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  • I wouldn't say you're a man of little faith; on the contrary, faith is being SURE of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see, not guessing something is real and hoping it'll help us. But yeah, I tend to prefer living by my rules, so I'd never adhere to Christianity under the blind hope that it'll just make my life better somehow. Regardless of whether it "helps" me on this earth or not, if it's the truth, what choice have I but to follow it?

    "Evidence That Demands a Verdict" is the kind of book everyone should, as I said, at least read the first hundred pages of. I haven't finished the book myself, but I already feel sorry for any debater, Christian or atheist, who argues their point without having read it. It's incredibly enlightening and is a perfect display of the physical, scientific, and historic evidence that Jesus and, of course, God exist. As I say, it's hard to find what you never look for, so I think many atheists assume there's no evidence without actually researching their claims to back them up.
    Yeah I totally agree with you. I stayed away from all things SS before I got it, I had no idea what to expect and was just stunned. Also people think its too easy? This coming from the people who liked TP arguably the easiest Zelda game of the modern era, I'm sorry but if your going to hate SS for that... I don't know what to say.
    It was just WAY too easy imo, I didn't get killed by any of the bosses (besides Morpheel) and that was because I was a noob to video gaming. The combat was terrible. The controls (I played wii version) were total gimmicks, I majorly disliked Wolf Link, and the world didn't have enough in it. I could think of more but I'm sorta tired. You can put IMO at the end of all these things though.
    Again I'm with you there brother. Although I really don't care for TP that much I like as a game and love playin it but as a Zelda game it's just an underwhelming experience.
    I've never been in OK for more than a couple of weeks at most. I wouldn't want to live there. IDK about the people. I think they were more amiable when my Dad was growing up there. Times change. I'm no stranger to midwestern weather, being from Missouri, but Oklahoma is faaaar worse. And WINDY!!
    Yeah, pretty silly. I'm still in St. Louis (and thereabouts). Never lived elsewhere. And as far as midwestern towns go it's actually been bearable, at least. Livable. Which is more than you can say for most towns.

    I was born in the city but raised on the edge of the county. St. Louis has gotten better since the 80s. It was a crime ridden cesspool then. The mob ran the joint better than the police did. Now civic buildings and attractions have been improved, residential neighborhoods and parks have been cleaned up, crime is on the downswing (but still far more than noticeable), and business ain't half bad. Well, not for this $h!t depressed economy anyway.
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