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    Hmm. Are you a member of the Zelda Universe forums?
    AM I A FAN! AM I A FAN! Am I? lol

    ooo! Yes, those episodes were awesomeness. Have you seen all of series?
    ..... That pic is a parody of those "I want you to vote!" posters, with Vaati instead of that wierd guy.
    thanks, i'm rather fond of it, and quite surprised someone asked me about it, i've always wanted someone to ask about my art :D
    my avatar is of a very scared woman in an old tomb, she just saw a big spider, that's the back story anyway, i drew her, the full picture is on my deviant art gallery, though not much was cut off.
    Wait, how did that happen?! I FORGOT TO CONGRATULATE YOU! *Feels bad*.
    Anyways, congratulations on your awesome purple color =D. Oh, and now you need to update the color of that gigantic "VER-GO-A-GO-GO" in you sig, lol.
    well, i deleted my old one cuz i made a new one cuz i didn't know that you had to enter a five digit number to update it...
    so i made a new one!
    hey, you're purple! congratulations.
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