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  1. MidnaOfTheTwili

    What is Your Least Favorite Enemy in the Zelda Series?

    Like-Likes, without a doubt. They look gross, they sound gross, and they can steal your tunic and shield. Incredibly annoying, especially when you're trapped in a tiny room with one.
  2. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Most Intimidating Character in SS?

    I'm going to have to go with the Silent Realm Guardians on this one. But Demise is a very close second.
  3. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    The Imprisoned, for sure. All the other bosses were fun and easy, for the most part. The first time he was easy, the second time he was a little harder but still easy, and the third time was ridiculously challenging. I died so many times until I got it.
  4. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess

    This is really hard to say. I'm going to have to consider a lot of factors before I decide. Both are really amazing games, my two favorites. First factor: Graphics. Both games had very nice graphics that matched the overall style of the game. TP's more realistic style fits the dark theme of the...
  5. MidnaOfTheTwili

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    I was absolutely terrified the first time. Before I got Skyward Sword, I had a magazine that introduced a little bit of the game to give you a taste. It talked about one of the dungeons, and one of the silent realms. I read abut the silent realms, and it scared me. I thought it was gunna be...
  6. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Funniest Zelda Game to Date?

    I love all the humor in Skyward Sword. Sometimes even the word choices they give you are funny. I was talking to Groose at the beginning of the game, and do you guys remember how one of the choices for a response is "Nice hair." when he's bugging you? XD I laughed when I saw that. Even Fi has...
  7. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Majora's Mask I Need Help/Advice with One of the Mini-bosses.

    Thanks for your help, guys. I'll look into these suggestions when I feel like trying again, hahaha. (:
  8. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Majora's Mask I Need Help/Advice with One of the Mini-bosses.

    Yeah, same here. Least favorite temple, least favorite miniboss EVER. Yeah, I WAS using the hookshot to clear off the bubbles. But like I said, once the numbers got low, it got hard to L-Target. And I did have my shield up when I used the Blast Mask (when I remembered, haha. sometimes I...
  9. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Majora's Mask I Need Help/Advice with One of the Mini-bosses.

    So, I'm replaying MM at the moment, and I just reached the Great Bay Temple. I got to the room with the mini-boss, that giant eyeball with the bubbles surrounding it. I tried and I tried and I tried, and every time I shot the eye, the bubbles would surround me and kill me. So I decided to clear...
  10. MidnaOfTheTwili

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    Exactly. If Zelda modernized so much as Link would use a gun, I would never touch another Zelda game again. It just wouldn't be Zelda anymore. That would be stupid. Besides, it takes away from the adventure. Getting cool new items would be pointless because he could kill anything or anyone with...
  11. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Which Transformation Would You Want?

    I would be a Zora because I like water :D
  12. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Zelda Enemies

    Probably an Iron Knuckle or something, because those things are just awesome. Something like that. :D
  13. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Most Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done in Any Zelda Game

    UGH, I did that after the Snowhead Temple. I had to go and collect them all again. It was such a pain.
  14. MidnaOfTheTwili

    What Kind of Temples Do You Want?

    Forest, Fire and Water are traditional, those had better be in there or I will be mad. I hope there is NOT a shadow temple or anything of the sort, because that was my least favorite temple in OoT. I hated it. If they do a desertish spirit temple type, that'll be fine. I don't really have a...
  15. MidnaOfTheTwili

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I currently own these: 1. A green jacket with Link on it 2. A Hylian Shield mint container (it came with mints in it, but I ate them all XD) I am currently in the process of ordering: 1. This poster...
  16. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Epona Vs Train!

    That just made my day. :D Ahahaha, nerds ftw... But anyway, even though the train travel was cool, I prefer Epona (:
  17. MidnaOfTheTwili

    If Link Died?

    I would not like that, I would be very upset if they killed Link off.
  18. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    I agree with you on the point that it DOESN'T MATTER whether he's left or right handed. But what I don't agree with you on is that you don't think they should all be named Link. Link is the one hero in all the games and if they changed his name or changed him, it would make the whole series...
  19. MidnaOfTheTwili

    One Word

    Breathtaking. Every new game and every new twist never ceases to amaze me ((:
  20. MidnaOfTheTwili

    You Guys Are Gonna Love This

    That's freaking AWESOME. :D I do love this.
  21. MidnaOfTheTwili

    What Do You Do when You Get Stumped in a Dungeon?

    I linger in the room and look around first, but if I can't find anything in that specific room, then I look at the map and explore rooms that I haven't been in yet, backtracking through the dungeon. If that doesn't work, which it usually does, then I eventually consult the ZD walkthroughs. But I...
  22. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Time of Day

    Exactly. That would be a big problem, especially if you weren't given a song or such to control the time. It would take too long to switch from day to night or vise versa, and it would get boring to have to sit and wait for hours, and it would be EXTREMELY annoying to have to wait until a...
  23. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Spoiler Most Useless Zelda Item

    You wouldn't have been able to get through the forest without the lantern. Even if you knew where you were going because of the map, how do you intend to get past the fog? Yeah, that's right, with the LANTERN. It's useful. :) Besides, you need it to light torches and it's so much nicer to be...
  24. MidnaOfTheTwili

    If There's One Thing I Don't Understand About the Zelda Series...

    Zelda doesn't need to be logical ((: we love it for it's sense of fantasy and adventure. If it was so realistic, it wouldn't be that interesting. I understand why you're curious though, I just don't think it's that big of a deal. I never really stopped to think about it before.
  25. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Spoiler Most Useless Zelda Item

    The Deku Nut in MM. I found those useful because I could use them to kill the Dragonflies (before I got the Bow and Arrows. After I got the bow I just used that) and stun the bugs on the bridges. The Blast Mask? Don't even get me started. I have used that SO many times since I got it. What...
  26. MidnaOfTheTwili

    A New Saving System in Skyward Sword?

    Blech, it sure seems that they are going to be used for saving and teleporting as mentioned on this thread. Which is useful, but I still MUCH prefer being able to save whenever I need to like in OoT and such.
  27. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Spoiler 'Zelda' Testimony

    Wow, that was incredible. XDD Very touching. Legend of Zelda is definetely amazing, I agree with you on that(:
  28. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time Is Dark Link Really That Hard

    The thing that makes him hard is that he copies your moves and can use your moves against you if you do a certain sword strike. But if you get past those obstacles in ways stated below, he is fairly easy to beat. He can copy your moves, however, he doesn't have the items you have. I used the...
  29. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time Adult Link Temple Order

    Technically, you could be complicated and go all out of order, but this is the nice, normal, simple way to do it: Forest Fire Ice Cavern Water Bottom of the Well Shadow Spirit That's prettymuch the way that the game maker's intended, and it's the simplest.
  30. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Majora's Mask What Happened to Navi?

    Well, there's one thing I don't understand. It is stated that OoT is the prequel to MM. But Link is an adult at the end of OoT. How does he go from being an adult to jumping to being a kid in the next game in the timeline? Unless he goes back to being a kid before the game series moves on? But...
  31. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Possible Earlier Release of Skyward Sword

    I've heard many sources saying it's just gunna be November-December. But I do hope it comes out sooner(:
  32. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Redeads Good or Bad?

    I hate the ReDeads. I hope they never appear in any of the Zelda games ever again. Same with the like-likes. Ughh. The Bottom of the Well, the Graveyard, Market Town (as an adult) and the Shadow Temple. My four least favorite places in the entire OoT game. The spawn points for all ReDeads. They...
  33. MidnaOfTheTwili

    The Better Game

    Minish Cap was good, I enjoyed it, but Spirit Tracks was MUCH better. :) Phantom Hourglass was okay, but DEFINETELY my least favorite out of the three. Spirit Tracks was just adorable and fun. ((: Minish Cap could be confusing at times, but was still enjoyable. But really, everyone has...
  34. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Redeads- Who Are They?

    They're just the zombie corpses of dead Hylians. Nothing more, don't give it too much thought (:
  35. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time Should I Buy Ocarina of Time 3DS?

    I'm thinking the same thing you are, like it might not be worth the money to buy Oot 3D. It's basically the same game, just with different graphics for a different console. For me, I don't really see the point. Another factor against it is the fact that I don't have a 3DS, and probably won't be...
  36. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Everyone Think the Water Temple is So Hard?

    The water temple isn't really hard, persay, it's just confusing, because there are so many doors and options in one room (the big main room) that you don't know where to start or where to go next. I used to always use a walkthrough for it, but in my last playthrough where I was doing the 3...
  37. MidnaOfTheTwili

    So THIS is Where Wind Waker Got It's Visual Style!

    I honestly don't think the graphics are really similar.
  38. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Twilight Princess Did You Notice?

    Yes, I've noticed it, but it's nothing we really need to make a big matter about. So he has a triforce (or just one triangle?) hanging on his house. Considering everyone ought to be loyal to the Royal Family and that Link has one of the triforce pieces himself, it's natural it should be there...
  39. MidnaOfTheTwili

    What Do You Think It Would Be Like if the Zelda Series Never Existed?

    The Zelda series is what I call myself a gamer for because that's all I really play, but it counts. So my gamer status would disappear as would my status as a Zelda Nerd XDD Every single one of my friends knows me as Zelda Nerd, and I'm proud :D I would feel somewhat empty inside. Zelda is my...
  40. MidnaOfTheTwili

    You Know You've Been Playing Zelda Too Long/are a Zelda Fan When...

    76. You're always drawing triforces on your hand. 77. Certain breathing sounds reminds you of the ice creatures in the Ice Cavern in OoT that blow ice at you (my band director was showing how to do breathing gym and made a sound that sounded exactly like it) 78. Your friend who never even knew...
  41. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time OOT PRONOCIATION Questions

    Ocarina - I say ah-ka-ree-na, but I have a few friends who say oh-ka-ree-na. Kakariko - Kah-kuh-ree-ko. I can't see any different pronounciation than that. Deku - Deh-koo. That's how I say it, anyway. Kokiri - Koh-keer-ee Myamoto - My-ah-moh-toh Tunic - too-nick Epona - now, I say Epona funky. I...
  42. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time How to Make Re-Deads Ignore You

    Thank you Xinnamin (: And they have OoT for a PC/virtual console?
  43. MidnaOfTheTwili

    If You Could Roam Hyrule...

    Probably either Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia from TP (I love sliding down the waterfall, the cannon game, flying up the river on that giant monster, soo fun :D) or Gerudo's Fortress from OoT. That place is awesome (:
  44. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Ocarina of Time How to Make Re-Deads Ignore You

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywc77bMs54M&NR=1 This video shows someone charging their sword (magic or no magic) and as you do so, the Re-Deads ignore you even if you walk right in front of them, but only if you're charging your sword. So, I watched the video, and decided to try it. I went...
  45. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Hate for ReDeads.

    I knoww, I HATE them with a passion! They're my second least favorite enemy. My first least favorite enemy are the like-likes. Ughhhh. But anyway, watch this and go WOAH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywc77bMs54M&NR=1 It's showing you that if you keep your spin attack charging, magic or no...
  46. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Female Gorons?

    I don't think that's the issue, because in OoT, they didn't have an issue with giving female zoras boobs and not giving her clothes. It would probably be the same thing with a female goron, subtly giving them female parts without a lot of detail, such as Princess Ruto. Besides, what if some...
  47. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Why is Zelda So Popular?

    Zelda's just so amazing I'm having trouble putting it into words, but I'll try. (: Every game is different, it keeps you interested. Although, they still keep to the same basic line that everyone knows and loves. Link saves the day :D But they all have their own twists and turns, ups and...
  48. MidnaOfTheTwili

    General Modern Best Graphics/Style Of Zelda Game?

    I love all the graphics and I think they fit their games well. Wind Waker just has such a childish, cartoonish and fun feel to it, so it makes the game even more adorable and fits it well. The more realistic style of Twilight Princess fits well the intensity and seriousness of the game. They...
  49. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Do the Names of Zelda Games Have No Meaning to the Game

    What are you talking about, they make sense! (MM and ST do, I haven't played aLttP though.) Majora's Mask: The entire game about getting the Majora's Mask from the skull kid. That name makes perfect sense. Spirit Tracks: The tracks are referred to as the Spirit Tracks throughout the whole game...
  50. MidnaOfTheTwili

    Would You Date Link?

    Pshh, of course. I'd marry him. xDDD
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