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adjective spaceman
Feb 2, 2009
Oh, where shall I start? I've had many over the years. My first online name I decided to make was quite idiotic, but I'll tell you anyway. It was "Alexrecess" based off my first name and my favorite thing at school. :xd: I kept that for a while, and used it on RuneScape. I'm pretty sure I made that up when I was only 7 years old but I don't use it much anymore.

Another one of the usernames I made was for "Pokemon Crater", a Pokemon site that was shut down a while ago. I used the username "You are cool!", for some apparent reason, I guess I'm terrible at making names. Another one I also used on Pokemon Crater was "Alexkazam", based of Alakazam. I never used those, like Alexrecess, ever again.

After a while, I made the username "Pure2range32", on RuneScape, and I used "Pure2Range" on the first forums I joined. The SoulFu Community forums, but I didn't really end up liking that boring name in the outcome either.

My next username I used was on the Egoboo Community Forums, it was "Axel", unlike Axle the Beast's Axle, I put the 'e' before the l. I made it up when drawing robots with my friend, then naming him Axel after rearranging the letters in my name to make it. Oddly enough, there was another user there named the same as me, but we "Max" at the start. Also coincidently, he made it up the same way (by rearranging letters in his name).

Soon, when I restarted playing Artix Entertainment Games, I joined the forums of AE. There I used the username "Avenger of Ice", and had some sort of Frost Dragon avatar. After leaving, my account was pruned.

Finally, I made the alias "ShellShocker", which is from a few things that I love. Overall, I really like that username. Here is how I got it: Since I really love the Pokemon series, the first movie I watched (or one of the first) was the first Pokemon movie: Mewtwo vs. Mew. In the movie, there was a female character who had a Blastoise. I remember her saying "Go, Shell Shocker!". I also got it from playing Mario Party 2, in which one of my favorite mini games in that is "Shell Shocked". Eventually, I started using that as my online alias, but kept it without a space because some online places don't allow spaces.

Today, I continue to use ShellShocker for almost everything. With some exceptions, like PhotoBucket, I use ShellShocker2Range (which is a mixture of Pure2Range and ShellShocker), or in Artix Entertainment's MMO, AQWorlds, I use "Mage of Madness".


Sep 20, 2008
Oh ..well i've had a few alias's over the internet. but i mostly stick with Arkvoodle.
Other names i've used include:
The Dark One
Emporor Menengitus
Flint Cragley
and a few others that i can't remember..
Jan 8, 2009
I lack creativity when it comes to online aliases. So, I use "Mandi" (my name) pretty much everywhere. I also, use "Mandi151993". My age, and the year I was born :P So yeah...pretty interesting.:rolleyes:

Twili Kid

Many pointless questions
Jun 20, 2009
I dont remeber all of them ( I have way to many) but here are some

Here I'm known as Twili kid for the reason Twili are cool and I'm under 18 years old and Twili anything else doesn't seem right to me.

In MapleStory I am/was known as Legoboy67 for the reason I am a fan of Legos
And when pirates class came out I made a new character CaptCornXP Because Capt relates to pirates and the rest is for a reason I don't know

In Serebii I was known as Lucario+ but I only made one post and the community weirded me out. I really just use the site for game info.

in AQWorlds I go by xdracocasterx for unknown reasons and in the fourms I go by PieDemon for my cliche of loving pie.

My alias is for Perfect World International is xPikaElitex because Pokemon Platnuim just came out and pokemon was on my mind.

On both my Wii and DS settings I am DJ9000. DJ being my initials and 9000 being a cool number
Nov 26, 2008
I have loads.

Back in the good old days, my username was always "Terrorlord." I occasionally used a few other names, such as "Stinky-Bot78."

Later on I used Axle the Beast, but then started switching like crazy. Azon the Devourer. Dark Rahu. Chaotic Axle. Nightshark. Axle the Magical Zombie.

I finally went back to Axle the Beast, and I've been using it ever since.

Although I still use a couple of crazy names for my characters in online games, such as MMORPGs. Here's some: "Lion-Axe," "Wolfcry," "SkullGlider," "WindyLance," "Burning Axle," "Knightshark."


I have several usernames on the internet, each references to something about me or something I like.

Blood Wolf

Hmmmmmmm, let's see. I've got like, over one hundred alias' on an RPG I play online, Salander Pawthorn on almost everywhere I go, Blood-Wolf-Brother on Dev. Art, Midnight Fox on the EDN and HF, Salander Pawthorn on COC *see link in sig for COC*, Midnight Fox for my artists' Forum Board Amaryllis' Blossoming, hmmmmmm, Blood Wolf here. Oh, Silent Whisperer on a Silent Hill Board, Matthew Church on a Silent Hill RPG board, and I believe that's all.


My main alias online has been "Akira" for over five years. Problem is, alot of people love that name (it's a well known anime), so it's hard to get the name "Akira" on boards, games, etc.

So one day I had to come up with something else, so "Spirit of Akira" came to be and shortened to "Soa". 307 is my birthday, March 7th. And there you have it, Soa307... Now that I think about it, I should've checked to see if Akira was available haha.


These have been my only names...Yoshi FTW, ..::[D]rakengarD #Strike (on counter-strike source), and ninjuh quick.
Aug 3, 2009
Central Arkansas
Well, I'm known as Raddy nearly everywhere I've been now, but I have a slight history with Jayrad. It's a special name to me. As is Raddy, but this one seems to be more special.

But, in order from first to last, my names have been:

Radkin: Name of a skin in a game. A newb at the time, and was never good at coming up with names of my own. >_>

VRN|Radkin: VRN being my clan's tag in a game. >_> Yeah, again, I was a newb at the time.


Raddy: Given to me by a friend whom I've had over the Zelda Community for almost three years now, Ti-Link at ZU.

Jayrad: Given to me by an almost completely inactive ZU'er, Dulcie, whom I found one of the most special people I've known, who's been predicted to... pass soon due to issues.

So, yeah... Name's I've used over the Zelda Community over the past near three years. I could tell EVERYTHING I'm called, but that'd techically be spam/off-topic.

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