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  • Hey, sorry to say this, but I think it's hopeless for me with the Iron Wars game. Caeda isn't even going on, and I have no clue what's happinen. Anyways, to tell the truth, it's kinda lost its fun for me... mostly cause' I have nothing to do on there.
    But, anyway, would you mind if I quit? I think you could handle it by yourself... Not to sound rude or anything... I'm really sorry.
    Hey, Mikau. My brother and I came up with an interesting twist to the Iron Wars. How about Narus gets overthrown by another Gheoti and needs our help to take it back. If we help him, then he'll leave Hyrule alone. It would keep the thread going even longer.
    The MCC died. No one was interested in making submissions, so we decided to drop it. If more people can commit to making new entries, I will reopen the competition.
    Mikau, i am confused. on king of the hill, have people formed their own clans? did anyone join us?
    HAI did you see my thread that I made? AKA: Story Adventure. What do you think? will you add on?
    Im really annoying, Isnt me?
    Haha bad grammar.
    About me and trying to find Kafei's counterpart in OoT are you suggesting Link as Kafei's counterpart.
    D: Dont worry you aint being annoying. Same, i am bored ): why do you think i replyed?
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