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  • I wish you luck. And I wish you a marry christmas! Hope you get a nice weekend!
    Aha, well I hope you can get the Hylian Shield eventually. My christmas break just started yesterday, so it's nice. :cool:
    I have unlocked the option, so I can just start the file whenever I want. I haven't started it quite yet though. At the moment I'm replaying the normal quest, and I'm gonna do it 100%. After that I'm planning on taking on the challenge.

    What about you? Have you beaten the whole Hero Mode yet?
    :lol: Yeah, I think so too. I was really skeptical to it after I had seen the first episode though, but now I actually like it a lot!
    I guess people have different opinions on these things. I for one think that real orchestrated music feels more alive in a way. Of course, the sound quality doesn't completely decide how good it is, I loved the soundtracks for OoT and MM.

    By the way, do you know if Nintendo will release a Skyward Sword Original Soundtrack CD? :?
    Probably. So what was you favourite song from Skyward Sword? Mine was either the Ballad of the Goddess, Fi's Theme or Fi's Lament.
    Well I guess it's just the Hyrulian way. Every hero basically borrows the Master Sword during his adventure. The Hero of Winds had no choice to return it though, he struck the sword into Ganondorf's head and got it stuck in the rock...
    My favourite moment in the game was when Fi and Link said good bye. It was so touching I got tears in my eyes. That's never happened to me before with a video game.
    Really? Well I just beat the game half an hour ago, it was fantastic! It's impossible to truly describe how extraordinarily grand Skyward Sword really is!
    Yeah, me too. And I also love all of the side quests in Skyloft. It feels good helping people.
    Wow, really?! That seems awesome. Now I'm looking forward to that challenge even more!
    Definitely! I agree, and I like how quickly the complete Master Sword can load up a Skyward Strike.
    I just watched it. I was very interesting to see some footage from the Hero Mode. By the way, I'm planning on beating Skyward Sword this week. Last time I played I talked to Zelda, then she went to sleep, so I'm guessing I'm nearing the end of the game. So exiting! :D
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