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Did You Like Twilight Princess

Nov 26, 2008
Do I like Twilight Princess? Yes. I love Twilight Princess. It's Zelda. I love Zelda games above all others, with perhaps a few exceptions.

It is, however, not my favorite Zelda game. It's actually one of my least favorites (which still places it way up there on my top games of all time.) Perhaps some of the reason is me being stubborn. See, before the games release and even up until I actually played the game, I had serious issues with it. The realistic style, the disturbing creatures, the dark story... it turned me off because I didn't feel that was true to the "spirit of Zelda." I didn't feel it was a turn the series should have taken. Especially with the fact that the game was rated T. I still don't like that.

But having played the game (almost all the way through now, too,) I feel my opinions of it starting to improve. It is a great game. I'm also warming up to the style, although I still prefer a more stylized look for Zelda (not necessarily the toon style, but not so realistic.)

Minus a little nitpicking here and there, my only real problems with the game are:

-Too easy. Especially the bosses. They're ALL great in concept, but horribly easy.

-Style and atmosphere. I feel it's a little too dark and disturbing. Many people say Majora's Mask is darker, but I really don't see it that way. Some of the key elements of TP that make it so dark for me are the disturbing creature designs, execution and direction of the story, music and atmosphere, etc.

-It felt kind of rushed to me. Areas like Gerudo Desert and Snowpeak were very brief, and there were next to zero NPCs in both areas. Worst of all are the items. Most of them are hardly ever used outside the dungeons you get them in.

-Fanservice. I personally felt that a lot of the aspects of the game were thrown in to make the fans happy, and I can't help but think that if they didn't do this it would have been a better game.

So, I still have my problems with it, and I do like all the other Zelda games I've played more than it, except perhaps for Wind Waker. But I still love the game. I think it had some really good ideas, especially with the dungeons, bosses and items, I just think it could have been better. Perhaps if they spent more time on it?

Oh... and I guess I sort of resent the Wii version because the fact that they mirrored the game seems... weird and pointless to me. That's basically the main reason I got the Gamecube version instead.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Yes, most definitely Twilight Princess is the type of game that's going to make sure the Zelda series sticks around for a long time. While games like WW discourage a large part of the fan base and general audiences, TP appealed to all (other than a couple of oldie fans).

It seemed to take Zelda back on the path where 3D console Zelda games should be. OoT and MM established this path I think, while their more "dark" features than the past 2D titles. WW strayed afar from this quality, which is why I'm relieved to see it doesn't look like any more Toon Link games will be made for home consoles. TP was a revisit to the OoT and MM style, and reminded me that the series wasn't becoming a laugh fest of funny faces and bright colors (again, what WW seemed to establish). It was a relief to those who wanted another game like OoT, and yet it established many changes. It's funny that some people will bash it for being too much like OoT, then the same people bash it for being too different. Just sounds like they're determined to hate if they have it both ways. Zelda Wii will undoubtedly take what TP was and improve it, now that they know what needs to be improved. Miyamoto says himself the style will be the same, which is another relief for me. Many features will carried over and made better, which means that TPs features were something special, which I agree with. Changes are what keep a series alive. If a series always tries to appeal to its fan base only (I can bring up WW again....) then it will die. There are prime examples of this inside and outside of the video game world. TP featured changes for the better that will help it in the future, which is, like I said above, I love it: It keeps the series alive by revisiting a bit darker style, and yet featured changes that didn't make it seem like an OoT/MM revisit AND made it appeal to a larger audience.

Crystal Clair

Although I don't think TP was the best Zelda game, I did like some stuff in it. I like the graphics and the scenery and some of the music is nice. I like riding the spinner through the grass to collect rupees. I also loved some of the temples like the Temple of Time, the Goron Mines, the Forest Temple and Arbiters Ground. The only thing that made the temples seem not so great was how I couldn't warp to the beginning after I was done re-exploring.

It's an okay game.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I loed the game through and though. I really don't see why there are so many nay-sayers towards it. It had great graphics and overall visual presentation; it had a wonderful score with the most music in a Zelda game by far; it had great controls (even if the Wii ones felt a little tacked on to some) that worked well; and the story was fantastic to boot.

I think a lot of people over-hyped this game in their head since it was essentially teased at the Spaceworld demo in 2000 with the GameCube teaser reel. While it may not have been 100% what we got, it was the prototype to the game that would become TP just as the sizzle footage of Metroid in the same show became what is now Metroid Prime. So, essentially, people had 6 years of waiting for this game, expecting it to be some kind of second coming of the powerhouse legacy of OoT and were let down.

You have to see the game for what it is instead of what it isn't, and what it is is a fantastic game.
Oct 26, 2008
I loved TP, I think it's one of the staple Zelda games and it will see that Zelda fans come back for more. It was an excellent game, It was dark like MM and it returned to the styles of OoT/MM. WW was a major dent in it as many fans didn't really like but TP is a game in the middle. I don't know why so many didn't like this game, I think it is a great game and there is nothing else about it.

Other than a few problems including:

Two areas felt rushed, They being the Gerudo Mesa and Snowpeak Mountain (is that the name?). You don't really do much after you beat the Temple's their and you hardly use each Temple's Item after.

It was too easy compared to older games, All the bosses were easy to defeat and all normal enemies were to easy with all swords or weapons.

That they switched the Twilight areas from Black and White, It looked a lot better than this does now.

But other than that really enjoyed all aspects of this game. I don't see why a fair amount of people don't like it, Mainly the people that played most older games.

IT had great graphics and the plot in my opinion was great, Although I would have prefered that Zant was his own source of power and that his own power sent him mad. The only thing then is that it would miss him breaking his own neck D: :(...I thought that was cool. I also liked the fact this game had a lot of depth, that was something I haven't ever found in any other Zelda.

Also being able to transform into Wolf Link was quite cool for a while although collecting the Tears of Light gets a bit tedious to do but its managable.


Blue Link
Mar 30, 2009
Zora's Domain
I thought it was "okay", it's fun but overall I didn't get the same feeling I get from other Zelda games, the story and things felt a bit out of place, I can't really explain it in detail it just didn't feel right, there is also the lack of difficulty in it, the puzzles seemed very easy, and I also saw some recycled puzzles, now it might be just because i've beaten every Zelda game except OOX and LA, but the bosses were way too easy, even for a beginner they'd have to be easy, let's look back on those bosses in Link to the Past, when Faries were actually useful, (let's look at Ocarina of Time's bosses also, the first 2 bosses can be very easily, but they gradually get harder and harder, and later bosses can only be really easy if you know a special way to fight them) the game also felt like it ended to quick as apposed to other Zelda games, I don't see why the game got delayed so many times, because it wasn't worth the wait and the only thing that didn't feel rushed was the visuals and the music.
Oct 20, 2008
Overall, I thought it was a more than decent game. It had good gameplay and such (although I'm not too fond of the controls on the Wii) and the graphics were no doubt the best we've seen.

My main disappoint was that the clean black and white graphics of the Twilight Realm shown in the original trailer did not make an appearance in the game. This really irritated me, seeing as that was one of the main things I was excited about.

Likewise, watching the original trailer again after playing through the game, I wished they would have left the field the same, (and perhaps even not have taken out some areas of it, at least it appears that that is what they did).

I enjoyed playing the game, many parts were quite fun, but compared to early / beta screenshots, I wished some things wouldn't have been altered.

And as others have stated, it overall felt too easy compared to past games.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Yes, I did like Twilight Princess. :) It's one of my favorites of the Zelda series although it's not my absolute favorite.

Like some people have mentioned before, one of the reasons why I liked it so much was because of the dark atmosphere that was present in the game. It gave the game some emotion to it (although not as much as MM did) and allowed me feel a sort of attachment to the characters. Although it wasn't hard, for me it did have some sort of difficulty to it when it came to figuring out certain puzzles and trying to beat certain enemies, but other than that I didn't have enough difficulty to satisfy me in that area.

Niko Bellic 817

GH3: Legends of Rock
Apr 24, 2009
There's alot of things I don't like about it though.
I don't like how hyrule seem alot smaller, there isn't much to explore.
It was also too short, to be honest I didn't get a great feeling about it like I did with say, OoT.

How does Hyrule seem too small?:hmm: Unless your used to games like the Wind Waker, it's the biggest Hyrule yet IMO. Also, how is there not a lot to explore? In OoT, Hyrule Field was basically empty. There wasn't enough to do in the field considering it is the largest area in the game.

In Twilight Princess there's golden bugs, poe souls, heart pieces and hidden caverns scattered throughout the field. In OoT, there were bombable areas of grass that would create holes and there were also poes to defeat. Other than that, there isn't much else. I also don't agree that it is too short. The dungeons are well laid-out and the puzzles are challenging.

The game has nine total dungeons like Oot does, but you also have to go into Twilight and find the tears of light. In OoT it was just beat a dungeon then go to the next which made it very short. Therefore, I don't really agree with the points you've made to prove that OoT is better than TP.

Caleb, Of Asui

Twilight Princess is a very good Zelda game. I had a lot of fun playing it (Wii controls = very nice) and didn't really find any fault. I loved how, particularly when I was first playing it, the cinematics just seemed so beautiful, better than the cinematics from older Zelda games.

I loved how the game had its own feel to it. I don't know quite how to describe it, other than just calling it a Twilight-Princess-feeling. The same happens for a lot of great games. Not to say that they have the same feeling as Twilight Princess - I can look and look and never find that same Twilight-Princess-feeling anywhere else. The same applies to many other games, where they have their own feeling (EarthBound-feeling is amazing) that can't be replicated anywhere else; it's specific to that game, and it makes that game unique and very much worth experiencing.
Jan 6, 2009
In your face
I loved Twilight Princess. The story was very interesting, and Midna was a great character. The controls were incredibly fluid and natural, especially the bow, since I was using the Wiimote. The only exception would be the horseback combat, which felt too unwieldy and imprecise, and the Wolf controls for the same reasons. The music was, as always, top-notch, standouts being the Gerudo Desert, Midna's themes and Lake Hylia. The overworld encouraged exploration for me, and I would find myself just wandering around to see what I'd find.

I did have a few problems with it, though, like the snowy region (one of the worst dungeons ever for me), the Ooccoo (which just freaked me out) and the aforementioned horseback and wolf controls. Twilight Princess is not my favourite Zelda game; that honour goes to Ocarina of Time (yes, yes, I know, rose-tinted glasses). OoT just seemed to have something TP didn't.

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
yep i loved it. heres what i loved: transforming into a wolf, midna (who didn't?), zant (i loved his fawful-like antics), the epic scenes, the characters, and of course epona's first appearance in 6 years. what i didn't like was the fact that it was so easy, the long time between day and night, no ocarina or any other music (and the howling stones and the grasses didn't count), and the useless items (like the hores call and the mace).


Born to Fail
Sep 11, 2009
This is my favorite Zelda game- it was the first one i really got to dive into. The plot was excellent and the action was fufilling.


I Love, Love, Love twilight princess, My only regret is if I could play it again for the first time. I have all the zelda games, and I do play them all.
Sep 13, 2009
Yes, I did like Twilight Princess. It had good characters, especially Midna, good graphics, an interesting story, and fairly decent gameplay. Even Zant seemed cool until the bitter end.

Characters: One thing I liked is how each character was their own character. There wasn't anyone who didn't have a distinguished personality, and no one who was just there for giving information. Maybe a few Gorons and Zoras here and there weren't as developed character-wise, but the Ordonians sure were. From the kids, who were so interested in that slingshot and Link's wooden sword, to the goat guy (what's his name again?) who liked having Link and Epona herd his goats for him. There was hardly a character I specifically didn't like, although there were some who I specifically thought needed improvement. That aside, I can't complain too much.

Midna: I really liked Midna. At first, she simply used Link as a tool for her own deeds, manipulating him to do her deeds while promising to help him recover the children he so desperately sought after. However, as time went on, Midna revealed more and more of what was really happening, and aided Link to save Hyrule. She developed from a selfish brat, to someone who just wanted help for her and her peoples' sakes. She was a huge part of the plot, while at the same time, was his side-kick. In the past, we've had side-kicks there for the sole purpose of helping players get a handle on the game. These include Navi and Tatl. Navi didn't play a role at all in the big plot, while Tatl played a very small one. Midna, however, played a huge part, which is a plus in my book.

Graphics: The graphics were realistic, had fluent motions, and displayed the game's feeling well. They worked for Twilight Princess, as no other graphics would, given the emotion of the game.

Story: I found the story kind of interesting. I liked how it was revealed over time, and how each character played their role. I think it would have been tons better without Ganondorf barging in, though. He ruined it for me. He had no place there, as Zant did, and would have been much better staying wherever it was he came from. It was Zant's part. Not Ganon's.

Gameplay: Granted, it had its flaws, but it also had its good points. For one, we could finally use the sword on horseback. This I liked, because it meant you didn't have to dismount Epona to fight enemies. You could also swing your sword while running, which made cutting grass much faster. Then we have the inventory. Though it was awkward at first, and took time to get used to, I thought it was alright. Separate the items from the armor and such with different inventories, rather than inventory screens. It was good, and it was bad, really depends on what you thought. I also liked the senses being a wolf brought. Sense invisible enemies, dig spots, and scent trails. I liked it, and thought it was unique.

Zant: Zant had a lot of character potential, as I've said many times in the past. He seemed cool, powerful, and a decent bad guy. I was excited to finally have a face-off against him and see how much harder he was than the rest of the game's bosses. He played a fitting role in the story, and it should have remained as him being the final boss. Then Ganondorf reared his ugly face into this game, ruining Zant as well as the story. Ganondorf would have been better off left out of this game, the end.

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