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  • I'm guessing Mafia? I think they auto merge on double posting. If they don't, just tell Durion or whoever the game mod is. Go ahead and try it out.
    Double posting isnt allowed. Unless in fan works. But it's still frowned upon. You can double post in stories, I guess. But in all other sections, you have to edit.
    It's not reccomended, and only merges in some places. You're safer just editing the previous one, Mikau. :/
    Oh, not that profile. I've had a lot of downtime since Kindergarten and since then I've created many characters based on books and dolls (Don't judge me. I was very shy at that age and my only friends were my two cousins, that happened to be girls and stayed at our house for about 6 months, but that's another story) and one of them was a small, blond, female dog by the name of Daisy. I didn't know what to do with her, so I made her timid. At one point, I made her a human (Don't ask why.) and got "Snowflake." When I actually got smarter I made her more devious and sinister, so I might make her more evil.
    Seriously? I was trying Greek, Latin, and Japanese, because some of my favorite names come from those languages. Of course, none of those had an the English alphabet, and I don't have a translator that could do that. Let me try some of those out. I might change my character profile, since I've realized that Snowflake is darker than my original intentions.
    And I'm not trying to copy Zelda64's idea. It's just that I'm about to give up on even playing that because it is so confusing. :(
    The roleplaying game isn't going well. Peoples are being meaniful and bossy. And I was only gone for like, three hours.
    Do you think I/you/we should create a new roleplaying game since everyone else is being mean on the other one? And it could be a different idea too. Whaddya think?
    Umm... What's with this alternate universe? Is it like the distortion world on pokemon platinum, or does it have, like, fields of flowers n stuffs?
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