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silent lion
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  • Hello person. You're a very old member. I'm not as old as you however I have been here a long time.
    Very Happy Birthday!!! Get lots of presents and don't forget to have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cake cake cake cake cake, chocolate!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Silent Lion! I hope that you have lots of fun! Don't forget to stuff yourself with cake (Not literally :P)
    I don't mind to fill in the survey for you, but I don't know what D.O.B. means D:
    I'm fine thanks. How is the weather in Wales? We have sunshine right now, but wednesday was full time rain day :(.

    Do you like the student life so far? :P
    Quick note about your thread.

    It has a lot of good ideas, and if you could make several threads dealing with the numerous topics you cover, you might have opportunities to draw from your essay.

    Other people reading your profile won't have a clue what I'm talking about, but consider this an addendum to the PM. I need to stick to what's good for the MD, but I like your posts and hope you still make specific topics on the subjects you cover.
    I currently have the subjects plant physiology, animal physiology and biophysics D:
    uhm, I'm studying the study of life to be exact *coughbiologyisawesomenesscough*

    I wish I had holiday again, but I have to wait until christmas D:
    oh and does your new Minish cap game work, I hope it doesn't destroy the GBA/DS :P
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