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  • i dont really watch anymore anime, FMA was the only one that didnt seem completely ********. and i am 27. yes i know i need to grow up, but i like what i like and i will like these things till the day it die. i never plan to get married, and i will do what i want to do with my life for my own selfish reason till the day i die. I am ME. everyone else can deal with it
    I started listening to MSI in 1999...damn thats been a while, Cuz they didnt even have the original Tight out yet, they were touring Tight and the cd didnt come out for about a month after the show. but i wanna say they played a few songs that ended up on Frankenstein Girls, like FA**OT and I hate Jimmy Page! The were the opening band for a Clutch and System of a Down concert, i had no clue who they were, and no one in the Newport music hall was digging them except the weird three kids who had white t-shirts with black marker saying "I love Urine" LOL. anyways, me and my buddy heath looked like idiots cuz we were two 15 year old kids rockin that stuff out. i mean we loved it and everyone else hated em. so no one got me into them, i discovered them cuz Clutch is once of my all-time favorite bands and i hadnt seen S.O.A.D. yet so i had to go to the 15 dollar show. needless to say since then i have listened to hardly any clutch, and only Hypnotized and Mesmerized by System, but i listen to MSI to this day.... at least Tight thru.... well Tight rerelease LOL, IF was great, You'll rebel was my Anthem for 3 years... i could go on!
    Howdy hey! Sorry I haven't been online. Work and computer issues have kept me away. I'll be around more now that the computer issues have been resolved. ^_____^

    How are you, friend?
    wheres all the vocals, that song was all beats and stuff. I like that CRAZY stuff dude. I dont know, i will still be checkin out the album though.
    yeah im gonna go see them on the 23rd i think. i still havent found that new song, where did you hear it at?
    Hey, you wouldn't happen to have been on the forums under a different name would you, there used to be a guy who had a name like yours, just no numbers, ru the same guy or not...?
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