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Twilight Princess Best Dungeon In Twilight Princess

Favorite Dungeon in Twilight Princess.

  • Forest Temple

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  • Goron Mines

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  • Lakebed Temple

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  • Arbiter's Grounds

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  • Snowpeak Ruins

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  • Temple of Time

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  • City in the Sky

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  • Palace of Twilight

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  • Hyrule Castle

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Dawn of the Final Day
Sep 16, 2011
Gerudo Valley
I just finished playing through Twilight Princess for only the 2nd time, and its been about 5 years since the first time.I have to say, I liked this game better in Skyward Sword in terms of dungeons.
Sure, Skyward Swords dungeons were denser and had great gameplay design in each room, but Twilight Princess' dungeons were longer, more diversely themed, and there were more of them.

So I wanted to ask the question: What was your favorite dungeon in Twilight Princess?

Make a list from favorite to least favorite and tell why you like/dislike them so I can see the forum's thoughts.:) Here's Mine from worst to best.

9. Palace of Twilight- just bad. way too easy, too short, the sol hand's were pretty scary(good thing) and Zant battle was fun, but he was crazy, and earlier in the game I actually respected him.
8. Hyrule Castle- again, bad. way too short, not necessarily easy, but boring. Not the best final dungeon by any means, but I guess it was still kind of an epic feeling level. (And I loved the 4 stages of the final boss =D)
7. Forest Temple- not a bad dungeon, but pretty basic, although I did enjoy searching for the monkeys. I never really like 1st dungeons too well though.
6. Temple Of Time- other than being in the past and in the temple of time, there wasn't much of a time theme. I liked how the level looked, and I did like the mini boss fight, but sadly the item was practically useless for normal enemies and the boss fight sucked
5. Lakebed Temple- good dungeon, although music was boring, I couldn't wrap my head around the staircase puzzle, and the mini boss was bad. I had an awesome time fighting the boss though and I felt like the temple was unique
4. Goron Mines- not much indicating that the dungeon was actually a mine, but great use of the iron boots, loved the layout and how the dungeon looked, and the bow is always handy ;D. But the boss fight was easy and bland.
3. City in The Sky- I liked this dungeon, although the music can go to .... a bad place... But I loved the boss, double clawshots were the best idea/item in the game, I just didn't like how I kept falling off the edge :P
2. Snowpeak Ruins- Loved the uniqueness of the mansion, I always love snow places, I loved the Snowpeak music, but hated this dungeon music. I thought the mini boss and boss were fantastic ( boss music was best in the game),but the ball and chain wasn't used at all outside of the dungeon so that kinda sucked in terms of its usefullness.
1. Arbiter's Grounds- Best dungeon in the game to me. Only dungeon that felt scary/creepy. I loved finding the 4 poe's, reminded me of the Forest Temple in OoT :D. I love sand theme anyways, and the layout was fantastic. Loved the area leading up to the dungeon too. Plus, the mini boss fight was entertaining, and Stallord, the boss, was an epicly fun fight. Only downside: Spinner. Was great, in the dungeon I thought it was awesome, but it barely got used afterwards.

Thanks for reading!
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The game is on!
I liked a lot of the dungeons in Twilight Princess, I think all of them were brilliant. If I had to pick a favourite though it would be the final dungeon of the game, Hyrule Castle, in my opinion that wasn't just the best dungeon, it was the most unique one as well. Sure, it didn't take me long get through the dungeon to reach the boss, but after I had beaten the game and returned to Hyrule Castle I realized that there were so much more to do in the aria. Hyrule Castle has a lot of optional rooms to visit and keys to find, and I had a grand time exploring it all. All of the other dungeons were pretty much straight forward compared to Hyrule Castle in that sense, and that's why I liked it the most.
Sep 1, 2010
I like the City in the Sky. Apart from being a visually stunning wonder up in the sky, its puzzles and bosses were super fun. It was challenging without being frustrating, and it has one of my favorite boss fights in the Zelda series. Also, who doesn't love Double Clawshots?
Jan 1, 2011
Ugh, its been over a year since I played Twilight Princess (Cos I hated it soo badly).
The only Dungeon/ Temple that stood out to me the best was Snowpeak Ruins. It had a very beautiful scenery and the music/ soundtrack was just astondishing. It wasn't too lagging and the Yetis just made it more bareable to stay at. (Plus getting the free soup was a plus after finding all of the ingredients.) I also thought battlling Blizzeta was a treat too; her music being all mellow, and then all dramatic and suspensful. Battling her was also fun too, having it being an icy area and sliding everywhere made it a challenge to stay on Links feet (metaphour guys, don't take it seriously)


Jun 22, 2011
Here's how it breaks down for me:

Best- Snowpeak Ruins (I love nontraditional dungeons)

Great- Arbiter's Grounds, City in the Sky, and Lakebed Temple

Good- Goron Mines, Hyrule Castle, Forest Temple, Temple of Time

Waste of Game Designer's Effort- Palace of Twilight

Overall I thought Twilight Princess had some really awesome dungeons. It was the strong point of the game for me.


Twilight King
Jan 28, 2012
I would have to go with Snowpeak Ruins because i like the idea of the dungeon being a large mansion.. and also the boss was really cool.
Nov 28, 2011
City in the Sky was the only dungeon in TP I even remotely enjoyed, and that's only because Argorok was pretty cool.

I also like the City in the Sky because it was one of two dungeons in TP that offered even one iota of challenge (the other being snowpeak, which I hate because ice sucks and the ball and chain bugs me).
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Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
As far as theme: Temple of Time
As far as boss and coolest name (as well as 2nd for theme): Arbiter's Grounds
As far as item and how relaxing I find it: Goron Mines
As far as epicness (as well as tie for 2nd for boss): Hyrule Castle
As far as mysteriousness (as well as tie for 2nd for boss): Palace of Twilight
As far as being awesome dungeon: Forest Temple, Lakebed Temple, City in the Sky, Snowpeak Ruins


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
For me it was definitely Arbiter's Grounds. It was creepy as hell, really annoying, and had a hilarious looking boss. The first time I did the dungeon was at night, with all the lights off in my basement. I was scared out of my mind. I kept looking behind me to make sure there wasn't a re-dead or stalfos behind me.

Rare Addict

Site Staff
Jun 15, 2010
United States
For me, personally, Twilight Princess is the only game in the series where my favorite dungeon isn't clearly defined. Each time that you ask me, I'll likely give you a different answer. None of them are all that challenging, but all of 'em are drenched in atmosphere, with the Arbiter's Grounds and the Palace of Twilight standing out as being particularly creepy. I also love the bizarre, tower-like structure of the Temple of Time.

And Snowpeak Ruins -- that dungeon just makes me laugh. Rather than just treating it like a traditional "temple," the developers really played up the fact that you were a guest in someone's home. I really appreciate that one for breaking the mold of what people expect from a Zelda dungeon. For that same reason, the Sandship from Skyward Sword has started to grow on me.


It is so tough for me to pick one since I love this game so much but I will go with the Arbiter's Grounds, Lakebed, or the Temple of Time I can't decide between those they are just so good.
Jan 23, 2012
9. Hyrule Castle- wtf!!! And I thought the final dungeon in oot was disappointing. I despised this dungeon. It was boring and completely lacked atmosphere. I was prepared for an epic last dungeon and this just sucked.
8. Palace of Twilight- For the second to last dungeon this was easy as ****. It was short and the whole design just looked ugly to me. Plus Zant was incredibly easy/disappointing.
7. Forest Temple- Nothing special. I didn't dislike it but it didn't stand out to me that much either. Just an ok dungeon.
6. Temple of Time- Pretty much same as above. It was just average. The dominion rod wasn't that fun of an item either. I feel they could of done more with it.
5. Goron Mines- I rally liked this one. Both the mini boss and the boss was fun. I liked the layout and atmosphere. The only thing I didn;t like was walking with the boots on the walls took kind of long sometimes.
4. Lakebed Temple- I've always liked water themed dungeons and this was no exception. The layout was awesome and this was one of the few dungeons in the game that didn't feel Linear.
3. Arbiters Ground- I loved this Dungeon! It combined some of my favorite elements from previous dungeons in the series. The Creepiness of the Shadow Temple, the atmosphere of the shadow temple, and the poe hunt of the Forest temple. Also it had my favorite boss fight of the game and the spinner was amazing but sadly under used.
2. City in the Sky- A lot of people really hate this dungeon but I don't know why. The item is awesome!! Double Clawshots are so much fun!!! Plus this dungeon is in the freaking sky!! How cool is that!!! This dungeon was kind of lacking in the puzzle department but the it made up for it in the sheer difficulty of navigating the dungeon. That was a puzzle i itself.
1. Snow peak ruins- I hate the miniboss and the boss was just ok but I love the rest of the dungeon. The main reason I really like this dungeon is the atmosphere. Its absolutely gorgeous!! The puzzles are inventive and the item is really fun! I love fighting enemies with it. I can't quite put my finger on the exact reason this is my favorite but I always have the most fun playing this dungeon.

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