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Nyanko Sensei
Oct 18, 2007
The Netherlands
Well i'm quite curious.
Does members had or has multiple Names over the internet or in online gaming?

My first time ever on a forum i called myself "Deadstrike"
And my current username here on ZD has never chanced for these past couple of years.
Also, with Wifi games or any other game that you have to give your character a name (except Zelda games) I go by the Name X-Treme. I don't know how the hell i came up with that name but i tought is was a cool name.
I tought changing my current name on ZD to this name, but yeah i have a lot of history with my current ZD name. So thats the reason i never changed it.


Sep 15, 2008
Well... I'm skull_kid in this community, chapelofresonance forums(a castlevania forum),nintenforum-pt(a portuguese nintendo forum) and serebii

then at metroid2002 i'm Luna Aran, wich was my first forum, even before this one(a couple of days before, or so)

When I registered here, I was going through a playthrough of MM and I was really enjoying replaying it, and loving the skull kid character, so I ended up using this username.
I only registered in ChapelofResonance, Nintenforum and Serebii quite recently, so, I decided to use SK as well, cause I've grown accostumed to being called that


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
On my first forum (insidegamer.nl) I was known as zeldagirl (how original) for some months. When I registered at Zeldadungeon I decided to use one of my nicknames which is Smitie. I got used to this name and when I screwed up some settings at insidegamer I made a new account with the name Smitie. Since then I use the name Smitie for all internet stuff and if the name is not available I use Smitie1405
Nov 20, 2008
On my first online "venue" I was known as link6386, this was Gaia. Then I got banned because I was a victim of gold scamming. I created a new account there called Daytonpride12. I got bored with that name and changed it to captain_jack_sparrow12.

Soon after that I fell in love with the Kingdom hearts series and joined KHInsider forums with the name KH3 for the Wii. After that I stared joining some of my friends' start-up forums with the name Master Link.

I've kept that name through most of my forum experience, except for a few times where I used "Terminian Took" (based of off Hylian Hobbit :P).

The name does seem a little bland, so I'm currently trying to find a new one I like.


Sage of Tales
I'm Shadsie at most places.

I'm Lady Shadowcat over on the fanfiction network and on the Trigun message board I go to - Trinut. This is a throwback to older days.

The Evolution of My Online Handle:

Upon first gettinng an interent ready computer at home and discovering the world of fanfiction writing, I decided I needed a name. I looked down at my little gray cat, Shadow, and boom: "Shadowcat."

(I found out later, much to my embarassment, that this was an X-Men comics charracter I'd never heard of. I was mistaken for a fan of that character. Sigh).

I was known as "Shadowcat" in Pokemon fandom circles. I eventually started going by Lady Shadowcat when I found a few other "Shadowcats" out there (particularly on the fanfiction network). Most of my friends called me "Shadsie" or "Shads," so I just picked Shadsie and stuck with it, leaving the "Lady Shadowcat" name up at places where I'm too lazy to change it.

Back when I was into the Left Behind books *shudders, trying not to remember those days* I was on the message board for them as "Shadsie Darkchristian" and I got quite a bit of stern talking to by suspicious "uber-holy" people who didn't quite like the "Dark" in my name, nor that I was open that my other favorite books at the time were high fantasy (Tolkien and such). Some people just cannot accept that there are those of us who acknoweldge that the Bible is R rated and that life is a brutal thing... "darkness" and all. I left those boards years ago.

At a Christian anime board (to which I also never want to return), I was Haibane Shadsie - owing to my love of the anime "Haibane Renmei" which was at a fever-pitch at the time...

Let's see.... I go by Shadsie Saverem over on AIM... it's a name I'm too lazy to change. The "Saverem" bit is from the anime, Trigun. It's the last name of a character who sacrifices herself to save many people. Some of the fandom hates her, I'm one of the ones who always loved her, so... I took her name.

I went by "Lushdesolation" for a while on Live Journal, having created the journal when I lived in Arizona. It comes from a line of a poem I once wrote about the Sonoran Desert being a place of "lush desolation."

I think I still have the "Lonesomepudding" name over on Journalfen - but I don't go there anymore and only created the account to defend myself and friends on Fandom Wank when people would put us up there for mockery. Let me tell you, once you're put on there, defending or explaining your actions, or even calliing for a little mercy does not work. Everyone's pretty much already judged you as worthless, end of story. I think the name came out of something Trigunnish, but I can't remember the exact origin, and it it doesn't mattter, as it's a long dead account. I only note it because I think that name is still on the JF system.

You asked for aliases, you got them.

Pretty much, though, in current use are Shadsie, Lady Shadowcat and Shadsie Saverem - that's it.


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
Jeez, it is tough to follow that up Shadsie...

But I am mainly known for Nintendo_Master. I also go by my real name for e-mail and other personal things (Only true internet friends know my name;)). I think I named myself The Majora on another site, but I cna't remember what site it was...

But overall, i am mainly known as the Nintendo Master.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
I'm known as "Zeruda" everywhere. I never really used any other alias. I guess it's because "Zelda" is never an available nickname, especially in TLoZ communities. Over at ZU, I use the katakana form since somebody decided register "Zeruda" and never use it. But it's still "Zeruda".

I've considered using a new alias... but, I just can't see myself getting used to anything else.


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
This is pretty much my universal name.
When I joined my first forum (a Mario kart forum) back in 2003, I wanted the name YOSHI, as Yoshi is my favourite Mario character. YOSHI was taken, but I wanted to keep it in my name, so I just stuck the year on the end. Thus YOSHI2003 was born.
People gave me many nicknames on the forum, such as Yoshi or Y2003, but if I was referring to myself (*coughfanficcough*) I'd shorten it as much as I could, so I called myself Y2K3.
When I first joined ZD, I wanted to call myself YOSHI2003, but I figured Zelda fans mightn't like Yoshi too much, so I just used the shortened Y2K3. :P
I've pretty much used it everywhere since then.

My AIM name is MKCs YOSHI2003. MKC being the Mario Kart forum, and YOSHI2003 being my user name. I only signed up on AIM because I was taking with some friends I met through the forum, and MSN went down, so we all installed it so we could continue to talk. :P
My E-mail is simply my name, and Skype is simply yoshi_2003.

I'm sticking with this one, 'cause I like it, and it's much easier to remember one name. haha


Dec 3, 2008
Hrmm.. Good question Oni. I almost always go by the name Kazumi. It's my general Internet name. I also name my characters in Pokemon or other games like that Kazumi. So if you see a Kazumi, it may be me. Also, in real life my alias is Kazumi Konata... Just in case I might need an alias.. Because I have to go undercover or something.. I don't know. I was just asked if I had an alias once by my friend, so that's what I thought of. Cool, eh? Not so much..

I don't really know where I got the name Kazumi. I know it's a real Japanese name, but I didn't know that when I thought of it. I believe I was looking at good names, and I thought Kasumi was a good name. But since I wanted to give it my own personal touch, and I like "Z"s more then "S"s, I changed it to Kazumi. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
Apr 10, 2009
When I fist joined the Anubis Boards, I decided for fun to have the screen name "Kokiri Kid" just like my now husband, even if we had our genders show up and completely different avatars, people still got mixed and some people asked us to change that. I changed my display name to "Kokiri Kid 2", hence my avatar acronym. I like shortening my name taht way, is convenient; Anyway, as you can see, Kokiri Kirl is kind of a reminder of those days. =]

Kokiri Kirl is unique enough, so I am sure if you see it somnewhere else, it most likely will be me. Though I think I rather stick with Kaynil.

In the Hyrule Kingdom, I used "Dark Rinku" as well as in Final Fantasy Paradise. But all this mentions are the rare ones and not the often used ones. It became awkward to hear "Rinku" and "she/her" in the same sentence, so I ended up trying to impose Kaynil again.

This names are a weirrd event, taht is why I can remeber them so well. xD

My base use name and the one I'll go to is "Kaynil" if you see "Kaynil Roczuz" then there's no doubt, it is me. Roczuz is a nick set from my highschool and my second choice when signing up, when Kaynil is already in use. (My third choice is Keiniru, but I really haven't had to use it yet.)


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Well, my alias name on the internet mainly revolves around the one I currently have which is knowlee. When that one is taken I usually use knowlee_raven or knowleeraven, depending on which one the site will let me use (due to character restraints).

The reason why I choose that particular name is because it was the name of a fanfic character that I had a while back. Then one day I when I was signing up for something on the internet, I couldn't figure what I wanted to call myself. I then decided to take on the name of that particular fanfic character that I had created. Since then, I've taken her name as my own.
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There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I've oddly only had 3 main ones.

I was originally RobinIII back in the late 90's, which was a reference to Tim Drake, the third Robin in Batman comics. I used it when I started The World's Finest site.

After that, I was gra007, but I abandoned that because there seems to be hundreds of gra007's online, and I was starting to be confused with those people by some. Some of these gra007's were not upstanding individuals, so I didn't want to be associated with them. This was three letters on my computer speaker at the time, plus James Bond's 007.

With both of those no longer in use, now I use basement24. I really wish I'd thought of something a bit more clever to have here that was Zelda related... Oh well.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
I have different aliases besides this one, yes. In fact, I don't use this one anywhere else. I typically go by Kenpari, or the older alias Kyjin, which I stole from a member at this forum, Alexander. :) Other than those two and Kybyrian, I don't go by anything else anymore.

Hylian Hobbit

Delightfully Delicious ;P
Aug 20, 2008
I've had a few aliases over the internet, but I mostly just go by Hylian Hobbit. Especially on Zelda forums. It was the name I used on my first Zelda forum, and I've used it ever since. It keeps me from having to be creative and come up with a new name. :)

Other than that, I went by 'Eldestelda' on an Inheritance forum (Eragon) called Inheritance Forums (go figure). It was my first forum apart from the little RPG one my friend made. I had joined IF a couple of years ago, and thought that my user name was so awesome. Until about two months later and then I was sick of it. :P I then cursed my bad naming skills. I no longer go there, though.

I used Brandalf for my ZU account that I've never really used. But then changed it to Hylian Hobbit after about 5 months of not doing anything there.

And I've also gone by Chris_Aldo, halflingguy, and Hobbit Lord. But they were used for accounts that I never used much.

Pretty boring. But after all, I am a rather boring person. :)

silent lion

Nov 5, 2007
Me, I'm Silent Lion almost everywhere. On my own http://www.darknessilluminates.proboards.com]forums, though, I wanted to start something different so I used Dark Explorer, and I've used it a few places since so increasingly that's my username now. But generally, I'll be Silent Lion, here, at zeldagamers.com, legendofzelda.com, zeldadimension.net before it was hacked, zeldapoint. [email protected] 's my msn, go figure. On Bebo I'm tool_of_nature, on myspace I'm Nomad Soul and on Photobucket and Runescape (when I played it) I'm nightsaviour coz that was my backup at the time and Silent Lion was taken. Generally, though, I'm Silent Lion. I igured it had a nice ring to it, and I've a lot of history with this username.
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