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Twilight Princess Best Dungeon In Twilight Princess

Favorite Dungeon in Twilight Princess.

  • Forest Temple

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  • Goron Mines

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  • Lakebed Temple

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  • Arbiter's Grounds

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  • Snowpeak Ruins

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  • Temple of Time

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  • City in the Sky

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  • Palace of Twilight

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  • Hyrule Castle

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~ It's me, Dio!~
Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
1 Arbiters Grounds- I like this dungeon best because of its undead theme and setting. It also had a great miniboss, the little time spent using the spinner was fun also. Stallord was great fun, both phases and after that I get treated to my favourite cutscene in video games: Ganondorf's execution

2 Palace of Twilight- The music and atmosphere here were enjoyable. I particularly liked the patterns on the doors and the way certain things glowed. The hand of zant added tension to two of the sections and Zant himself was a fun boss and I thought the way he changed the setting and his fighting style was amazing.

3 Goron Mines- I thought this dungeon had fun puzzles. I particularly liked the iron boots and magnetic walls and ceilings. The Goron bruddas were also good company when you encounter them. Fyrus looked particularly cool as a boss and although easy now, when I played as a lad he was more difficult.

4 Temple of Time- The temple of time was not really challenging but I liked some of the enemies, the darknut miniboss and its boss Armoghoma had good music and was incredibly fun to fight + it's a giant spider that has an eye that can shoot a giant laser beam. Beat that Shelob!

5 Hyrule Castle- This is a disgrace to the name of dungeon because it is ridiculously short and easy, but after my toil in the Twilight realm this comes as a much needed break before the climactic encounter with Ganondorf.

6 Lakebed Temple- This dungeon is tedious. I just don't find it exciting and it just reminds me of the water temple from OOT which I did not like. Morpheel was amazing so I will not put this as number 7 on my list.

7 Forest temple- This was a bit boring to be honest, there was nothing particularly wrong with it, the bootylicious baboon miniboss was both a source of amusement and fun though and Diababba was not a shabby first boss.

8 Snowpeak ruins- I don't like ice dungeons. The setting is different yes, but I'm just not a fan. On the plus side I always get hungry when the soup is being made and the boss is fun.

9 City in the Sky- This is number 9 because it is disgusting and I hate it.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
My favorite dungeon in Twilight Princess is the interior of Hyrule Castle. I just love how HUGE it is, and the scenery is very beautiful/majestic. I just wish we could've seen the Queen-to-be in more action <3


One of the Sheikah
May 1, 2012
1. Temple of Time - alright so the item was practially useless elsewhere, and I didn't like the boss much, but I LOVED the temple itself. The puzzles were easy, but fun, and I liked how the scale puzzle really made you think. Overall I think this was my favorite Temple of the series.
2. Arbiter's Grounds - again another temple with a practically useless item elsewhere but come on, it was fun to use. And the boss was super fun (my favorite of te game) the only part I didn't like was the sinksand.
3. Snowpeak Ruins - Such a different temple, I liked how the yeti's were living there and you got to help them make soup xD
4. Goron Mines - Great Dungeon, I loved the use of the iron boots where you get to walk on the cieling. Plus how (again) you are helping characters that live in the dungeon like with the snowpeak ruins.
5. Lakebed Temple - I absolutely love the clawshot (ok double clawshots are better but still) the dungeon was alright, but I really liked Morpheel, he was really fun.
6. Palace of Twilight - Finding the (sol is it?) twilight sun, was cool, and Zant is definitly one of my favorite bosses, though the enemies that looked like zant's helmet really freaked me out xD
7. City in the Sky - I had a hard time figuring out where to go at first, but eventually figured it out, the boss was fun, and I loved getting a second clawshot, but honestly, I didn't have a good time in the temple itself.
8. Hyrule Castle - I just found this dungeon annoying -_- I like the music though
9. Forest Temple - HATE this temple. Skulltulas *shiver* and finding the monkeys got annoying. Also didn't like the boss or miniboss.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Boy do I loove me some Temple of Time mmmhm yes i dooo......

While unfortunately having one of the most useless items in the game, I loved the whole idea of the dungeon and how it was designed as basicly a big ol tower. And the objective isn't find the boss key and go through the boss door, it's find the missing statue and return it to its rightful spot. Which I thought was coolio.

I also liked the theme and loved the boss battle, it was very entertaining
Jun 16, 2012
My favorite dungeon in TP is either Snowpeak Ruins or Arbiters Grounds. I didn't like Snowpeaks' boss all that much, but I really like the dungeon's atmosphere. I also loved the creepiness factor of Arbiters' Grounds.


Actually seeing a list of them all made me realize that all of these frustrated me at one point or another, though I ended up picking Temple of Time as the best.

1. Temple of Time- I really liked how some of the dungeon was impossible to reach throughout, until you got to control the giant statue. Yeah, it was a bit redundant to go backwards again through the whole dungeon, but how many people have played through OoT 3D's MQ and SS's Hero mode right after beating it the first time?
2. Arbiter's Grounds- It took the previous examples of a dark temple and threw them in the desert, so not only were you battling Stalfos and... mini Stalfos? you were battling through quicksand too. Not to mention the spinner actually had a cool use in defeating the boss.
3. City in the Sky- I never saw getting a second Clawshot coming and that made it awesome. The bird enemies might have made the use of a double clawshot somewhat pointless but the final boss makes up for it by using them and previous items to beat it.
4. Lakebed Temple- It's the combination of central intricate mechanism combined with the series of caves surrounding it that gets me on this one. It gave the feel that you were going through 2 connected temples rather than one fully mechanized temple. The boss was incredibly annoying the first time until I got the strategy.
5. Hyrule Castle- It was simultaneously Ganondorf's castle and the original Hyrule castle that it was. I think sometimes people forget the atmosphere you're supposed to be storming the castle with. This is a castle that had just recently been besieged by Ganondorf prior to you breaking in with a little help from your friends. The only moment I nearly had to stop playing was when the Bokoblin(?) King threw down his weapon and decided to give up fighting... that was in Hyrule Castle right? It's been a while since I've played.
6. Snowpeak Ruins- I have to give this one some credit in being unique. You can't get any hearts from this dungeon until after the boss fight... which the heart container makes that pointless. The other annoying part is the beginning part running back and forth finding more ingredients for Yeto's soup. The miniboss was frustrating to deal with even when I knew the right strategy to use.
7. Goron Mines- The giant key you had to put together gave you the idea that the boss was going to be giant as well, but NOTHING can repair the damage of constantly hearing Link stomping around in that magnetic ceiling maze because I can never remember the right way to go.
8. Forest Temple- The monkeys, while cute, made walking in front of an overhanging branch horrifying. The boss was so easy that I beat it the first time without taking any damage at all.
9. Palace of Twilight- The lead-up to this boss, the evil hands, made this temple feel like the boss was going to be ten times more horrifying to fight. That may be true since my face probably looked horrified when I watched Zant's temper tantrum.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I really enjoyed the Temple of Time! It was an awesome dungeon with amazing puzzles and had one of the most coolest items in the game: The Dominio Rod! I love how you need to control statues in order to progress forward in the dungeon! I hope Nintendo creates another dungeon that is similar to Twilight Princess's Temple of Time! It really gave me a challenge, compared to other dungeons in the game!

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
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I'd say Arbiter's Grounds was my favorite. It had the best layout and enjoyment for me. Creepy enemies, creepy area, quicksand, and death, all nice things in the dungeon. Morbidity is what makes me enjoy it.

Goron Mines wasn't one of my favorites at first but after I discovered the No Iron Boots Upside down glitch I began to like it more. Moving upside on the magnetic paths at normal speed was a lot easier, although less authentic. But I didn't find it till my 3rd or 4th attempt at the game. Thus it's now one of the top 3 or 4 for me.


Brave Knight of Truth
Dec 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada
I absolutely loved the Goron Mines. It had the best gameplay innovations of the game, with the Iron Boot-metallic surface connection, the Key Shards, and the wonderful use of the Hero's Bow. The music was great too, really made it a breeze to listen too. The boss was easy but still fun, same with the mini-boss.

My least favourite is easily the City in the Sky. I absolutely hated everything about the dungeon, from the music the mini-boss to the stupid wind things. Too me, the City in the Sky is the worst dungeon in the entire series.

I see that a lot of people are complaining that. The PoT and HC dungeons were bad because they were too short. I personally didnt mind the length because they had fairly complex puzzles and enemies.

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