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Corrupt a wish!


Dec 16, 2009
United States
Attack helicopter
Granted, but he starts treating you with a really nice behavior which starts to freak you out.

I wish that I was awesome.


Hero of the Zora
Nov 5, 2010
Granted, but it accidentally ends up in the washer and gets shredded to pieces... and it was the last one in the whole world.

I wish that I could go through OoT and MM in real life without knowing what would happen next (as if I hadn't ever played the games) and that after it was over I would still have the Zora mask and it wouldn't be stolen or destroyed and I ( or anyone I know) wouldn't be arrested and/or wouldn't go crazy and/or wouldn't die either in the game or out of it until I (or anyone I know) was originally supposed to die before I made this wish and that the world or the universe would not explode and (quality) Zelda games would continue to be made and that I (or anyone I know) would not commit suicide and that I would remember the whole thing afterwards and that the whole wish would be granted and I (or anyone I know) would not have to post (or talk) in huge statements with no loopholes possible and that nobody would hate me (or anyone I know).

Good luck corrupting that!

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