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  • I see you have your lineup of favorite games listed. Pretty nice and refreshing to see someone who doesn't fetishize Oot.
    Hello, Good Sir. Would you be interested in donating some credits for my ZD Charity? You don't look like someone who would use them to purchase the LL, so you don't really need them anyways.
    Hey, I saw your post on Kids shouldn't play online, and Nintendo DID interduce a MIC already!!
    Thank you for responding to Blu Ray in the manner in which you did in the ZeldaU Style thread. To be blunt his arrogant reply was stupid and I didn't want to dignify with comment. Your response was far more eloquent than mine ever would have been anyway.
    i sent you a friend request. we have been posting a lot on the same threads, and though our opinions come across different, we are usually on the same page but for different reasons. I like your style! So hit me up
    What's up DarkestLink? Welcome to the DGN Forums! Make sure you read the Rules and FAQ before posting (kinda late, but oh well). If you have any questions feel free to ask! Also, in my opinion, Dark Link is freaking epic! :)
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