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  • I'm going for 100 before 12am his EST... it's pretty much in the bag but I wanna take a picture.
    Your welcome, I can give you a hint to were I sugest getting roms. The rom place I go to is 'cool'. That place's forums has PSX roms and there are some ROMs missing.
    Okay, first of all, you click on my name and post there, otherwise, it is like you are talking to yourself. For N64, I sugest Project64.
    Here is what I use:

    NES: VirtualNES
    SNES: snes9x
    GB/GBC: DreamGBC
    GBA/DS: No$GBA (with No$Zoomer)
    N64: Project64
    Play Station 1: pSX (not everyone can do this.
    Game Cube: (I can't use it myself.)
    PS2: (I can't use it myself.)
    Wii: (I can't use it myself.)
    PS3: (Is there one?)

    I hear a good emulator for the GBC and the Wii is the 'Dolphin', but my computer does not support it. I posted them in difficulty of use. GBA goes were I put it, but DS goes between N64 and PSX. I do not understand how people use the Wii at all on a computer. > .>'

    PS: I can go as far as pSX.
    ok sweet...do you recommend any emulaters for Oot or MM? (i have them just sometimes i like playing around with glitches and stuff)
    Okay, I can sugest emulators but not ROMs. No$GBA is good. It is an emulator for the Gameboy Advance and the DS. It has problems on a lot of DS titles, but perfect with GBA games. But, if you get No$Zoomer and use it with GBA, you get better usage with your DS games. So far, no DS games work badly with Zoomer. The only problems I have is with saving, but that depends on the ROM you get.

    Some games require a microphone, so you will either need to hook one up with a USB, or get your file for that game from the battery folder (were your saved progress is) and give it to someone who can use a mic. Then, they get past that part with it and save, then they give you back that file and you continue on. In PH, you will need it a few times, but in ST, you use it constantly! For that reason, ST is not worth it, but PH is. That is why I have not completed ST or AoL. (AoL for the difficulty...)

    Games I sugest is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Dayes. Use Google to find that, I can't post it because it is illegal to distribute roms, but emulators are not.


    That link is for No@GBA and No@Zoomer together. All you have to do is unzip them and put them inside the same folder. The GBA will create folders within its own folders for things like battery. By itself it comes with the emulator and a README, but the Zoomer should come with its own files. Zoomer will not work if it is put in a place away from GBA. Zoomer makes things a JPG-like quality, but it can be maxamised. You can still use GBA if you put zoomer in your folder. Hope you enjoy! ^ -^
    who ever see's this...please help me out. when people post stuff theres a picture and quotes from stuff, how do you do that? im just kinda confused and it would be nice if people could help out...thanks : )

    NVM!!!!! I FOUND IT = )
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