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  • Yeah, it seems like Skyward Sword has taken everything good from previous Zelda games, added a lot of new good things, and by doing just that it succeeds in all ways!
    I totally agree! It's the best video game I've ever played (and trust me, I don't say things like that often). :)
    Cool! But hey, where do you upgrade the Beetle, in the Bazar? I checked there, but he couldn't upgrade my Beetle...
    Yeah, there are a lot of different shields in the game. I've got one Banded Wooden Shield and one normal Iron Shield at the moment. :shield:
    Well, I bought the game yesterday actually, since I live in Europe. And I had been looking forward to the bird flying really much, and it sure is one of my favourite things about the game!
    Very, very much indeed! I'm looking forward to that game now more than ever before! You're also looking forward to it I presume. What new feature are you looking forward to the most?
    I've played Majora's Mask but i allways die after the three days cause i never have enough time and i just dont understand the whole concept of the game, but i love the sidequest in the game:P
    I just HAD to be your freind cause of..... BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!!! ......to funny, i knew you must be cool :lol:
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