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  • Cool. My friends told me I needed to read MI, so I did, and then read ID afterward. I can't wait for City of Heavenly Fire and Clockwork Princess, but it's gonna be a while...:/
    One of my favorites, too. Have you read Infernal Devices as well? (clockwork angel and clockwork prince)
    I read your post in the story thread. Thanx, I will surely keep what you said in mind, though I really have no plans in hiring the help of an editor since I am going with self publishing services. ;)
    I read your post. It is very helpful and I assure you that I will correct all that. Right now I have to go to bed, else I would do it. But tomorrow, for sure. ;)

    Btw, your character will appear in that story as well, not just yet. And thanks for taking the time to read the old tale. :)
    I've known you from a while back, I saw your post in my story sign up thread. If you are up to it, submit a character, as it is still not too late. I closed signed ups because I had to get the characters sorted out in the world, but feel free to join. ~Ats
    Hi, MikauIncarnate!
    The Zelda Dungeon Art Collab is finally up and running!
    I hope your still interested!

    Thank you so much
    -- Ochi!
    I'll have to google search Nintendo World I've been trying to find a place that sels Zelda merchandise for awhile now.

    Have meet that student I told you about awhile Jacob Christmas.

    See you tomarrow cold you send me a link to the Nintendo Store shop because I couldn't find it.

    Logging out.
    I had lots of to do last week but this week so far noting so I've spent of my time on ZD.

    The Gamestop near our school is selling Plush Versions of Toon Link for $7 and various colored Yoshi clip-ons.
    I bought off of a student named Jacob Christmas for a decent price and it was the regular version not the Deluxe version So I can still play it which LA is actually the only game I own I haven't beaten yet

    BEN is watching you.
    Do you of anywhere I could get a GB Color for a relatively low price. I'm missing just 2 games and it's the Oracle games.
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