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  • I find ghirahim to be among the most annoying characters ever in terms of his mannerisms and the way he talks
    I find ghirahim to be among the most annoying characters ever in terms of his mannerisms and the way he talks
    well good to hear. to bad you dont live around me. I would MOD a wii for you so you can play it. its so easy to soft mod them things, and completely safe, everything runs of an SD card. I have two copys of the SNES cartridge, but i doubt you have an SNES! If things get bad, send me a message, and we will figure out a way for you to play it. No one should be declined a chance to play ALttP! its just inhumane!
    DUDE! i dont see why you wont play VC games, but you have to play ALttP, its the best! ZSNES is the best SNES emulator, and it will not give you any trouble, i promise that, its easy to use, all you do it open it, click file, got to Open Rom, make sure you know where your keeping the rom and open it. ill send you links, or i can email you a file with everything set up already. Its just so sad to see that someone has not played ALttP, its so great! once you figure the emulator out its hard not to play SNES for months, so ill tell you i use CoolRoms for everything

    ZSNES: ZSNES Emulator Download for Super Nintendo / SNES - CoolROM.com

    ALttP: Zelda - A Link to the Past ROM Download for Super Nintendo / SNES - CoolROM.com

    if you like ALttP and want more, Google Parallel Worlds! its a Zelda 3 Hack, and it uses assets from ALttP and makes a Super Hard Zelda game!
    Nope! It's after this char: Nana Komatsu - Nana Wiki

    and her nickname comes from this real life famous doggy: Hachiko
    it should be at the Forum Index at the top page (hit the Forum tab)

    If you don't see it, go to Settings > General Settings > Turn Chatbox On
    Hey there, I don't feel like getting into that religious stuff in a Zelda thread. But...I and a few others were wondering, why don't you ever go to the Shoutbox? ;)
    Hey, we joined about the same time! You would never know it though, because youve been a lot more active than i have. We also post a lot on the same threads, even if our opinions are different most of the time. So, friends?
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