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The Skull Kid
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  • Oh, I see.
    I have already tried the Animal Crossing for the DS, but I didn't like it much.
    Do you have a DS?
    If there was a Zelda game app (and if I actually had an iPod Touch)... my A's would turn into F's. I'd rather have Zelda at school, so I'll most likely deal with my bad grades later...
    thnx man, my favorite tv quote of all time lol. if only mustard was an instrument.......(*SIGH*)
    I see.
    Well, I play Mario too, Final Fantasy, I started playing Metroid some time ago, and I guess I basically play every game that I think might be funny :D
    What's AC:CF?
    I see , my first zelda game i bought was Spirit Tracks , the other games were gifts to or borrowed . lol :D
    I looking foward to Skyward Sword , but i am afraid of the price................but i will still buy it . Can't put a price on Zelda , lol
    It's pretty cool to see people with the Original name . Not "The Skull Kid28537" or "XxSkull KidxX" . What i am trying to say is that i like original names , like you .

    I like my name , Master . But I love you name much more .
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