyrule Field! The Hyrule Field theme was so awesome in this game and I would always just love riding round with Epona with this epic theme playing in the background :). I would then wait until the night to hunt poes, may I say the night theme in this game was also awesome! After hunting Poes I would ride back to my main quest point while the sun rises and this epic opening to the Hyrule Field plays...The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Music: Hyrule Field Theme (Full Version) - YouTube

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Feb 6, 2010
OoT - Fishing! That music... was all I needed. The experience was nice, but the music just made me feel so at ease. I loved that time actually passed while in the fishing gorge, and the fact that it passed much more slowly than anything else help set the mood. Yep, fishing was awesome, but I must say, something else I used to do was go to Lon Lon Ranch and just throw Link's boomerang around. It seemed very picturesque for a child like Link to be playing in the field while Malon is right next to him singing. This reminded me alot of a farm book I once read and it gave me that same simple country feeling (for kids) that that book had given me.

TP - Fishing! Take the relaxation of OoT's fishing and just multiply it by forever. The music, the beauty, the slow passage of the day... and who better to accompany me than Hena, a cheerful, adorable girl. This was very relaxing. I honestly used to just turn the system on just to relax by fishing. It was a nice little activity to take your mind off things.


Jun 22, 2011
Replaying dungeons in Majora's Mask is my favorite pastime. Dungeons resetting is my favorite side effect of the 3 day cycle. There's no reason to do it other than fun, but it can be interesting to see what you can do differently with items from later on in the game. The best dungeon for this is Snowhead because the already having the fire arrows and having the hookshot lets you do all sorts of weird things like obtaining all the small keys without having to use any of them. Woodfall becomes super short with the fire arrows, but you can still have fun messing around in there. The Great Bay Temple doesn't change much even if you do it starting with the Ice Arrows, and Stone Tower Temple can be halved since the light arrows basically function as a key to the second half of the dungeon. Still I had some fun with it by obtaining keys from the first part of the dungeon and using them on the second half.


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May 26, 2010
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Ocarina of Time - Replaying the final battle against Ganondorf. I do this thing very casually -- I usually finish the first Ganondorf fight in 48 seconds which is pretty slow, then the last fight takes around, what, 4-5 minutes? Yeah. I just like refighting this guy because he's a very simple yet fun bugger to fight every so often.

Twilight Princess - Tackle the first ten floors of the Cave of Ordeals using Ordon Sword and Wooden Shield. This provides me with two things: a fun time and refreshment on TP's battle system. My favorite floor of the first set is ten; fighting the Lizalfos is always enjoyable.

Skyward Sword - Do Skyloft Silent Realm. Again I do this casually when I'm unwinding, but the SSR is probably my favorite Realm and also the easiest one in my opinion thanks to nearly memorizing Skyloft's map layout in Link's spiritual world. ^^


Jan 10, 2011
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Cuttin' some grass, man. Starting with The Wind Waker, when grass started looking like actual grass instead of clumps of leaves, I've enjoyed just finding some and chopping it down. No area has provided a better relaxing sensation for this, though, than the Faron Woods from Skyward Sword. Why? The motion controls, of course. That and the area is ridiculously bright and cheery, perfect for relaxing (when you're not around the numerous enemies). It's just so fun cutting grass in Zelda. ^^
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I remember making a thread like this while ago, nice to know looking back that my answers haven't changed.

WW- Sailing, let me sail forever in this game i have a ten year old complete save file and i'm still not bored.
TP- Just looking at the light day or night, the lighting in this game is just gorgeous i dont have to be doing anything, i'll just sit there and stare
OoT- Fishing and swimming around in Lake Hylia

SS- I only realised this today but i love flying to the thunderhead, touching down on the island with the rainbow, going first person and just watching Levias fly around, its quite peaceful and its the only sense of a grande scale i get from SS.


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Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
OoT - Fishing. Fishing always relaxes me. Which brings me to my next one.
PH - Fishing. There's such a difference between fishing on land and fishing on the Great Sea. Fishing on the Great Sea seems a bit more challenging. I also like treasure hunting. I will go out of my way to track down pirate ships and blow them out of the water. Just so I can the salvage whatever treasure is left behind. True it's always ship parts, but it's still fun.
TWW - Treasure hunting. I love treasure hunting; what more can I say? I'll also tackle the Savage Labyrinth just for the heck of it. Or because I get a thirst for murdering some monsters. Whichever.
ST - Just hanging out at the Trading Post. For obvious reasons. I will go treasure hunting, for fun, and simply to have a valid excuse for being at the Trading Post. And hanging out at the Rabbitland Rescue. I nabbed those bunnies for a reason. To get a heart container. And to frolic with them.


I have to say, Fishing In OOT and TP, and in SS? Lumpy pumpkin runs, or just riding around on the loftwing.

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