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  • Legend of Zelda
    Adventure of Link
    A Link to the Past
    Link's Awakening
    Ocarina of Time
    Majora's Mask
    Oracle of Seasons
    Oracle of Ages
    Minish Cap
    Twilight Princess

    I definitely wish I had access to my TWW copy, but I traded it to my friend for a game that I sold. :< oh, sorry for the random VM, it was my weird way of saying "Hi, I love your Avy" ^^
    I know right?! Except for Faron. :dry: Why can't she just face it that Link's the chosen hero?
    I have:
    Twilight Princess (wii)
    Skyward Sword
    Spirit tracks
    MM (wii)
    OoT (wii)
    LoZ (wii)
    AoL (wii)
    aLTtP (wii)
    I just got all of the VC Wii LoZ games.
    Hm, it is a hard one. I might have to go with the Song of the Hero portion. :D
    No problem! Zelda was great in Skyward Sword, but Link was....... Link was too great! <3 :lol:
    Welcome to the forums! Is Zelda your favorite character from Skyward Sword? ;)
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