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The Skull Kid
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  • yeah! got SSB for my birthday! like the original! the graphics are so bad they're good! hahaha its awesome
    What do you get!? A Moon!!
    Happy Birthday! :D Hope you spend it well (x
    Lol as I'm going to assume that is a joke! If you're serious, then I don't even know what to respond with...
    ...I hope I can do that. I have to download the font, but whatever, I like the font anyway. Actually, I was thinking of downloading it anyway! I'll get on that right now!
    I'm actually almost done! It's lookin' pretty creppy right now! All I need to know is, do you want the font to be regular (Garamond), the Hylian language from TP or the Hylian language from TWW?
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