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  • Yeah, it is!
    I remember when I still studied music that there was a woman who could play songs in the Piano and in the Harpsichord with almost no mistakes, just looking at the sheet music for the first time!
    It was so cool...
    Yeah! Have just seen it!
    It's so amazing! I'm still hearing songs from his youtube channel :P
    Unfortunally, I don't know much about Ragtime.
    I just know it's a tradicional American style of music '-'
    But if I would start playing again I would like to learn how to play the piano, because I would like to compose, and the piano is perfect for that!
    You're in luck - I just uploaded my pictures for Chapters 1-4. I drew them myself, so you can tell me what you think. Excelsior!
    On the piano I can play (just to name a few of my favorites): Outset Island, Lost Woods, Deku Palace, Last Six Hours, Zelda's Lullaby, Midna's Lament, Goron City, Zora's Domain, the opening cutscene from Wind Waker, WW's title song, OoT's title song, MM's title song, TP's title song, and The Great Sea.

    On a totally unrelated note, I hope you would check out my fan fic: Zelda: Twin Chronicles in the Fan Works section. I worked real hard on it, so I hope you will like it.
    Yeah! But it was hard to get sound out of it in the beginning. My cheeks were always aching ><
    But fortunally I got used to it :D
    I also play the clarinet (noticed Aultimaespada's message) - best in my class, probably better than a lot of older kids. My skill with the clarinet came from my prior knowledge with the piano.
    That's an amazing coincidence! I played the clarinet too!
    But, unfortunally, I stopped. And no, I couldn't play any Zelda themes on it, I just don't remember why :P
    Now I don't play anything.
    And, yeah, it seems hard.
    Oh, so you live in Canada! I would love to visit Canada!
    Well, it seems it is just a bit more expensive than in the US, but that's a really good price.

    Here, a Mario game can be found for what would be 108 to 148 canadian dollars, depending from where you buy it.
    A wii can be bought for 518 to 595 canadian dollars.
    When the PS3 was just released it was sold for 1785 canadian dollars !!!

    My favorite Zelda? Probably Oracle of Seasons or Wind Waker. I can't decide.
    Yeah! Specially where I live, since the taxes over videogame import are so expensive here that when they arrive, they are four times the original price!
    ****, seriously? I missed it. >.< I'll have to keep an eye out for it, I don't want to miss any more of it.

    Yeah, same to you actually. Can never find other fans of the show. :(
    Yeah! I'm really positive about it, it will be awesome!
    Unfortunally, I think It will be too expensive T_T
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