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  • Ugh, I don't have a digi camera!!!!!! Well anyways, I hung the picture on my wall ( I love it)!!! If you have any more anime pics then just show me! I love to redraw things :)
    Meh don't worry about it, I know what it feels like hating something and want to get rid of that anger.
    no, no, no, it's fine.
    I was just asking. I don't mind.
    *but zeldafreak does not mind the new 60 character thing*
    Did my opinion of malinks make your profile pic?
    *zeldafreak asks why the the minimum is 60 characters*
    Yep. Bigger and more powerful. Unfortnately, If I make its name much longer by making it more powerful, I will not be able to say its name in one sentence without suffocating. And i don't wish to incapacitate myslef while saying its name, so.....
    omg now that i saw that pic of that anime girl, i cant stop drawing anime!!! i am a really good artist and you should see the pic i drew, ill try to get a pic of it and show you. :)
    lol thats okay! i thought the trailor looked a little cheesy in some parts but i thought it looked really cool though. i loved how they showed the bosses in it too, that was awesome. and its cool if that was an actual movie because then you could be like ''oh yeah i remember that from oot!!'' but ya it was pretty cool :)
    no prob :) well im a girl so i cant say if she is cute or anything lol but i deff thought the oot pic is awesome ! ! !
    Yup. ^^ I've been trying to get a spot on the top poster list for a while, and I finally made it. I just hope it lasts. :P
    Yup! Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and Dark Cloud are my favorite game series.
    Ds9? ew, it was just. . . . . ew. lol

    Oh wow, I LOVE your profile picture! Where did you get it? I want one! :P
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