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  • I think I have put a crazy amount of research into some posts, but I think that is again dropping reality and typing what comes to mind.
    Sup, Random Person here. I just saw your sig and wanted to tell you that I love it. Though its simple, it really pleases my eyes. It may be because the artist of that picture is one of my favorite Zelda artsis, but still, I love how you incorporated it.
    Oh you're right! That is really cute~ :3

    And yeah I'm not sure why Link was like that. I think it was just the Link 3D model that the maker used....it's fanmade anyway so it's not perfect~ ^^

    ......I squealed a lot when they kissed though xD
    It is awesome ;) I could stare at it for a really long time....*tears eyes away* hehe~
    And absolutely! I love the Zelda x Link pairing, I think they were made for each other :zelda: It would be wonderful if they actually could marry at the end of one of the games!

    You should join the ZeLinkers organization by the way, they support the Zelda x Link pairing! ;)
    (just click on the picture! :) :zelda:)
    Hey there! Just wanted to tell you that I find the spinning triforce in your signature very mesmerizing! :3
    Also, I support the Zelda x Link pairing as well~ They're cute! :) :zelda:
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