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  • Happy 4th of july!
    Silly Caeda, don't you know I am a Deity? I can go where I please, nothing can stop me. :P I'm just here momentarily...I will explain.
    I just think it's a game good, I've heard plenty of good stuff about it, but like I said, I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game yet.
    I think you might appreciate this.

    I showed my friend 358/2 Days the other say, and here's what he thought. He thought Xemnas was a girl, Xaldin was a girl, Vexen was a girl, Zexion was a girl, he WOULD have thought Saix was a girl had it not been for his facial expression, he thought Axel was a girl, and he thought Marluxia was a girl........

    It would have been really weird if he'd though Lexaeus was a girl.
    You don't like the depressing feeling that comes with a story, eh? Haha, I understand, you must be a cheerful girl or something. :P Hm, I've never tried playing a KH's game. All I know is that Square Enix, the publisher of Valkyrie Profile, is behind that game, so it must be a very cool game indeed.
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