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Did You Like Twilight Princess

Feb 27, 2009
I thought it was a great game, I loved transforming to the wolf, and all that dungeons just made the game great. I also liked that fact that they changed things up. For one, they took out the magic bar, which I like because then I did not have to go get magic every time I used that sword. So how did you guys like Twilight Princess?


Sage of Tales
Twilight Princess is, so far, my favorite of the Zelda games.

It is almost entirely for personal reasons. I mean, I'm not going to argue that it's "the best" to hardcore game players. It's certainly *not* the most difficult (at least for me), but I pretty much loved every aspect of it all the same.

First of all, I like "dark" stuff, ominousness... (for this reason, friends thought I'd like Majora's Mask even better, but in MM's case, a gameplay aspect/saving mechanism ruined it for me... not that I hate MM, it just failed to usurp TP as my fave when I got to play it).

Secondly, the animal-aspect to the game. Animals are a huge interest of mine and I've often wondered what it would be like to throw off the shackles of human existance to live as one. This wondering actually lead to me creating a werewofl character for one of my original writing projects - LONG before I ever played Twilight Princess. So... you know, playing as a transformed-human/Wolf Link appealed to me in a huge way - entirely because of this personal thing.

Thirdly - I really related to the Link in this game. From being looked up to as "cool" by silly little children in his community (it happened at my old home church, and all my sister's kids grew up thinking I was the coolest aunt ever because I'd play with them)... to growing up in a backwater little town to... working as a rancher! (I've done ranch work in my life, and, as of today, I just got a new job to be starting soon - as a ranch worker)!

And, twilight is my favorite time of the day.

So, yeah... Twilight Princess is the game I most *relate* to out of all the Zeldas, so, it is my current favorite. I actually get a little offended on a personal level when I see people whine about how much they hated it, because of all the "personal magic" I have bound up in it. I try to ignore that and realize that "There's a Zelda for everyone and not every Zelda is for everyone."

That said, at least so far, Twilight Princess is "my Zelda."

Shadow Goris

The Stalker
Apr 3, 2008
In Link's Basement
I really thought the game was way over-hyped and had too high expectations. I'm sure everyone over at zentendo are proabably sick to death of me saying that, But I just can't say how much of a let down that game was.

I'm not going to get into too much detail(because at 1 am that's kinda impossible) but lets just say it was too easy, boring, and only kind of enjoyable for one playthrough.


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I love TP. Is it me me or is TP a really long game?
The story line is just amazing, first i though Zant was the new Ganondorf but after a talk with the sages he's still in the game.
The Temples are also amazing and playing as a wolf is more than awesome, even if you really love wolves.

Some part of TP are really sad, that makes sense too for me. TP have the best story line ever.


Sep 15, 2008
I really liked it, maybe more than OoT, bit, for me, WW and MM are still better.
The game was really good, but lacked the hardness of MM or the longevity of WW


i luv even though i have only got the three fused shadows

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Personally i love twilight princess and the only game in the entire series so far that i like more is oot. what i liked about twilight princess is midna, the better graphics, epona's first appearance since mm, the fact that you can name epona, the giant arsenal of weapons and items, the whole wolf link hylian link scenario and finally the hidden skills. The things that i didn't like about twilight princess is the fact that it's so easy. Then the lack of a magic meter which adds to the challenge.


Apr 19, 2009
Twilight Princess is so far, my favourite game, of all time. As you can see in my sig, I am currently playing MM. So far, this game is the only game that feels as though it could trump TP. I love the dark atmosphere present in both games, and the one thing that I think TP lacked that I would have loved to see, was carnage. MM has that carnage. Enough of that though, that's not what this thread is about.

I think the game play of TP was shiny and fantastic. It was a smooth experience and I spent alot of my time playing it, and a hell of a lot more when I wasn't imagining I was Link. A couple of times when I got really tired I would actually honestly think I was Link. That connection has never been so prevailent in any other tittle for me. Not just a Zelda, any other tittle. I spent the whole time imaging I was in the game. I found everything about this game amazing, the temples were my favourite of all time, the sidequests were long and interesting, the fighting felt real and exhilirating. This was perfect to me.

The graphics of the game were flawless to me. It felt real, it looked real. I know some people complain that the grapics and the landscape were too flat and plane, but that's how life is. There isn't some amazing jaw-dropingly beautiful statue every 5 steps. Most of the world is either grass or sea. That's what the world of TP was like. I liked how the 'over-world' of TP had a sense of realism like that, I liked how it reflected real life.

The music of TP was the first time I ever really noticed music in a game. I found it eerie and I felt it really built the scene. A lot of people complained that it was not fully orchestrated... What the hell? Why would it need to be? I don't know what it did, but whatever the hell it did, it did well. Very well. It added to the scene for me, and in places such as Arbiter's Grounds, sent shivers up my spine. My favourite piece of music in the whole game though, was the Wii menu part when you clicked on the disc channel and it loaded. I absolutely LOVED that.

The storyline of TP had everything. I mean Everything. There were twists, romance, a hero, a beautiful princess, death, darkness, a psycho or psychos... The list goes on. The components of the storyline of TP were almost identical to the components of TP to me, in that, the storyline had EVERYTHING, and TP had EVERYTHING. The one thing TP lacked (as I stated earlier) was carnage.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I really appreciated that game, but I have to say it let me down a bit. I still prefer MM, WW & OOT over that game. But it was and remains a really GREAT and INCREDIBLE game with a very interesting story.
May 25, 2008
In my house
Twilight Princess I really liked when it first came out. It was the Majora's Mask I always wanted and could actually get into, it was dark, it had something different, it was fairly long, it had Ganon, the Master Sword, Triforce etc., but it seems the more and more that I play through it, the less interested I get. I am right now, and it doesn't seem like that much of an exciting game to play through any more. It's just.....kind of this game with set things to do and nothing more.


I do like it, alot. Great game, great graphics. There's alot of things I don't like about it though.
I don't like how hyrule seem alot smaller, there isn't much to explore.
The towns were all very crappy, there were no people to talk to, I know talking to people isn't a major thing in it, but it's always cool to people to talk to people in the towns, specially for Hyrule Town.
It was also too short, to be honest I didn't get a great feeling about it like I did with say, OoT.
I also HATE the fact that there was a desert, but no Gerudos. Big let down, I love the Gerudos.
I think that midna is a ***, and more annoying than Navi.
I could've explained those reasons better, but hey.


I bought it yesterday for gamecube and I've gotten past the forest temple, on to the area east of hyrule. So far here's my opinion...

Graphics:7/10 Good for Game cube, not for Wii.
Storyline:10/10 It's a great. Love the twilight element so far.
Gameplay: 8/10 It's nice. I wish they would have switched the way link walks with his first outfit. He looks... well stupid. It looks fine with is normal outfit. I'm just being picky.
Music: 9/10 It's as good as I've expected it to be.

Overall: Since i've only beat 1% of the game, I'll rate the whole game later.

Twili Kid

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Jun 20, 2009
For me TP was my favorite along with my first zelda game. It just hooked me in with all the things you could do, I was still playing about a month after defeating ganondorf. Even after that I still havent unlocked even close to anything. Twilight princess I say is better then Oot witch I got later and still loved.

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